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In our last post, we mentioned about the Guest blogging and some professional ways to apply for a guest blogging job. And in today’s post I will be mentioning about some professional ways to carry out your guest blogging job.

5 Amazing Tips for Guest Blogging in a Professional Manner

Ø Make Your Research:

Research is essential in every field because it helps you to add something more valuable and less something irrelevant which gives your work the shape and the quality. So, do some research in the blog and find out what interests the readers more and what they want to read. Perform some mentioned research and you will be good to go:

ü Read Some Posts:

Read some published post in the blog and find out what are the subjects that really interest the readers. Read the flow that previous blogger uses and notice the format he uses to his articles.

ü Check out the Comments:

Check out some comments and find how readers are reacting with the subject and do notice those posts that has more numbers of comments because this shows the topic is something that everyone has an idea about and they are enthusiastic. Read more of those posts that lacks comments from readers or has less and try to find out the faults.

ü Rules:

Always keep in mind that every blog has its rules whether they are mentioned or not. So, find out what are the do’s and the don’ts so that you won’t be hurting your readers and the blogger himself for hiring you.

ü Check out the Post Complexity:

Find out the posts that has are technical and are complex for normal readers to understand. Blogs varies from its readers and depending upon the readers knowledge bloggers post the information. So, it is key to know the level of your readers and write accordingly.

Ø Use Your Voice but Follow the Custom:

Even if you are blogging for some other blog it is much recommended using your own voice and the flow of your own writing skill. Read the flow of previous blogger but don’t exactly try to copy him by simply killing your own voice. But, it is very important that your writing and the information should not be disturbing blogs environment. Stay in the topic and mention the necessary things but don’t drive your readers to a completely unknown territory. Although, some readers welcome changes but not everyone so always touch the boundaries like the older post has done but don’t cross the limit.

Ø Add New Styles:

One thing that usually people hate about blog with one blogger is the repetition of same format and the style which really bores readers in long run. So, guest blogging is only one solution to add something new to refresh the readers. So, if you are in the guest blogging job then one thing you should always do to excite your readers and the actual blogger is by adding something new that are welcomed by the readers.

Adding new format to your post and articles and little humor here and there can really make your readers love you in the short time period. You can also use graphs and stats to describe your topic and use bullets and numberings to highlight your titles.


Ø Add Something Valuable:

Many guest blogger simply writes when they are offered for guest blogging but this is a very wrong way of practice. As mentioned in earlier guest blogging post, your guest blogging job is the big opportunity to earn better traffic to your blog so the only way you can magnet readers from other blogs to yours is by adding some very valuable information which gives the impact that you are experienced blogger and have quality links. Furthermore, by doing this you won’t be losing anything but you will welcome for guest blogging in future and this is the better offer for gaining quality links and building strong image of your in the niche. Therefore, I strong suggest you to give quality information and fill the space with worthy information.

Ø Sell Your Blog:

Guest blogging is also the place where you will get enough opportunities to sell your blog but selling doesn’t mean that you mention about your blog all the way down the post. Simply, focus to those topics that are mutually beneficial for your blog and the blog where you are hired as the guest blogger. Link back your blog and use RSS Feeds but don’t use it too much.

It is also a good idea to mention little about yourself and your blog but the bottom line is to do things very neat and clean so that you don’t make the blog look self advertisement. And it is crucial that if you have mentioned about something here in the blog then if you are linking back to your own blog; you should be ready with the necessary post and information to complete the task and just don’t forget to optimize your own blog.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                             Image Source: I & II


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