Keyword Research Blunders:Your only Reason for Business Failure.   3 comments

Keyword research is the fundamental part of internet marketing and the most efficient yet effective tool that is implemented in  thus many recommended by internet marketing professionals and SEO’s. Conducting keyword research can be very beneficial for any online business to sustain with better traffic and sales.

It is the research of those actual search terms used by web searchers for any particular product and services online. Therefore, proper selection of keywords and its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation is very crucial in an online business.

Keyword Research Blunders and Business Failures.


Ø Ignoring the SEO Research Value:

The biggest mistake that one can do is to ignore the SEO shield. Keyword research is the most important part that needs your regular updates but often the majority of webmaster ignores and they simply use those keywords and phrase that pops out in their mind. This is completely a wrong way that leads nowhere. Keyword research may be a tedious job in the past but now with the availability of various keyword generating SEO tools it has become easier and more effective. Wordtracker and Google Adwords are some used widely for keyword research.

In the mass, many webmasters thinks that the keywords generated by the tools are always similar to what they were thinking to use but the mistake they do here is to ignore the result because when it comes to result the difference between the same and the similar is very wide. For instance if you think the article you wrote in the “Chinese plates” should have a title “Ancient Chinese plates and the beauty” but when you make the research and the result shows the term “rare Chinese plates” are used five times more than the “ancient Chinese plates” then it will be a wise decision to use the search term that has more number of searches.

Ø Focusing in Single Major SEO Keyword or Phrase:

Focusing in a single keyword or phrase makes your traffic slim. When people search products and services in Google and other major search engines they search with various terms and verities of keywords and focusing in a single major keyword means losing your traffic. Working with the set of keywords and phrases generated by the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword tool can be very beneficial. A major keyword is not what searchers use often but it is the keyword that is the mother of all the keywords that defines your business. Hence, we highly suggest you to use the various forms and not the one single key.

For instance, if your major keyword is “Data Recovery” then it is always suggested to use various forms of this major keyword; using “SSD data recovery” “digital data recovery” is far more better than using single exact keyword “data recovery” everywhere.

Ø Targeting the Least for the Best:

It is often seen that many bad apples of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business promise you get the best ranking in a certain keyword that sounds fare but the client doesn’t know that the keyword though relates to his business and services has almost no search from the buyers. This is one way that better ranking is guaranteed by the SEO companies in particular keyword that doesn’t exist in the search. For example: You have a website that works on steel and produce vessels for manufacturing companies and if your site is optimized in the keyword “Material AISI304 steel” and even if you hit the first page and the first rank do you think the you will have visitors? “Material AISI304 steel” is a technical term that even manufacturing companies hardly use (common sense). But, that is why you have least competitors in this keyword and you thought it was the best.

Hence, having least competitors doesn’t mean that you need to optimize in that keyword but you should also focus in the most important thing “Traffic”.


Ø Research Season:

Even researching for your keywords have time and seasons which many webmasters ignores or say don’t realize. Wordtraker is a SEO keyword tool that stores the keyword statistic of past 90 days and not more. And if you are using such SEO tool and own a business that sells Christmas gifts then I think making a keyword research in the month of June will give you no better result because it is obvious that no one search for Christmas items beside the month of December. So, the result had shown by the Wordtracker though accurate yet not actual one. Hence, time factor is also crucial and should be noted before going for any keyword research for your online business.

Ø SEO Keywords Periodical Review:

Periodical review is very important and is one thing that majority of webmasters are lazy at. Your buyers are different and the search term that they use to find your products varies too. Everyday there is a new search and the new term are used and sometimes some other keywords gain more popularity then that which was powerful couple of weeks ago. For example: if a Nokia mobile phone dealer optimizes his site in the keyword Nokia 5200 and then makes no research then do you think after 6 months people will use that search term? NO! and this is because in six months there will be new Nokia cell phone in the market N97 and people wants that not the old ugly one that I carry. Hence, periodical review is very necessary for keyword research and to earn better traffic.

Thus, it is highly suggested to do your SEO keyword research more frequently and with the best tool available and it is always necessary to use various SEO tools so that you can get the exact market scenario and act accordingly. Depending only in a single tool can narrow your research. A keyword research failed always leads to serious business failure because SEO is highly dependent in your keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focused key phrases.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                      Image Source: I & II


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