Long Tail Keywords are the Real Traffic Generators in Search Engines.   5 comments

The only reason to practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to earn better traffic to increase your sales and promote your services online. And based on the consumer’s behavior and their modes of making their hunts in search engines, long tail keywords are proved to be more effective and more natural.

A long tail keyword is a simple theory of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the web surfers behavior that proves that the practice of long tail keywords can be more fruitful, natural and has possibility for driving real numbers conversions than just swinging visitors. First coined by the Chris Anderson in 2004, he mentioned long tail keywords as a socio- statistical theory which suggests that the combined sales of products in low demand can exceed that of popular products and bestsellers.

Implementing SEO optimized long tail keywords in a mass market retailers like: www.amazon.com, Chris suggested that catering to minority tastes and making low-demand products consistently available will allow businesses to achieve higher profit margins, than if they were to solely focus on high-demand/popular products.

In simple words, SEO optimized long tail keywords are multi-phrase search queries that visitors use for searching particular product and services in a descriptive way. Statistic shows that long tail keywords being low competitive yet are highly targeted, defines those visitors who has specific information about the product and has more probability to buy that those who relay in shorthand keywords.

Here, in the graphical representation, we can see that the keyword “Real Estate” has higher volume of searches and the competition is also very high. In the second keyword “Washington Real Estate” which is three words key, that has very low competition and with low search volume but the seekers are with more possibilities than later. Similarly, in the last phase comes the real long keyword “Queen Anne Seattle Real Estate” that has only 320 search volume with below 100 competitions.

Hence, a long tail keyword suggests you to use fight for those keywords that your buyers are likely to search in the web because it has less competition and the buyers are always authentic.

Some Benefits of using Long tail Keywords:

ü  Long tail keywords has higher conversion rate compared to short term keywords.

ü  Long tail phrases and phrases can help your buyers find exactly what they are looking for.

ü  Long tail phrases can help your website rank more easily and SEO efficiently.

ü  Long tail phrases are more specific so it can be used well in ads and banners and earn better conversions.

ü  Long tail keywords are highly profitable because it has low cost per acquisition and higher conversion rates.

How to Generate Long tail Keywords?

ü  Keyword generating SEO tools or software which is related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like: Word Tracker and Google Adwords can be very helpful for generating quality long tail keywords.

ü  Another best way is to do it manually. Studying traffic logs for your products can give you many ideas for generating quality keywords that includes both long tail and short tail. I think performing this kind of search is the most brilliant and natural than others.

ü  Studying competitor’s keywords and using them for your own website can be a smart way.

ü  Placing new keywords that you think you would use to search for your own product (assuming yourself as a buyer) and using them in various ways can be another best way to generate quality long tail keywords.

I don’t mean that using long tail keywords means completely ignoring shorthand keywords. Shorthand keywords are very valuable and they are the keywords that define your product and services to search engines and customers. Using both short and long tail keyword is the best solution for getting better traffic and placement in any search engine and after all keyword is the back bone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so it is always better to use both targeted keywords and long tail keywords for your website and blogs.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                        Source: Web IWeb II


5 responses to “Long Tail Keywords are the Real Traffic Generators in Search Engines.

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