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Blogging has become one of the most successful online businesses today and yet it is healthier from information, news and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view.  People not only love blogs for entertainment but they also find them very informative and interactive place in the internet. But, why some blogs has tons of visitors everyday and not others? Why are they ranked better in their subject and why not others? The answer is simple; some bloggers knows the magic glue that makes visitors stick in their blog.

If you are running a blog and if it is quite old yet you don’t have visitors then you must be practicing what successful bloggers are not and missing that what they implement every day.

5 Amazing Tips to Glue Your Visitors in Your Blog.

  • Being Steady and a Quality Publisher:

Blogging is not an easy task and managing your time for writing articles can be hectic in a long run. Maintaining your publishing frequency and updating your readers every day with better post really costs your time and effort. But, the key signal of trust and your enthusiasm in the subject can only be established with Google and your readers by the daily dose of fresh content.

One of the main reasons why some blogs has thousands of visitors’ everyday and some blogs below five is the freshness and the stability of the content too.

Fresh with SEO optimized content focused for readers and less for search engines is what I consider best because you cannot always focus on your keywords density in every single post and if you start maintaining that way then your article slowly loses its quality. Hence, focusing your readers can amazingly help driving more number of visitors plus they won’t be a bouncing reader rather stable one and this is what we expect from months of ethical search engine optimization and blogging.

  • Informative Articles and News:

It is very necessary that your article should be informative and sometimes news too. If you want someone to be your regular reader and interact with you then it is must to provide with articles that has quality information that cheers your readers and keeps them coming back.

Publishing articles which are news related can be wonderful but what you post should be fresh yet entertaining. If you are running a blog on “Weight loss” and if you don’t have updates about the health topic or the latest research made for reducing obesity than your readers are likely to bounce away. Hence, keeping your articles informative plus flashing some news and updates about the subject are good and is the key to success.

  • Be Active and Enthusiastic:

Being active and concern about what fellow bloggers are doing is a great way to update yourself. Provide some beautiful comments in their blog and start interacting with them and later you can also go for link exchange campaign which is very necessary from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view for gaining better page rank and placement. Furthermore, this can really help you to get latest news and information from them and share some stories too. It is a great way to earn success in blogging plus eases your effort of looking news and information in other places too.

  • Quantity Post:

Quantity of your post is very essential and is what top blogs practice. Just decide how many articles you can post in a day, manage your time. If you are posting two article a day than maintain the rate with the quality. Some of the best blogs posts at least six article a day and this is amazing because twenty fresh contents every day not only excite your readers but the search engines too. But, this is little difficult so it is better to start from minimum and gradually increase your rate in future. By doing this and maintaining your blogs quality you will see amazing number of visitors and readers in your blog.

  • Public Interaction:

It is often seen that when a reader post a comment, usually bloggers judge them and decide whether to post or not. You cannot always expect positive results from your articles and your views on the subject matter and in blogging there are chances you may go wrong.

So, it is always better to post the comments no matter what positive and negative view your reader’s leave behind and answering their comments and interacting with them will give a life to your post. This not only adds freshness to your blog but also helps your critics to stay on your page because there are people who love criticizing no matter what? Thus, adding comments and cooperating can help you build both supportive and non-supportive readers and maintain your traffic flow and even can support your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) workouts for reducing bounce rate and earning more traffic .

Beside these five important tips even time factor plays an important role and especially if you are new to Blogging then I suggest you to practice ethical optimization and above guidelines yet have patience which is the medicine for all diseases.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                            Image Source: I & II


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