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Google is the king of Search Engines and Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) is the key for better results and placement. Although there are many SEO-techniques to earn better ranking yet Google itself helps a lot for users and webmasters. Some of the best Google tools that have always been loved by Search Engine Optimizers and webmasters are Google Webmaster tool, Google Analytics tool, Google Website Optimize, Google Adwords but the most exciting part is its free for all users.

These tools have the best features that can really help in optimizing your website and earn better traffic. But, as many users are unknown about these tools, especially those who are beginners I gave a thought on touching a little on these subjects and letting them know how they can benefit themselves from these tools.

Google Webmaster tool:

Features and its Benefits-

There are huge advantages of using Google’s webmaster tool and from search engine point of view this tool has become a health- gauge of websites.

ü  Sitemap: Sitemap allow easy indexing for your webpage and reduces the risk of being left out which eventually hampers your SEO efforts and leads to poor placement.

ü  Content Analysis: It is another great tool as it helps finding out the duplicate contain and the titles or description and shields us from creating such errors which if found by search engines can seriously penalize your business. Duplicate content is a major issue in Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) so it is always better to avoid such faulty issues.

ü  Crawl Diagnostic: It helps you to know what page has been crawled and what not. If some of the pages of your website has some errors and crawling was not possible this tool conveys you’re the message and you can fix the error in no time.

ü  External Links: It is another wonderful feature of Google Webmaster tool as it shows all of the links into your website from other pages on the internet. The best thing is the link on the right hand side which allows you to see all of the inbound links and find out the working links of your website. It truly helps webmasters and even SEO’s to update them about their links status.

Google Analytics tool:

Features and its Benefits-

Google Analytics is a great tool for optimization from every point of view. With all the data shown by Google Analytics, it really amazes and eases the optimization process.

ü  Google Analytics: It helps to find the particular page and the link that the visitor clicked the most. This enables to find out if the traffic is flowing in a rite direction or they are bouncing away. This information can really help us better optimize our website and shut the possible loop holes.

ü  Visitor Segmentation: Visitor segmentation can really help you to know if your new search engine campaign was fruitful to you or not. You can even segment your analytic result by new/returning visitors, geography and referral sources.

ü  Keyword Generator: Google Analytics is a keyword generator too. Beside optimizing your site with the basic keyword this tool also lets you to know what other major keywords are being used by your visitors. Hence, implementing those keywords can be very fruitful and enrich your keyword list.

ü  Local Conversion: Local conversion data helps you to know your visitors geologically. This is an important significance of this tool that helps your online business to cut off expenses from fewer probabilities to better possibilities.

Google Website Optimizer:

Its Benefits-

Google website optimizer is another wonderful tool that any webmaster should use to better his Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) efforts. This tool is great for beginners and professional optimizers.

ü  Website Analyzer: Google Website Optimizer is a great tool that permits webmasters to test various version of their website contain and determine the best for the visitors.

ü  Better Landing Page: Landing page unlike from other pages holds the most important part in your website. Hence, landing page should always have great content from both search engine and visitors point of view and it helps you to create better landing pages with low effort. Optimizing your landing page is the best way to boom your conversions and boost SEO results.

ü  Lowers the Bouncing Rate: It has been often observed that one of the significant reasons of higher bouncing rate in any website is the poor content and the landing pages. And Google Website Optimizer helps you to avoid such errors.

ü  Increases Sales: It helps to indentify the winning content combination that attracts your visitors and decreases the bouncing rate which eventually leads to better sales and increase in your ROI.

Google Adwords:

Another amazing tool that helps you in a great way for you Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) campaign is the Google Adwords. Some of its benefits are listed below.

Its Benefits-

ü  Target Your Audience: It allows you to have a complete control over your ads and determine how they reach to your audience. It also helps you to focus your ads in a certain geographic location and target particular group of customers.

ü  Better Campaign Management: It also benefits you by easy management of your ad campaigns. You can easily track your progress and even use Google keyword SEO-tool to generate better keywords that has been used often by your visitors.

ü  Email List: The most amazing part is that you can generate the email list of your targeted audience which is the key. You can use this feature for being in touch with your customers and to bring them to your website.

ü  Handle Ads: You can even use the Adwords editor to handle your ads when they are offline and make some changes as per your need.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                   Image Source: I


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