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Content Writing:

Content is a major subject in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is very important that it is optimized after better keywords selection that reflects your products and services to your visitors. But, often many writers only focus on the keywords and not the quality of the content. The main focus is made on the keywords and later comes the quality because they give first emphasis to search engine for earning better placement and rankings.

But, this is not how it should really go. A better contain always drives more traffic and search engine favors those contents that has traffics hovering around them. While you write, write for your visitors and simply forget about the search engine and when you are done just make a revision replacing some words with your keywords like: replacing “we have” I will write “optimizingengine have” and so on. But, still the main focus should in the beauty and the simplicity of your content for visitors and not for search engines. Search engine awards will be brought by your visitors and traffic.

In this post we will share you some important keys of Content writing to boost your SEO efforts so that you can maintain the search engine standard and also meet the quality for your readers.

Keys to Unlock the Secrets of SEO for Content Writing:

  • Compelling Headings:

Headings are the most effective to drive visitors to your content and it is the first impression of your content too. If you don’t have compelling heading to create curiosity and excitement in the visitors then you are already losing 60% of your readers. So, heading plays the first and the most important part in the content writing and always should be compelling. Your heading is what sells the content and not the content itself.

A beautiful example of this can be placed from my own experience. Couple of years ago while I was caught in a traffic light while heading to university I saw a boy screaming that all seven movie theaters of Kathmandu (capital of Nepal) were on fire last night. When I look around he had bundles of newspapers in his hand. Many others including me and even the traffic police himself bought the newspaper to see what made seven movie malls go in fire in the same night.

The boy sold all his newspaper in that spot and completed his entire day work and disappeared. But, when I went through the pages there was no such news but in the corner, at the movie column it said the movie “Fire” was released and was up in seven different theaters of the capital. This simple topic was a big trigger for him and he made all his sells within 10 minutes. Your heading should be similar that creates interest in your readers. And do remember to use your keywords and key phrases in your headings for SEO benefits.

  • Hook Yourself in the Topic:

Hooking yourself in the topic is important because while you write for your business, your words and your description vary from what you write on your personal blog. You focus more in the business topic rather than your personal thoughts so even adding some personality to your writing helps readers get intrigued. Making your content short but descriptive yet up to focus makes your content more understanding and to the point which readers always love.

Your readers are web surfers and if they don’t find your content valuable in first minute they will click away so it is always better to summarize a little of what you want to point out in the entire post and later describe them. So, this makes your readers hook themselves in your article too.

Using Meta Description:

Meta Description is important for search engines as they contain all the necessary keywords about your products and services. It helps search engines to know your business better and rank accordingly but Meta description can also be used in various ways to gain better rewards from the search engine.

Meta descriptions are truly valuable for your content because they consist of those 160 characters which have your major keywords that reflect your business and services to Google and other search engine. So, including them in your contain can really help your contain listed in better search results and drive quality traffic.

  • Originality:

Originality is the most. If you don’t have your own original content than it’s always useless to decorate what others have written. No matter how hard you try, duplicate contains leads to vain. If you have little knowledge in the subject than reading similar post in the internet can be very helpful but even then you have to come up with your own originality. Better grammar and good flow should be preserved too.

Furthermore, search engine are always found to hurt those websites that encourage duplicate contains and this one reason can collapse all your seo efforts to optimize your website. Hence, we don’t suggest practicing such efforts.

  • Using tags for your content:

Google and other major search engines are tend to reward those websites that has a professional structure. So, it is always important to give a professional look and tag hierarchically. The easy way of doing this is by simply tagging your content with appropriate tags and even separating titles and subtitles by h1 tags and h2 tags should be practiced. Using tags are highly beneficial from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view.

I hope the post worth your time and above listed tips were useful for developing a quality content for you.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: I & II


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