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On-page optimization is the important of all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Optimizing your page with better keywords and filling up the necessary heads and other tags can really help you rank better and earn desired placement in the Google and other search engines. Websites that has zero optimization in their pages and HTML codes can never show up in search results with better position so without on-page optimization there is no use of doing other part of optimization like: Link exchange.

Thus, we suggest you to give a look on your page if you have no on-page optimization for your website. The article describes you about the major SEO keys in your page. I hope the article can be helpful to you in the process.


6 Major SEO Keys for On-Page Optimization:

Ø Title Tag:

The title tag in your page is the place where you give a unique title name to your webpage. Your title is placed between <head> and </head>. The title is very helpful for search engines like: Google, Yahoo and MSN to recognize your selected title name and display them in the search result. Your title of the page also defines your page to your visitors. It is always recommended that the title tag should be short yet should make sense to people. 10 to 64 characters are assumed to be healthy by SEO’s and are enough to define your page. Many new webmasters often ignore this fact and this leads to demotion of your website in the search result because wrong keywords can easily dilute you concentration over targeted keywords.

Ø Description Tag:

As the name itself says, this tag is a description page where you describe your aim being in the online business and everything about your products and services. Your description tag should be very clear to search engine and to visitors too. Although the length of your description tag varies in different search engines but from Search Engine Optimization point of view it is always wise to use 50 to 149 characters including space. It is always suggested to place your best keywords at early and try avoiding unnecessary characters and words because depending on various search engines sometimes your long description can get truncate. Furthermore, description tags are made for visitors and not search engines so it is better to write in descriptive and beautiful manner so that you can attract your visitors.

Ø Keyword Meta Tag:

Keyword Meta tag is now often taken as useless tags because due to the video release of Matt Cutts in September 2009 Google declared that they are no more using Keyword Meta tag because of spam. But, I still prefer to optimize the keyword Meta tag as there are many search engines that may work fine. This tag includes your major keywords and keyword phrases and it also provides some additional text for crawler-based search engines if not Google. Keyword Meta tag has its limitations too. SEO’s suggests 4 to 8 keywords that should be separated with commas. The most important keyword should always be listed at top so that this can increase the keyword prominence in the Google.

Furthermore, it is very important to have your listed keywords have its presence in the content or the body and the repetition of keywords should avoided if not you are more likely to be penalize by Google and other major search engines.

html_pageØ Heading Tags:

Your heading tag is the place where the headline of your page appears and it is very important to have different heading for different pages of your website. This helps visitors to know the content of the page and its subject. Heading tags are also equally important to the search engines. You can include your major keywords in the heading and like in Keyword Meta tag important keywords should appear in the first so that you can increase the keyword prominence. It is best to use around 45 characters in the heading including your keywords to meet your Search Engine Optimization guidelines. But, it is also suggested to keep away from keyword stuffing (unwanted repetition of keywords) in any tag or the search engine can even ban your website.

Ø Alt Attributes:

Alt attributes are important with the images that you use in your website and it is one thing that people are often seen to ignore. When you describe your images to the search engine with alt attribute your images are becomes more powerful and acts like your major keywords especially when people search verticals that is using images. For better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)results it is always good to edit you image names rather than uploading what your camera has named it. For instance you can use flowers_rose than using D5000GH img or something like that.

Ø Content:

Content is the most important part in On-Page optimization and it should be highly optimized from both search engine and visitors point of view because both of them are very important as one gives you better rank and placement and other is the real buyer. Use you major keywords in your content and mind the keyword density becuase over weight of keywords in your content can simply ruin your SEO efforts and the risk of keywords stuffing remains. Your content should have both major keywords and should have flow while reading.

Furthermore, linking to relevant sites is good but having too many outbound links from one page can hurt you. So, it is always suggested to mind your outbound links plus the quality of the content. Updating your content from time to time is one beautiful way to keep your visitors coming back and a healthy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                   Image Source: I & II


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