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Many new bloggers face one problem after a month of their successful blogging with great contents Where is the people to Read? And this is too frustrating for any blogger in any niche. But, beside SEO optimizing your blogs there are many things to consider getting the real visibility among the quality readers. But, the most painful thing is when a blogger with real quality writing skills lack the visibility and quits the job after a month of hard work.

Hence, to completely remove this frustration there are many things that a blogger should do like: Optimizing Your Social Media Account, Better Search Engine Optimization Practice, Creating Effective Content Writing, Guest Blogging, SEO Press Release and so many other things.

But, sometimes a little twist can clear the dark clouds from your blog and one that I have now in my head for you is the Title part of your content that if twisted a little then you are more likely to have a huge daily traffic, enthusiastic readers with frequent returns and less wanders to cut the bouncing issue of your blog.

But, Quality Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization is the king! So, even after implementing such twist in your title you should promise a great content and can satisfy the readers hunger.

5 Twists to Your Title to Hook and Gain Quality Readers to Your Blog:

  • Make Your Title: News with Solution

Use titles that simply give the solution to those issues that has been bothering people in your niche. If you are blogging on health issue then you can simply write “Battling Obesity with Herbal Plants in America is Easy Now” such titles will attract more number of readers because the title itself is passing the news and has the solution to obesity too. People can hardly ignore such posts especially when they are playing with the obesity keywords because it shows that they are looking for solution on obesity.

And even if the reader has nothing to do with obesity then the title is so promising that he will be getting some latest news about obesity and US Herbal projects that your readers definitely knows that reading your post won’t be the waste of time.

  • Make Your Title: Facts Oriented

Facts oriented titles are very effective to attract your readers and are promising. Using facts on the title will help your readers to know what you are talking about and what subject your are focusing and this will simply drive quality readers to your blog and not just the wanderers which is very important because you are looking for the real enthusiastic readers for your blog.

Furthermore, if you are using facts oriented titles then you are simply letting your readers to know what the content is all about so such simplicity of the title will cuts the bouncing rates of your blog and hooks the real readers.

  • Make Your Title: Benefit Oriented:

Benefit oriented titles is the cleaver way to fish your readers and visitors to your blog and hook them. When your title itself speaks about the content that surely benefits the readers then there is no way anyone is going to ignore it. For instance if you are blogging for Christmas gifts then using “ 2010 Unique Christmas Gifts Collection List” as a title can really help you to drive more visitors because everyone wants to give a unique and valuable gifts to their loved ones and not just something that everyone has been gifting since 2005. Hence, such titles speak the benefits of your readers and you will see the increment in the traffic and regular readers.


  • Make Your Title: Question?

This is another simple way to make your title a question and earn better traffic to your blog. For instance if you are blogging for Music History and Rock Star Life then using “Did Kurt Cobain Really Committed a Suicide?” as a title will make your enthusiastic music fan doubt the truth or what they believe in and they will simply be clicking to find out if they were wrong.

Questioning your audience will make themselves judge on what they believe in and they will look out to make sure if they are not living by a false story. It is tremendously effective way to generate more and more traffic to your blog and post.

  • Make Your Title: Use of WH Question?

Using WH question for your title is another effective way to get more reliable readers to your blog that in future will be frequent. One of the best reasons to use this type of question is because when someone types WH question in the Google and Search engines then no doubt they badly need an answer. For instance: How to book an airline ticket online? Why to use seat belts? Where is the Mount Everest located? Of course my country Nepal.

So, these are all the questions that need answer and if you make your own title with WH questions then Google will more likely to show up your result first because the keywords are highly matching and even the users are more likely to click. If this format fails then trust me eHow.com would have not been that famous and rich.

Author: Kiran Bista                                                                                                                                                                                        Image source: I & II


4 responses to “5 Twists to Your Title to Hook and Gain Quality Readers to Your Blog

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  1. It is extremely interesting for me to read that blog. Thank author for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on this site soon.

    Katherine Swingfield

    Katherine Swingfield
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  3. Great advice!

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