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Crawling is significant and it is the crawling that makes your website index in the Google. The definition of crawling may vary from a newly launched website to an established website because for a new website first emphasis is for indexing which is also the first hope of gaining better visibility whereas for an established web business it can be the source of updates to its customers, huge sells and first page placement with all the years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. But, the need is always crucial and the goal remains the same.

A frequent or a regular crawl of Google is essential because it indicates many good things about your website. A frequent visit of Google may indicate that you have a better optimized website and the content is fresh and well optimized. Though it may not be the first crawl but it is the first sign of better ranking and placement in the search result in near future. So, what makes Google to crawl more often then it usually does?

Well, we all know that, no such SEO tools has ever been invented that can really force Google to crawl in any particular website but there are ways to welcome this amazing machine to your site.

5 Tips for Welcoming Google for Better and Regular Crawl in your Website:

Ø Updated and Optimized Content:

An updated and optimized content is very crucial for search engines and I think it is the most neglected SEO tools that Google list as vital for rankings and placements. Content writing is not an easy job and maintaining the keyword density and keeping it optimized for Google and search engines plus making it more than just readable for your readers is truly tough. Hence, if you are not that good with writing then there are ways like: you can hire a ghost writer for this or someone whom you know who writes well.

Furthermore, updating your content is what really pleases Google so I suggest you to update your content more often and if possible three or four times a week can be spider_robots_mp3dvery beneficial. Adding a unique content that encounters no duplicate errors and a fresh copy that really updates the readers about you and your business is highly recommended. (For more on Content View)

Ø Backup Back Links:

Back links are crucial in SEO as it highly helps your to rank in SERP and are very helpful to give you frequent crawl from the Google because to crawl in your website obviously Google needs reason and back links are the wonderful reason to give. Backup yourself with quality back links from good ranking website has similar theme as you do and this will help you when the Google crawls in other websites and find they linking to you it will again have to crawl and visit you website.

Furthermore, if better ranking websites is supporting you then Google will definitely award you with better ranks and placements because Google can never ignore a vote from a quality site.


Ø Sitemap:

I hope this not a new story for you because I think that everyone knows how important a sitemap is for both your visitors and from the SEO perspectives. Creating a site map can help your visitors locate particular page and the information or the content in the webpage which makes your website user friendly and saves your visitors time which is a positive point. And it also manages the crawl of Google to go smoothly and without missing any page and the content or the image in your website because when you place a site map you will be linking each and every page with one another and this will make your website search engine friendly in some extent. (For more on Sitemaps View.)

Ø Loading Time:

Loading of your webpage is very crucial from search engines,visitors and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view because if your website taking too long to load then there is no reason for your visitors to wait because what you offer is among one on the million websites and not the only one. So, they are more likely to click away without even looking what your website really looks like. Thus, we don’t recommend using flash and other huge graphics in your website because it is one of the reason that makes the site load slow and the only reason to lose traffic.


Similarly, in such case Google does the same because when your site is loading slow Google will only crawl some documents and some pages that has been fully loaded and leaves all the pages without crawling which means without indexing and without giving you traffic and any rankings which ultimately hampers your SEO exercises. Thus, it is always wise to be simple and avoid using flash and huge graphics in your website when you are optimizing for the Google and other search engines. (For more on Webpages View)

Ø Your Webmaster tool:

Google webmaster is a great tool that can really help you to optimize your website and gain all the necessary information that you need for better optimization. Webmaster tools helps you to know your website performance and gives you the statistics that you need to make better analysis over your SEO work. It enables you to find the errors that Google found while crawling your website so that you can fix those errors to prevent such fault to occur in future. Similarly, it also tells you how many people found your page in the search result and how many clicked in to your website. It also helps you to find how Google has been judging your website and it also offers PPC advertisements at your request.

Hence, Google webmaster tool can be a great solution to find out your SEO errors and website inflexibility so that you can make the necessary changes and get help from other webmasters on better optimization so that you can make Google crawl you page more often and more deeply.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                               Image Source: I


2 responses to “How to make Google Crawl more often in Your Website?

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  1. Very USeful tips since I’m too a newbie

  2. I just want to say I am all new to blogging and site-building and truly enjoyed your page. Likely I’m going to bookmark your blog . You really come with impressive article content. Regards for sharing your website page.

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