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When it comes to an under construction website there are things to get worried about. Many times due to several reasons we need to make changes in our website, sometimes it’s the 10th anniversary of your company so you want to use those layouts, themes and designs that speaks celebration and sometimes it becomes an obligation. So, what can be done so that when your site is down for necessary changes and maintenance? You can’t halt your traffic and even you don’t want to do that.

Some webmasters in such case wants to complete the task and then upload their website when it’s all complete where as some other starts to submit their site even before they are indexed by Google and other major search engines. And unfortunately both webmasters are practicing wrong method. Here is what I prefer to do.


An Under Construction Site and SEO Ways to Deal With:

Ø Accessibility:

Access to your website is the first and the most important part. Although it has nothing to do with the Google and search engines but it is quite necessary when you are in the business. So, there are things you can do and still you won’t lose your traffic, maintain your impression plus search engines will keep on crawling.

If it’s about slight changes and maintenance then there is no need of shutting down your entire website. If the services page needs some changes then just pull it down and let rest of the pages run freshly. And if all of them need some changes then you can do it once at a time. Because when your visitors visits your website just don’t give them a hopeless return. At least the homepage and your product page which are the most important and their landing page it can provide what they were seeking for and the possibility of return remains.

Ø SEO Constructions:

When you are website is down at the basement it is the most appropriate time to construct the SEO weaken pillars. On page optimization and modifying your links or adding sitemaps can be done more smoothly when a site is under construction. Changing your content and shaping it with better keywords with the help of Google Adwords and Wordtracker or removing unnecessary flash that hurt search engine optimization and placing with something more useful yet minding that your changes should give an easy accessibility to search engine crawls.

Performing these tasks will not only save your time but gives you more. In addition updated and better targeted keywords can rank you better than those that you surveyed a long time ago because a static site’s content has to remain same for a long period of time. Furthermore, this time can be very fruitful to learn about proper internet promotional techniques and going into search engine marketing (SEM).

Ø Directories Submissions and Link Exchange Requests:

Directory submissions and launching a link exchange campaign are necessary but many webmasters, especially those who are new and desperate one rush even before their website is not well organized. This is the worst impression that you can give to your fellow webmasters as they will never be interested in link exchange with an under constructed site and directories are more likely to ignore you. Google and search engines take years to reward a newly registered website so there should be no hurry.

Furthermore, if you are emailing for link exchange and telling that your newly launched website with zero page rank will soon be five within a month then you are creating spam and soon you will be listed in a spam folder. This will no doubt harm you and your reputation and it will be very hard for you to find a good link in future. Hence, we don’t suggest you to practice such things.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                        Image Source: I


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