Benefits of Robots.txt Protocol on Search Engines and it’s uses over SEO.   4 comments

Robots.txt is a simple protocol of avoiding the search engines crawl that has been widely used by webmasters, Search Engine Optimizers (SEO’s) and even web designers. Now, if you are wondering, how can avoiding a Google crawl in your website can really benefit webmasters and SEO’s then there are numerous reasons that you should know and apply if necessary.

Robots.txt is a great SEO tool but with a simple text files that tells Google and search engines to ignore the page from crawling and indexing. Although, this protocol has not been proved a cent percent crawl proof but it’s been widely used for avoiding search engines for certain reasons and not for critical security causes. Hence, we want you to be cautious and know more about its uses and functions before you really dive for it.


Robots.txt are those text files that are mainly used for editing, redesigning or for creating codes in your website which you don’t want your visitors and readers to see or search engines to crawl and publish in your search results. For instance, if you want to surprise your readers and customers on the 10th anniversary of your e-business by changing the entire design of your website and making some changes in the content of a particular page then the only way to do this is by bringing your entire website down to basement and make the changes or even just to edit a page you need to shut your entire website and if you propose to do this online then it’s your editing that if crawled can likely to be in the search result and your entire visitors and fans going to see your surprise part which you don’t want.

So, to avoid this, a simple file called Robots.txt is placed in the certain page that you want to edit so that neither search engines will crawl your page nor your visitors will be seeing the construction part. But, if you want to add some sensitive information in your website and hide from search engines then let me aware you that in many cases Robots.txt are found failed and it is not a good idea for your sensitive information and for your security.

Furthermore, using Robots.txt can be a great SEO tool even for those users who are worried about the bandwidth because it can be very costly for webmaster and website owners because while crawling search engines applies huge amount of bandwidth for indexing your web pages. Thus, Robots.txt can be useful for such users and website owners too.

Benefits of Using Robots.txt Files:

ü Robots.txt is useful for saving bandwidth and keeping your logs clean.

ü Prevents your system folders and files you don’t wish others to see from appearing in Google search results.

ü Is equally helpful for concealing images and duplicate contents from search engines and readers.

ü Gives more emphasis to those pages that you allowed to be indexed.

ü Prevents server from continuously sending the 404 file not found error to search engines.

ü Avoid indexing your duplicate and other important contents that you have preserved for future proposes.

ü It is a great SEO tool for Search Engine Optimization and SEO’s


How to Create a Simple Robots.txt file:

ü Create a new note pad or word document and save the blank sheet with the name Robots and save it as a text file (*.txt).

ü Simply copy the codes that you want and save it in your blank sheet.

ü And now you can simply upload the robots.txt file via ftp to the root directory of your website and you are done.

ü Be careful while you do this because if you place the file in the wrong page then your page will not be crawled by the search engines and you will have to bear a huge loss of traffic and indexing.

A simple Robots.txt file can be:

User-Agent: [Spider or Bot name]
Disallow: [Directory or File Name]

But, it varies according to your need and requirements.


Ø For Allowing search engines crawl to every content:

User-agent: *
It allows search engines to crawl each and every content of your webpage and restricts for nothing.

Ø For Refusing search engines to crawl to every content:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /
It completely denies the crawl from each and every page or content of your webpage.

Ø For Refusing Access to Search Results Pages:

Disallow: /*?*

Disallow: /*?

It prevents URL’s that contains the question marks from being indexed. It allows us to stop search results from being indexed, and let the robots focus on your content.

Ø For Refusing Crawl to certain Section

User-Agent: *

Disallow: /sectionew/

It helps when you are building a new section in your website in a directory called ‘sectionew’ and do not wish it to be indexed before you finished.

If you want to create a Robots.txt file for yourself or if you didn’t find your desired command in the above list then you can visit the following website that helps you to create a Robots.txt file on your wish. Your Robots.txt file generator: Robots.txt. Use this SEO tool to boost your search engine rankings and simplify the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) task.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                    Image Source: I & II


4 responses to “Benefits of Robots.txt Protocol on Search Engines and it’s uses over SEO.

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  2. this is a good post, thanks for sharing the right thing Robots are often used by search engines engines to categorize and archive web sites, or by webmasters to proofread source code.

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