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Guest blogging is a great way to earn easy and quality links. It also enormously helpful for gaining quality traffic and build your image in your niche. But, in the other hand it is also one of the hard thing to find especially when you lack the ways of professional approach. Although, many bloggers aren’t aware of guest blogging benefits and simply assumes guest blogging as a supporting their fellow blogger to lift their weights and nothing else whereas some bloggers knows the importance and its advantages and even being good with their writing skills yet they lack opportunities.

Hence, in today’s post I will be mentioning about some professional ways to apply for guest blogging so that in return you can benefit your blog with better traffic, good ranking and strong image among your readers which may take years for any blog if ignored guest blogging and other SEO techniques to lift your online business.

5 Professional Ways to Apply for Guest Blogging Job

  • Trace Probable Blogs:

If you are looking for a guest blogging job then the first thing you need to do is to find some real good blogs in the niche that you write about and keep your eyes on opportunities. Bloggers often mention when they are planning for holidays or festivals and they simply need someone else to fill up when they are away. So, this is the right time for you to present yourself as a guest blogger.

  • Email Your Expertise:

Emailing your expertise is an essential part of Guest blogging and it is suggested to mention your experience in the niches. Provide a link of your own blog and some articles that suit the blog’s subject so that they can easily go through some of your best works and have a clear idea of you. Tell them that you are excited to write for them and mention your past experience. On the other side, blog manager will visit your blog and some of your post. But, it is always a bad idea to mention something which you are not. Write and attach some fresh articles that you want to post in their blogs this is also a great way to show your enthusiasm.

  • Be Relational:

Being relational is the “must do” thing and if you are not practicing then you are losing thousand of opportunities. Thus, it is always better to merge yourself in the social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and find webmasters and bloggers who fall under your niches. Building relationships is one easy way to get such offers first at your table because tracing out the blogs are looking for opportunity is not easy and is time consuming so if you have maintain a good relationship then you are likely to get such offers even when you are not looking for one. And in the other side even the bloggers want their trusted ones to write for them so the first emphasis is always taken by those who are in touch.

  • Write Different:

While applying for guest blogging job I suggest you to make necessary search and analysis because it is not only you but many who will be emailing the blog to offer them the opportunity to write for them so it is always better to write something off the topic. Visit the blog and go through their recent post and some old one too and you will know what are the major subjects they are focusing and what other major subject they are simply ignoring and in many case the ignored topics are the one which they lack their expertise and this is the point where you can score high. Just write on those topics that they has less posts but write with all the necessary topics and points so that they can read your skills and experience. In this way you have higher possibility to receive the offer.


  • Maintain Your Patience:

Maintain your patience and do not email them again and again because it highly gives a negative impact and destroys your image. Bloggers are busy person and they might not reply you promptly but once they go through your email then the probability remains and even if they ignore you the first time no doubt they will definitely visit your blog. Hence, the important point is they will notice you and your blog so next may be next time they will offer you with the guest blogging job or if your blog is well ranked you they can even offer a link exchange request which is a great thing no matter what. Thus, I highly recommend you to have patience and keep your expectation on average.

Some More Suggestions:

ü Guest blogging job can be easily obtained if your own blog has a good image and ranking in Google and in other search engines.

ü Some of the important things noticed are your grammatical errors, writing fluency, simplicity, your own experience in the subject etc.

ü Maintain your social networking relationships with the bloggers.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                  Image Source: I & II


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