5 Excuses for Adding Quality Content to Reduce Your Bouncing Rate.   2 comments


We have often seen webmasters complaining about bouncing traffic and more often structuring quality content is recommended for them but still the problem remains unsolved. Even soundly optimized websites has the same issue why? Because these website are so well optimized that they can drive better traffic but what their traffic wants is not what their content has.

A visitor visiting a website doesn’t mean that he wants to buy and buy all the time but more often they are looking for a solution and if you don’t have, no wonder you have a high bouncing rate. Sometimes they might be looking for you advice and other time just checking out what’s new? If you are unaware of your bouncing visitors that though visit your website but clicks away then you can have the access from Google Analytics.

Hence, the only reason to reduce your bouncing rate is to generate quality content that varies focusing your particular group of visitors and customers.

bouncing-visitorsØ Excuse 1: Content with Solution:

Suppose, if you own a well established data recovery website and that works on multiple data storage devices like: SD cards, USB Flash Drives etc but all your pages content speaks about your product and services then you are only helping a particular visitors who really needs your services but not those who needs solution. In the other side there are many visitors left with zero answer and they are your bouncing backs. Thus, it doesn’t hurts to add some more pages and tell them how can data lost be prevented, what SD cards are suitable for particular devices and what remedies should be taken if you accidentally drop you flash drive in the glass of water.

Furthermore, I suggest for a blog or form where your customers can interact with you. In this way you can have a wonderful public relation and thousands of reason why customers keeps coming back to your services and it definitely reduces the bouncing rate too. Hence, an excuse made for your customer’s benefits is never a loss but an investment that has minimum risk with high returns.

Ø Excuse 2: Interviews

Posting interviews is a good excuse for publishing a content that reduce the bouncing rate of your visitors, can build confidence in them and can be a source of quality content. Posting interviews from expert in particular subject can not only help your visitors know about your products but gives an equal reason for building confidence in your profession, your services and your products. Furthermore, it also helps you to generate quality traffic with less bouncing rate.

For instance, if a stock market website holds the interview held with former CEO of the Central Bank and if he speaks about the recession and the risk of investing in Commercial Banks on stock market then no doubt your visitors have a reason to visit your site plus many other websites are likely to post your article in there page with your name that helps you to build better link and reputation. In addition, it also builds a better image of your profession among your readers and a single interview once in a month can be the only reason for your visitors to bookmark you website in their browser.

Ø Excuse 3: Content on Updates:

Updates are what people love the most. When you give something new when there is high demand then obviously there is a huge traffic and this excuse of writing your content to reduce the bouncing rate is fruitful from search engines point of view too. For instance, if a website of a mobile phone dealer updates his page on the recent issues encountered in the Nokia 5200 phone and the launch of N97 and its features then no doubt you have a huge traffic. Update your visitors with something new that no else has posted and update them about scientific research on advantage/disadvantage of using mobile phones. Creating a unique content is always welcome by Google and creating a unique posts and news that updates your customers about your product is the reason to earn love from the traffic.



Ø Excuse 4: Column on Advice and Suggestions:

Another good reason for creating a unique content is the column of advice and suggestions to your visitors. Your 80% of visitors are looking for advice from experts like you and if you have any then posting them as content can mutually benefit. Writing one more keyword targeted content can help you with SEO benefits and your advices can help you create your fan base and these fans will not be your seasonal visitors.

For instance, if your website is running a nursery page and if you write a column for your visitors in the month of February on those particular flowers that can be easily planted and can sustain in the temperature of February then you like earning better traffic and you have fans. So, in this way you can write a post for each month and if you have something more to give then you can make it more often.

Ø Excuse 5: Using Figures and Images:

Using figures or statistics and images on your content can be your good excuse for reducing the bouncing rate. Using images and statistics can make your content more interesting and organized which eventually gives you good source of traffic. Using these figures will not only help your readers but can simply the subject.

For instance, if you are running a stock market website then including graphs and candle charts is the most but even if you are not in such business even then you can grab a good reason to generate such images. Using graphs for showing growing consumers interest in particular products and sales can simply give you the outstanding image from other poorly managed contents of you competitors.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                                      Image: I & II


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