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Selecting a perfect domain name is the part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is of course a work of great effort. Besides being a catchy domain name, your domain should also tell more about your services and your goals so that it simply makes search engine optimization easy with the search engines and drive more traffic. An effective domain name can help to brand your website and it can also communicate to your customers about the types of products you sell online.

Hence, we have five major ways of selecting a domain name that can not only help you to select a better domain but can also be a better keywords and key phrases for optimizing your websites and launching PPC campaigns.

How to Select a Keyword Rich Domain Name?

Ø Focus on Your Products and Services:

One of the effective ways of generating a keyword-rich domain is by focusing not in the name and the services that you offer but focusing that particular name which entirely defines your business and yet is a layman term. It is always better to focus on those terms that your customers and clients are more likely to use while searching your services online and the better way of doing this is by thinking like a client and customers.

If you are running a website that sells stainless steels and other parts of hardware accessories then the word hardware is the one single term that defines your entire business. Furthermore, it is also a layman term so the possibility is very high for your customers to use the term “Hardware” to search you in the search engines.

Ø Domain Length and Novelty:

The length of your domain name should always be considered while you choose one for your business. Only the problem with lengthy domain names is the possibility of your customers to forget or mistype them. If you have noticed then even a single error while typing a domain name leads to some other website because there are so many websites with typos that you will hardly land with no results. Hence, it is always suggested to use short and unique names so that it is easy to remember and hard to mistype.

Using dictionary and name generating software can be very helpful for domain name selection. I also suggest you to use free keywords generating software to exactly point out what are the main terms that users use in search engines. This can be a great source for finding out one single unique domain name that will help you from optimizing point of view and your traffic to reach you in easy and short time.


Ø Domain with Location:

Using your location for domain is a widely used idea and is fruitful. If your services are particularly focusing some definite location and area then using a location name is the most because it gives you a huge amount of traffic just because of your domain name because people who seek services from your location are more likely to type your service name and with the location name too. But, this doesn’t mean that if you are not focusing geographically then you should avoid using the location name. Location has always been helpful and is a great way of domain name selection and it helps even more to those online businesses that are geographically concerned.

One of the biggest advantage of using location name is you can easily survive the tough competition just by adding a location name with the service you provide. Furthermore, those people who are more concerned about the region will definitely use the location name as well.

Ø Competitors Websites:

A better place for you to update and enlighten on the domain name can be peeping in your competitor’s website. Simply, try to find out what particular words or phrases that your competitors are using not only in the domain name but also in the Meta keywords tag or in the specific category like: the products and services name. This can help you a lot while choosing a better domain for yourself and it can also give you some clues into what works best with customers and search engines.

A competitor’s website is always a great source of information from a simple domain selection to optimizing your website for traffic and search engines. Thus, it is always better to update yourself from the strategies that your competitors are using and apply some of them to meet the level.

Ø An Arrow for Two Aims:

Many webmasters and web owners are often found to ignore the necessary research while selecting the domain name. But, putting yourself in the research and finding out the list of most relevant keywords or the domain names doesn’t only pays you once because the name that you have selected from your list goes for your domain while other keywords and key phrases will remain as a good researched keywords that you can use for optimizing your website. Furthermore, if you happen to launch a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for your web business then these keywords will be very effective and will simply reduce your effort for making another research. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to keep a good research while selecting your domain name and keep those lists safe for future reference so that you won’t have to do it again and again.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                              Image Source: I & II


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