10 Do’s & Don’ts of SEO to Optimize Your Website in 10 Minutes   3 comments

Many of the points listed below are the summary of those SEO-tips that we have already discussed in our previous posts. Today’s post is the selection of those SEO-techniques that are easy to implement and pays with a huge traffic and placement in return. It is also the short memorizing tips of those black hat techniques that should always be avoided to protect your website and business from Google’s penalties and making serious search engines fouls.


SEO Do’s:

Ø Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the base of the Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and its importance is something that we have discussed in our previous posts. Being a very important part that determines your search engines placement and ranking, keyword research is one factor in which I always suggest everyone to spare more time and make a detail research. Using Wordtracker for finding out the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases for your products and services is a must do job and has no any other option that can pay such a huge return. (More)

Ø Title Tag:

Always make sure to write short yet descriptive title tags. Your title tags are the place where you give a unique name to your webpage which in short gives your viewers the idea about the services you offer and products you sell. Title tags are very important SEO optimization and are highly recommended by SEO’s. Generally, 10 to 65 characters are considered healthy in your title tag and is a great way to tell search engines about your business too. (More)

Ø Describe Your Business:

Describe about the services and products you offer to your viewers in the description tag and repeat the title keywords at least two or three times in the body of your content. A healthy keyword repetition makes Google and search engines to rank you better in the search result. (More)

Ø Sitemap:

Sitemap is very crucial and is better to have one even if your website contains less than ten pages. Sitemaps helps search engines to crawl easily and minimizes the risk of crawl errors. It also provides a healthy guide to your visitors and traffic. It is always suggested to name your sitemap as sitemap.html and not simply site-map.html or using any other variations that you like. (More)

Ø Links:

Links are truly very important because they are the votes to your website from other website. Make sure you always link to those websites that has similar goal as you do and fall in the same category of your services. Participating in link exchange programs or generating quality one way links is very necessary for better ranking and placement in the search result. Furthermore, it is also one of the best SEO-technique for better SEO results. (More)

SEO Don’ts:


Ø Cloaking:

One of the old Black Hat SEO-techniques is cloaking and strongly suggest everyone of you to avoid such practices. Cloaking is simply showing a unique and better optimized content to the search engines while showing some other content to users. It is simply cheating search engines and also the users and traffic. Google and other search engines totally prohibits such black hat practices and if found can ban your website forever.

Ø Website Submission:

Website submission to search engine is essential. When you launch your website Google and search engines should know about your existence to crawl and list you in their search results. Thus, websites submissions are very necessary but never use any software for website submission and re-submitting again and again is worst thing you can do to ruin your own business because it is generally assumed that at least six weeks of patience is necessary after first submission of your website. But, modern search engines are very effective and they can easily index you in short time period. Making frequent submission is considered to be spam and search engines can penalize you for your activities. (More)

Ø Flash and Graphics:

Although, modern search engines are very effective and it is assume that search engines can even crawl those websites that are heavily equipped with flash. But, it is always better to stand on the safe side because a website that ranks of the first page of the search engines has always seen to avoid huge flash and graphics. I don’t suggest you to use high and heavy flash in your websites but using HTML or PHP are found to be better from Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) point of view. (More)

Ø Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is over optimizing which is a foul and search engines can penalize you for such activity. Always pay attention to the keyword density and never place unnecessary keywords to your content. Furthermore, over repeating keywords to grab the attention of search engine is an old and outdated technique that search engine now penalize for webmasters by simply blacklisting the website from the search engines. (More)

Ø Single Keyword Optimization:

Focusing on a single keyword-optimization is simply practicing traffic cuts off because when you optimize for a single keyword you will be missing huge traffic that are likely to use some other similar keywords for searching similar service provider like you in the search engines. Using SEO-tools like Wordtracker and Google Adwords to find couple of good keywords and key phrases and optimizing them is a healthy way of optimizing your web business and minimizing the traffic loss. (More)

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                     Image Source: I & II


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