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Article marketing is a great way for generating quality traffic to your website and earns better back links. Submitting your articles to various article directories can truly help you to gain your traffic and visitors plus even great back links are possible from do-follow article directories.

But, there are many things that you should be aware before submitting our content to any article directories because missing some guidelines can simply make these directories reject your articles. Furthermore, with the numbers of article directories the guide lines to their authors also varies widely.

5 Article Marketing Tips to Never Go Wrong:

Ø Length of the Article:

Keep your articles short yet informative because readers have nothing to do with the length of the articles but they are concerned about the quality and the information you share. So, if you are still assuming long articles are better then I think it’s time to change your mind.

Keeping your articles between 700 to 1200 words are enough to be descriptive and to mention all the necessary facts that you want to share. Write so that your readers won’t find you boring.

Ø Links in the Article:

Placing links in your articles varies from one to other directory. Although, many article directories provides you with the resource box with but still there are some better ranking directories where links valid in the body of the article. But, whenever resource box is available placing your links in the body is a wrong idea. Furthermore, the quantity of your link is determined by the directories as it also varies from one to another; some allows one link per article whereas some allows two or three.

Ø Your Pen Name:

Pen name is the alias and you can write your articles under that particular name and publish them in the article directory but it is often seen that many authors write everything under one single name like: once a writer is found writing on stock market and couple of weeks after under the same name he will be writing about the Christmas gifts. If you are a multiple subject writer then I suggest you to use different pen name for different subjects you choose because this helps to show your professionalism in that particular field and your frequent articles under same category makes your readers notice you by your pen name.


Ø Your Keyword Density:

Keyword density is another factor that you should maintain while submitting to article directories because over implements of keywords in your articles can be rejected by some article directories like: Ezinearticles. So, to avoid this I suggest you to make your keyword calculation and avoid over optimizing on keywords but focus on the flow and clarity of your article.

Ø Your Anchor Text:

Utilizing your anchor text in a better way can really help you get quality back links and it is also one of the important factors for launching article marketing campaign. So, I suggest you to use keyword rich anchor text which can also be very useful for driving quality traffic to your website. Furthermore, always make sure your provided links are of the landing pages and are well linked to your website.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: I & II


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