90% of Human Response Positive towards Images than Your Text Files: You Need SEO Images to Compete.   4 comments

Launching Search Engine Optimization campaigns for better ranking and placement in your search result is always the major concern of every online business. Every websites wants to rank in the first page if not the first position and they do everything to make this happen. Creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) equipped website is not an easy task and sometimes even a small mistake can be the big one.

Image optimization is one among many parts of websites and pages that needs the real Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts for better traffic and placement. Images with the your articles, for your blogs, for your products shows that today images speaks more than the text files and even the statistic shows that human response towards images are very high than to the text files. Hence, it is always suggested to optimize your images. Some better tips for optimizing your images are listed below.

90% of Human Response Positive towards Images than Your Text Files: You Need SEO Images to Compete.

  • Image File Names:

Image file names are very important and it should be optimized if not for your visitors than for the search engine robots. Naming your images with an appropriate name is helpful rather than letting the image name be what the camera names it. Image names are better if they are descriptive and plays important role in generating quality traffic. It has been estimated that 42000% of search engine makes image searches and this can be amazingly helpful for your business.

  • Optimizing Images:

Optimizing images are very helpful and it is a compulsion if you want your website and images to load faster so that you visitors wont click away without seeing the content and your products. Optimizing your images helps them to load fast and is very important from search engine point of view too. Optimizing images means making your images smaller but it doesn’t mean you should always compromise with its quality. SEO Tools like Shrink O’Matic can be very helpful for creating optimized images on your desires.

  • Linking Your Images:

Linking your images its better but it is not a compulsion because if you don’t want your visitors to click your images and bounce away from your website then it’s okay to have no linking image. But, there are better situations than that. Many times we place an image so that visitors click and move to the main page like: product page or images can also be used as ad banners. Linking images is a better way of optimizing your websites and implementing effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Using Alt Tag:

Using Alt Tag for your images is important and helps especially to those users to describe your images that don’t run with images. Furthermore, it also helps to describe your images to the search engine as search engines do not work like human eyes; adding an Alt tag can be very helpful.

  • Easy Crawling of Images:

It has been often observed that the given locations of images are not clearly defined and Google and other major search engines fail to crawl those images. And it was once a common practice to block the folder images so that search engine won’t crawl the image folders. Such practice reduces your visitors and traffic so it is always suggested to clear the path for search engines to approach your image file by locating them in an easy manner. You can even store the navigational and structural type of graphics in a different folder and block them for spiders but images of your products and new releases should have another folder location where search engines can easily spider. Thus, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes the optimizing images for search engines and should never underestimated.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                             Image Source: I


4 responses to “90% of Human Response Positive towards Images than Your Text Files: You Need SEO Images to Compete.

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