5 White Hat SEO Rules to Generate Quality One Way Links   2 comments

Building one way links for you website is a very powerful way to earn better ranking and placement in the search engines. But, it is also the hardest thing that you imagine in your SEO campaign. One way links are simply those types of links that faces and votes your website but in return you don’t have to vote or link to them. Hence, preserving your priceless votes you will be gaining more possibility of quick lifts in the search engine placement and can earn better rankings. There are also ways of generating quality one way links from Black Hat SEO but we wont be discussing any of them.

In this post, we will be discussing about the five effective way of generating quality one way links to your website with a complete White Hat SEO technique.


5 White Hat SEO Rules to Generate Quality One Way Links:

Article Directories:

Article marketing has always been a great way of earning quality one way links to your websites and even the Google and search engines are easy with better rankings when they crawl one way links to reach you. If you can write better and you are writing for your own blogs then article marketing will be the easy source of links to you because for article marketing all you need to do is write something that you can sell.

Simply, write an article about what you offer to your clients in your website and submit them in different article directories like: Ezine Articles, Buzzle, Go Articles etc. and provide a link of your website in the author box with a reprint permission. This will help you when some other webmaster finds your article of great deal and post them in their website. With your article they will also post your websites name and the link.

Furthermore, if your articles are not reprinted for a while then submitting your articles in the article directories will help you to gain huge traffic which can be your easy effort for better marketing your products and services.

Guest Author:

Being a Guest author in various Blogs is another great way to grab quality links to you were own blog. Guest authors are needed specially when a particular blog is famous and has thousands of visitors where posting quality posts everyday to satisfy their readers becomes unattainable. So, they seek quality guest authors and in return they offer great links to your website and a post in a famous blog with your and website’s name can amazingly be helpful for marketing your website in the mass and win their trust. Contact some well known blogs that has similar goal as you do and show them some of your great articles and if you can impress them then you hit the jack pot.

Some of the caution I would like to suggest you are reading their guidelines and understanding their requirements. I strongly suggest not to spam or send one single email to various such blogs or directories but choose one and write one application focusing their website and mention about you interest and write better to impress them.

Following Do-Follow Blogs:

Do -follow Blogs are easy yet amazingly helpful for getting one way links. Google the list of websites that are do-follow and falls under you category of your website and read the guidelines before making the comments because some blogs only approves your present when you post some quality comments without links.

Building one way link from comment posting in do-follow blogs are very popular and is also the place where many spam comments are generated. Thus, reading guidelines before attempts are suggested.

Many webmasters simply post what comes to their mind and they don’t even bother to read the title and the post so such comments and the users are usually marked and blocked as spam. Hence, reading the content of the articles is very important yet it helps you to gain more ideas.

Using Social Networks:


Social networking websites are found to be a huge source for quality one way links and today most of the search engine optimizers and web marketers are busy joining social networking websites and making new friends while sharing some of their articles and reading some written by others.

This is another master piece of generating one way links plus it also helps you to make new relationships with people around the market place. Such links are more secure and durable and search engines are found to give more credit when you link your website in the social networking websites. Websites like: Facebook, Digg, Twitter etc. are some of the widely used and appreciated social networking websites for business promoting and creating quality one way links.

Link Baiting:

Link baiting is hard but very effective way of collecting one way links. Although link baiting are often considered to be black hat SEO but ethical link baiting is a white hat and is something should be done if you have a good idea and better writing skill. An article with the best content and very informative with a new idea is often seen to collect hundreds of links. If you know link baiting and if you have some critical ideas to share in the market that can change the entire perspective of the market then I think launching link baiting is simply going to pay you with the best that you have always wondered. Beside all the positive parts of link baiting there are many other things that I would like you to consider. You should be very careful while you perform the hooks because criticizing someone else in the market just to attract market’s attention can be painful if you don’t really have a good reason to show them faulty. (More)

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                               Image Source: I & II


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