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Blogging is very essential and is the great way to please the search engine monoester with your dynamic contents. But, when it comes to your B2B market, blogging becomes more important because the B2B market is small compared to B2C and getting quality links with healthy quantity is hard. But, links and traffic are the crucial factor of Google and search engines so blogging seems to be one of the effective ways to overcome your hindrances in your B2B market.

In this post I am mentioning about some blogging tips that are extremely fruitful for both B2B and B2C websites and are worth applying to promote your own web business and earn better search engine ranking and quality traffic.

5 Effective Ways to Blog for B2B and B2C Companies

  • Use Bullets and Short Paragraphs:

Being clean and clear with the articles is very important no matter whether you are blogging for B2B or B2C Company. The main propose of blogging is the marketing of your business and in the same time sharing your knowledge among readers and your clients. So, it is strongly suggested to create a clean article that consists of proper headings and bullets wherever necessary.

Furthermore, it is also suggested to use small paragraphs so that your post won’t look lengthy and all mixed up. The first impression of your article is the looks and the way it is managed and the information that it holds is always the secondary. Hence, if your articles don’t have the appealing looks then hardly anyone is going to read the information it shares.

  • Be Simple but Very Clear:

I don’t know what you believe in but I think blogging for your web business is not about using rich vocabularies or tough words that baffles your readers. Blogging is not for those writers who demonstrates their writing ability using rich vocabularies but it is the place where your articles and posts helps a layman understand the subject you talking about. Hence, always use simple English and try to be clearer because your readers can be from any part of the world with the English being their second language.

One of the great ways to attract readers to your blog is by providing them with all the necessary information in the simple form. Many clients of mine wonder if blogging really works because there are already too many blogs and the completion is high. Well, this is the fact but not every blog writers provides the information in the simple and clear manner. So, one important thing about blogging is just not posting articles but posting something that makes the subject more clear to the readers.

  • Blog on Public Figures:

Blogging and including the public figures in your B2B blogs has found to be very effective and is also an easy way to collect more readers. Update yourself with the latest news in the market especially when any respected figures of your market speak on the market subject. You can write about what he/she talks about and simply discuss the consequences or the probability of the market turn. If you are in the SEO field then talking about Matt Cutts interview about the website promotion can easily grab more traffic and readers to your blog. Share news that is more likely to interest your readers.


  • Use Stats and Polls:

Using stats and polls in your blog post gives your post the authentic image. Using polls and stats helps your readers to understand the subject in depth plus there is also high possibility that other B2B blogs will simply post your articles in their website providing link which is no doubt a great way to earn better links and ranking in the Google search engine. Furthermore, polls help to know what people believe in and how they judge which is very important to forecast the future of the market i.e market like Stock Exchange.

  • Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is another effective way to generate quality content to your blog. There are bloggers or other content writers who want to write for blogs so that they can earn some reputation for their own blogs. So, by letting such good content writers to write for your blog you can easily get huge quality articles which reduces your effort for daily post and it also helps your blog to gain better reputation and trust among your readers because your blog has quality content from the experienced content writers. And if you need some good links then offering yourself to write as a guest blogger in some other B2B blogs can really help you to get quality links and better ranking with trust from readers which are also an easy way to drive readers to your own blog. Hence, guest blogging is the win win situation and is very effective SEO tool for blogging especially for B2B bloggers because the market size is small compared to B2C.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                         Image Source: I & II


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