5 Flavors that Search Engines Loves the most for Indexing   3 comments

Launching a website doesn’t mean that Google and other major search engines will launch their spider for your website and gets you indexed. And if you are not indexed in Google’s register-book there is no use of launching a website because if you don’t appear in search results than no one will know about your existence.

Thus, after the launch of your website first thing that you need to do is to inform Google and other major search engines so that they can crawl on your web. And to do this there are different ways. In this article, we will be discussing about those flavors of indexing that search engine loves the most.

5 Best Flavors that Search Engines Loves the most for Indexing:

ü  XML Flavored Sitemaps:

XML sitemaps are Google’s favorite and of SEO too. As it includes links to every pages of your website Google can easily go through each and every page and understand your products and services. XML are the file that you can submit to search engined and ask search engine to index them. This can be done by creating a simple Google Webmaster account.

ü  HTML Flavored Sitemaps:

HTML sitemaps are today focused for visitors rather than search engines. Although, the uses are same, HTML sitemaps is not about submitting but creating a page in your own website that even the visitors can see and take the benefit. When you create a HTML sitemap in your website that links to every page you have, it not only helps the search engine but even the visitors. HTML sitemaps can make a quick search for particular page especially to those websites that consists more than twenty pages. Its use can really make a user friendly website.

ü  Flavors of Directory:

Directory Flavors include the directory submission of your websites to different SEO-friendly directories. There are many directories that can help you in this but some are free and some are not like: www.yahoo.com , www.dmoz.com , www.yekey.com , www.geniusfind.com etc are some free web directories while www.vmoptions.com , www.concensus.org, www.dirgenius.com , www.xype.net etc are the paid ones. Some of the SEO-friendly directories may be free for submission but not all. Submitting your website in various SEO-friendly directories can really help you get indexed quickly.

ü  Flavor of Social Websites:

Social websites are one of the best ways to index your site and is the fastest growing trend today. If you have a video that defines your products and services or any tutorial videos that can help your customers then submitting them in various social media websites can be amazingly helpful and for both driving traffic and to get indexed in search engines. Sites like: www.youtube.com, www.digg.com, www.facebook.com, or www.twitter.com are some of the famous social websites that can really help you in this business.

ü  Flavor of Article Marketing:

Article marketing is another way of generating quality traffic and getting indexed in search engines. Write articles about 500 words in the services and products that you sell online and submit your link in the author resource box in various article directories like: www.goarticles.com , www.articlebase.com , www.amazines.com etc.

Hence, indexing is essential for any websites. Although, search engines are evolving with the time still some errors can happen and it is often notice that some of the pages of the websites are indexed and some are not this is usually with the dynamic websites like: Blogs where content changes every day and everyday Google needs to know about the page and its information. Hence, in such case social websites, article marketing can be very helpful.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                  Image Source: I& II


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