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The footer in the website is the section that always holds less attention of web designers and the webmasters. They are getting rather busier with the designs and the flash of the website and footer seems to be the afterthought and some websites don’t even bother to use the footer section at all. But, footer is essential part and is more likely place for your visitors to expect some basic elements of the website. Usually when it’s done with the site viewers always scrolls down to see more at the footer and this can either be the contact address or the terms and conditions of your products and services.

Footer section can be used for various purposes but after the ill trend of using footer like categorizing it for paid links Google and various search engines simply stopped giving weight to this section and now this has become one more reason for webmasters and SEO’s to give a grim look to the footer. But, there are still many ways to keep your footer neat and well used for your visitors to provide them with a user friendly experience which is more crucial than optimizing for search engines. Let us see what can be done with the footer for your website.

What to Include in Your Footer for Creating User Friendly Website?

Ø Contact Us:

Your contact address is very vital and it is the only medium for your visitors to contact you in case of any guidance or inquires regarding your products and services but it is very annoying when you have to surf each and every page of the website to find a contact address and some webmasters don’t even bother to include one.

Placing your “Contact Us” link at the footer of your website is a simple and the best way to make your website user friendly because it is a common element in the website that your visitors always expect them to be at their common places. Furthermore, it also provides an easy access to your users to contact you without wasting their time searching here and there.

Ø Your Old Posts:

You can use the footer portion for your old blog posts especially when you have some informative post but with fewer views. Your articles on the footer helps Google and search engines to crawl more easily to those posts and helps them to gain better visibility.

Furthermore, placing low ranked posts or providing a link that navigates your visitors and search engines to those pages that have low ranks and low traffic can be a wonderful way to gain better page rank for that particular page and increase traffic.

Ø Site Map and Copyright:


We have already discussed about the importance of the sitemap from search engines and with no doubt site map make your website user friendly. Placing your sitemap in the footer will help your visitors to locate particular page in your website and it also provides easy access for Google and other search engines to crawl your page. Placing a sitemap in your website is the most for search engines and footer is the better place where I recommend.

Similarly, placing your copyright at the footer is widely used approach and it is an effortless task to make your website trustworthy among the visitors and the traffic.

Ø Terms and Services:

Terms and services is the element that always goes at the bottom of your website. If you are offering your products and services then you can simply navigate your clients to that particular page just by adding a link at the footer. Your terms and conditions are very important and if this page is not visible or have easy access to your clients then it can create a problem later. Hence, I suggest you to place a link at the footer of your webpage so that your visitors and clients have better chance of viewing them before making any deal with you.


Your footer should always be clean and readable for your viewers and visitors. I suggest you to avoid using flash and other graphic at this section but apply all those things that you want your visitors to have a look but don’t replace the expected elements like contact address and privacy policies.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                      Image Source: I & II


2 responses to “What to Include in Your Footer for Creating User Friendly Website?

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