SEO Redirection to Your Webpage without Losing Your Google Ranking and Placement.   2 comments

Knowing a webpage redirection is very essential and if you and your website is concerned about search engine rankings and placement in the search result especially if you are in web commercial business then making a healthy redirection is the key. The necessity of webpage redirection can come with various reasons like: moving a website in a new domain, changing URL structure or logging outgoing links but whatever be the reason; making a search engine favored redirection is very important. Hence, in this post I will be mentioning about the redirection tips that will help you to maintain your page rank and search engine placement even after making some necessary changes in your website.



301 Redirection is the only redirection method that is SEO friendly and avoids all the consequences of redirection like: loss of traffic, fluctuation in the page rank and your web page placement. 301 page redirection is the symbol of moved permanently and the core motive of using this redirection method is to lead the search engines and your visitors to another page rather than simply giving them the “404 Page not Found” Error which is a hopeless result for your traffic and such error is surely going to kill your ranking. Hence, the 301 redirection simply helps you to maintain your rankings and works like a torch for your visitors so that they won’t get lost in the middle. According to Google your redirection can take at least 6 to 8 weeks to see the changes in your page.

301-Redirection and .htaccess file

.htaccess files are configuration files created in a notepad and placed inside the web tree which simply instructs your web servers to act as commanded in the security, redirection, content control and coverage of some errors. But, in this post I will be mentioning about .htaccess files for redirection of your webpage.

301-Rdirection Implementation:

ü Create a note pad in your desktop and save the file as an .htaccess. But, if you have one in your webpage then simply download the file to your desktop.

ü Place the following code in the note pad or in the .htaccess file and save it.

redirect 301 /me/me.htm

ü Now upload your file to the root folder of your server and simply perform the trial by typing the old address.

ü A successful redirection should take you to the new page or location.



ü Please do not add “http://www” in the above statement but place the path from the top level of your website to the page.

ü Do not forget to leave space between elements.

Using 301-redirection Google and search engines will simply redirect your visitors and itself to the new location without causing any error or making you lose your ranks. But, in the next new update your old file name and the path that you have created will be removed with the new .htaccess commands.

Remember about 301-Redirection:

ü 301 redirection is instant and highly search engine friendly.

ü If your page has no backlinks coming or traffic then 301 redirection is not for you. You can simply change rename your page and re-submit your XML sitemap to Google and Yahoo or other search engines.

ü Make sure all of your pages are working find after the redirection implement.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                      Image Source: I & II


2 responses to “SEO Redirection to Your Webpage without Losing Your Google Ranking and Placement.

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  1. Great recommendations This actually is one of the most beneficial sites I’ve ever browsed on this subject.

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