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If you have recently built a blog then these are some tips that I believe every new blogger should know before attempting anything that you may imagine SEO or web marketing. Search Engine Optimization is a very critical job and even a small mistake can penalize you and ban your blog. So, if you are really want to blog with better cautions and search engine placements then below listed points are some SEO tips that will help you to take your first step in SEO for Blogging.


Some SEO Tips for Better Blogging:

ü Search Engines are very offensive when you use a dynamic page with the URL that contains characters like question mark “?” equal sign “=”percentage sign “%” etc. I suggest you to avoid using such characters in the URL and rewrite the URL in a proper manner. If you are in WordPress blog then you have an option to change your permalink.

ü Maintaining your blog with the regular and informative posts are very crucial and allowing comments in your post is something that Google and search engines adores. I suggest you to go for do follow comments because there is nothing to lose as your blog is new but making a do follow blog is good reason to attract readers and fellow bloggers to your place.

ü Maintaining your keyword density is very necessary but don’t overdo in any of your posts because unnecessary repetition of keywords leads to keyword spamming and this is another thing that makes Google and search engines offensive to your blog. You can be penalized for over using the keywords and spamming.

ü Always avoid duplicate contents. Using someone else’s content in your blog that has already been published and crawled by the search engines makes your website faulty for duplicate content and no doubt Google will penalize you for this and can even ban your blog. But, you can use such articles in your website only by providing a link to the original source or the original blog which I really don’t suggest until and unless the article you have copied is very important to your blog because positing someone else’s article in your blog and passing you link means you are letting your traffic pass through your website to the source page which you don’t want.

ü Submit your blog to various free blog directories and if you can afford then even the paid blog directories will do great. Submitting to these directories will help you to flow huge traffic to your website and you can get your website index easily.

                                              List of 21 Top Blog Directories for Your Blog Submission

Blog Directories

Page Ranks

Blog Directories

Page Ranks

Blog Directories

Page Rank clip_image001

       9 clip_image001[1]


       6 clip_image001[2]

       8 clip_image001[3]

        6 clip_image001[4]


       8 clip_image001[5]

        6 clip_image001[6]

       6 clip_image001[7]

       7 clip_image001[8]

        6 clip_image001[9]

       5 clip_image001[10]

       7 clip_image001[11]

        6 clip_image001[12]

        5 clip_image001[13]

       7 clip_image001[14]

         6 clip_image001[15]

        5 clip_image001[16]

       7 clip_image001[17]

         6 clip_image001[18]


ü Always create a sitemap for your blog so that your readers and visitors get no hassle while searching particular page and information in your blog. Creating sitemap also helps search engines to crawl your website and makes your page indexing easy.

ü Effort for link exchange and email other bloggers who has a similar theme as you do. Asking them to trade links because links is the juiciest SEO technique that Google and other search engines loves. Although, it’s really hard to convince a highly ranking blog to trade link with you because they will not be interested but you can email some of the blogs that are quite older than yours, has minimum ranking and are SEO friendly.


ü Although various source assumes that submitting your blog and websites to Google “Add URL” should be avoided but I don’t really agree. You don’t submit to “Add URL” because Google didn’t find you in its regular crawl and this also doesn’t mean that your website or blog is useless. Submitting your blogs and websites and maintaining proper SEO in your blog can really boost you in your rankings and placement. So, submit to “Add URL” because Google wants you to.

ü Create a Gmail account and if you already have one then always check your blog status in the Google Webmaster Central where you have all the necessary data that tells you about the performance of your blogs, site that are linking to you, crawl errors if you have any, malware problems, keyword used by visitors to find your blog etc. these data are really very important for monitoring your website daily performance and fix the errors.

ü Use various anchor text for your links when other blogs links to your blog. Using same anchor text for every links is considered to be spam and you will effort will give less results.

I hope the above listed tips were useful especially to new bloggers who has just sign in to blog world. I will be coming with some more tips to optimize your blogs in the next post.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                            Image Source: I


7 responses to “SEO Tips for Blogger’s and the Beginner’s

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  2. really nice, all list i need in one place for submitting after search engine. thanks for this listing.

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  5. Great tips Kiran.. I’ve been doing a lot of blog works and blog promotion but there are points that I haven’t done yet. It’s a good thing I read your blog, reading on blogs really helps and add knowledge

    • Of course! Reading is a great source for accumulating knowledge. And thanks a lot for your time and your comment. It really feels good to know that my post was helpful to you in some extent.

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