4 things that Your Website Advertise to Your Visitors “Go Away! We Don’t want You.”   3 comments

Many things come before Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and in fact SEO is the last thing you should do. If your website and Blogs has something to please your visitors and your readers then even a simple boost from SEO can help you a lot. So, it’s the traffic and your visitors who are the real search engine because if they don’t vote you there is no reason for Google to reward you for the better ranks and placement in the search result. Therefore, I think your first task should be pleasing your visitors and traffic and later comes the search engine.

Now, if you own a website or a blog but if you don’t know what really pleases your readers and what are the things that are offensive then I think you should read this article.

4 things that Your Website Advertise “Go Away! We Don’t want You.”

Ø Your Auto Play Video:

Even if you are not a regular web surfer, I am sure you have been through some of those websites that has an auto play video ready to buzz as you enter. Yes, “BUZZ” because if your website has such audio/video of advertisement then I am sure that for 98% percent of your visitors it’s an annoying thing that Buzz like a morning alarm and no doubt it “SUCKS”. And it’s just the 2% who are ready to spare their time actually listening. I wonder what makes webmaster think 98% of traffic can be less compared to remaining two.

Trust me! I am among those 98% of surfers who lacks patience and I have never bothered to listen any of those audios. And if it’s a site that I frequently visit www.seochat.com, then my first job is to enter the website click the pause button and then surf. But, unfortunately this practice is growing day by day taking more space than it actually should.



Reasons why it SUCKS?

ü An auto playing video interrupts the music that I am playing in my laptop.

ü The video has nothing to interest me.

ü When I am working with multiple pages then I have to stop my whole work and engage myself finding the actual site that has the video advertisements. It is a waste of time and energy.

ü May be the volume level is set for those visitors who has a hearing problem. I go mad when it rings hard in my headphone.

ü The entire website loads so slow that I have to wait for my information to load after the video is fully loaded. My time and patience is for vain.

ü The most disgusting thing I find is when I talk to my clients in Skype and all of sudden the video starts to buzz and that gives the impression of an amateur and uninterested in the conversation. It simply blows my reputation.

Ø Disco Websites:

I call it a Disco Website when you use Flash and Flash everywhere. If you even have a little SEO knowledge then you would know Google and Search engines are blind so there is no use of using flash and if it is the beauty for your visitors that you want to impress then I tell you all of them are seriously upset with the slow loading page because you have too many flashy stuffs there. In my opinion searching information and products in a flashy website is like searching your wedding ring in a disco floor. You are confusing and in the same time irritating your visitors in every possible ways.

Using flash really slows down your website’s loading speed and many visitors prefer to visit next three option listed in the SERP even if they rank below you because the loading speed of three properly optimized website equals to yours. Thus, I highly recommend you to shut them before it shuts down your entire business leading to zero traffic even after spending thousands of dollars in search engine optimization campaign.

Reasons to Avoid Flash:

ü It slows down your loading speed and you are likely to have no visitors in few weeks.

ü Completely unhealthy practice from search engine optimization point of view. So, better result and placement is not possible.

Ø Background Images:

What background image do you use in your website is a major concern. If your background image and the color don’t match the color of your font then you failed even if you haven’t launched your website. Background images matters because it is one the crucial thing that makes your font visible and easy to read. Although, you might find it rare but I have often encountered such websites who are especially into the music business and online games. Some prefers to use a superhero image like: Batman and Spiderman in the background image. When you use such background images then it makes harder for your visitors to read your content and it is impossible when the color of your font is almost same.

Hence, I highly suggest you, not to use such images and colors in your background of your website which really offend your visitors and readers.

Reasons to Avoid Unhealthy Background Images:

ü It gives your readers a hard time reading your content.

ü Using images can slow down the loading rate.

ü Your visitors are more likely to quit from you.



Ø Old Posts and Infrequent Posts:

Many bloggers who are unknown to SEO and are unprofessional often post their new article in their blog and after couple of month they simply remove them because they don’t want to pay for more space for old articles. They will rather remove the post and save it in their desktop to save their time so rewrite it again with a new title and little changes in the content. Well, if you are doing this then I suggest you to forget traffic and forget rankings and all the rewards from the Google. If you are running a private blog with couple of friends then I have nothing to say but if you are removing you old post simply thinking that no one is going to read and it is just taking more space then you can never shoot for pro blogger.

Your post might be old but searchers will always look for your article if you have something valuable in it. And it’s your old post that shows your professionalism in the field your blog. Furthermore, if you have a regular reader then trust me you simply shutting down the door because you have nothing to give him/her but the same old post with new title. Blogging doesn’t work that way.

Another type of Bloggers are those whose publishes good stories but they are not frequent and they make readers wait for a long time. I agree, great post can’t be frequent but good one can be. Hence, if you run a blog then make it frequent and it’s always good to write some future post earlier so that if something goes wrong then you can post what you have written the earlier days. Infrequent post is the only reason why so many good blogs end up with zero readers in a long run.

Reasons to Avoid Infrequency:

ü You lose your readers and followers if you are infrequent in your updates.

ü You are likely to miss traffic even later when you publish a wonderful post because annoyed readers are not going to come back.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                              Image Source: I & II


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