Link Baiting is Actually a White Hat SEO with a Black Hat Image.   2 comments

Link Baiting has always been considered as a black hat SEO and it is the reason why many webmasters and Search Engine Optimizers has been avoiding this amazing SEO tool that can really build hundreds of quality links merely in a week.

With time SEO is evolving and every tools and techniques of SEO are developing rapidly and today SEO is something more than just exchanging links and maintaining your keyword density. So, if the old method of generating quality links is modified with a little twist then why is it a Black Hat? Many enthusiastic Search Engine Optimizers have experienced amazing results with link bait practice and Google doesn’t hurt for Link Baiting because there is nothing wrong or unethical in it.

Let us talk about Link Baiting before discussing about the hat it wears.


What is Link Baiting? And how it Works?

Link Baiting is a creative way of attracting links to your blogs and website or in other way it is a clever way how creative people fish for links with their skill of writing and analysis over the subject matters. Usually, what webmasters and Search Engine Optimizers do is they email quality websites that share similar products and stories with them and then requests a link exchange. And it’s obvious that a webmaster of a quality website is a busy man. So, they wait and wait for the reply.

But, in link baiting there is a wide space where you need to fill creativity and twists that gives your story a demand. Link baiting is not about simply emailing and waiting but creating something different that shakes the entire theory that people had been working on. For instance, you write an article where you mentioned that the third law of motion is incorrect due to this and that reasons and Sir Isaac Newton is wrong with his motion theory.

Well, now you publish this article for readers in the internet and now everyone’s has their attraction in it. Suddenly, some webmaster preferred to link to your story so that even they can update their readers about the hot news and keep them inform. Hence, when a quality website links with your article they are linking to your website and as well they are helping your website to gain the mass attraction which is the traffic.

If you are proposing a topic where you suspect something wrong in a theory and later if you fail it doesn’t necessarily means that you were just raising propaganda unless you have a strong point to support debate. Hence, to my understanding Link Baiting is;

” A Link Baiting is all about creativity that comes from an enthusiastic mind capable of distinguishing between the right and the wrong.”

Creativity because if you are writing an article that can generate hundreds of links and thousands of readers because you have a forceful subject that can really draw the attention of the mass then it is a creative writing from a creative mind.

Enthusiastic mind because unless you are eager to know the subject and its reasoning’s you cannot write something that creates heat in the internet. You must dive deep for real sparkling pearls.

Capability of right and wrong because you will find hundreds of readers who read and simply believe, if you want to be extra ordinary you need to read and learn to criticize but in a reasonable way. Just try to visualize from various dimensions there are loop holes that many readers miss.

Link Baiting and Types of Hooks:

Ø News Hooks: Hooks of Patience

If you are planning for a News hooks then first thing you need to do is to up-to-date yourself and have patience yet very sharp. Whenever, there is a new story to grab or any latest news release about the product that you offer then you should be the first one to release the news among the readers and web surfers. Before anyone else even knows about it you should be the one to flash among the crowd and when you attract the mass there is lots of traffic and lots quality links approaching to your website.

Ø Contrary Hooks: Hooks of Power

Contrary hook is the hook of power because you need real power to pass through. It’s about criticizing someone who is famous in the industry and well known figures like: Matt Cutts when it comes to Google. And not just criticizing but also introducing better reasoning’s and logics to support your thoughts so that you can make the people against what has been mentioned by the celebrity.

This is a wonderful piece of art that need lots of talents and creativeness so that mass appeals to you because you have something more reasonable then the one who in the master. But, don’t ever try to write something that you cannot support because it counts on the reputation of your website.

Ø Attack Hooks: Hooks of Resistance

An attack hook is an addition in the contrary hooks where you simply take the issue more far and highlight more to be a center of attraction in the mass. More you are better in the attack hooks much further you can take the story and gain more links and traffic plus huge reputation among your readers and bloggers too. I call it hooks of resistance because when you really make a contrary hooks there will be people who will be criticizing you too so you should sustain the pressure.


Ø Humor Hooks: Hooks of Effort

Humor hooks are those hooks that are often thought to be simple and easy but I think it is not that easy as people often say. Humor hooks is where you post something that makes people laugh so that they tell their friends about the blog and slowly you will have full house. But, posting a funny video is not just what creates the hook.

It is better if you can catch the funny video of famous people like: the video of World Cup 2010, where the German coach accidentally digs his nose while the camera man was focusing on him and after several seconds he licks his fingers. Don’t you think people would love to see something unexpected and dirty from a famous people then your mad neighbor who loves to drink and create a scene in his roof? I call it a hook of effort because to have such videos or pictures is very rare and hardly you can get it before others but yes there are ways where even simple videos are more loved by the mass.

Ø Resource Hooks: Hooks of Altruist

Resource hooks are those where you write something very informational and share your expertise. People will link to you because they find your writing very useful and informational. You can do this by writing something good in the field that you are in expert and you can share your past experience. It is a simple and shows your powerful knowledge in your field. I called it an altruist hook because here you don’t hurt anyone with any means so it’s an altruist nature.

Hence, I have mentioned all the hooks that are associated with Link Baiting and from my point of view I don’t think there is anything where you are tricking the Google and other search engines for better ranking and placements neither you are doing something unethical. Link baiting But, it’s all about writing something very powerful that creates the demand and the attraction of the people.

In link baiting you give reasons and proves the following theory or hypothesis is wrong and some other people come and share their ideas proving you wrong. Now, if you somehow lose or somehow proved to be wrong then at least you are trying to share your views with really strong reasons and experiments and that is your right.

So, link baiting is about being sharp and grabbing the news and publishing it first, it’s about creating humor and making people laugh and it’s about sharing information from your expertise and experience.

Thus, I don’t think there is anything so called Black Hat included in any of the hooks listed above so I truly believe that practicing link baits has nothing wrong and even search engines won’t hurt you because Google has always loved fresh and powerful articles and well we are generating one for links that is very fruitful for our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Author: Kiran Bista                                                                                                                                                                   Image Source: I & II


2 responses to “Link Baiting is Actually a White Hat SEO with a Black Hat Image.

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