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Search Engine Optimization to your web business starts from selecting a healthy SEO domain name and the proper Url structure to website. So, this is the first step towards the SEO for any small or huge business that has just stepped in online business yet is the key. Google and other major search engines not only crawls your content or your inbound links but it also crawls the http:// of your Url so it is always wise to construct a clear path for search engine robots so that you can gain better visibility in the search engine result page (SERP).

Thus, in this post I will be mentioning about some wise ways to maintain your Url for search engines and even for your visitors and clients.

  • Use Static URL instead of Dynamic:

Always go for static Url structures because the structure is loved by Google and search engines as it facilitates search engines with smooth and easy crawl. In the other hand, dynamic Url are hard to index and many search engines has unreadable errors with the dynamic structured Urls which eventually leads to frequent crawl failure and lower click through rates.

For instance a dynamic Url can be!/pages/Optimizing-Engine/108161289251990 where the unnecessary “#” and “!” signs in the Url creates problem to the search engines. Instead you can simply re-structure the Url in a static format like

  • Use of Multiple Keywords:

If you are using multiple keywords in your Url which of course a good thing to do from Search Engine Optimization point to view but there are something you can do to make your Url more simplified to search engines and to your visitors. Using hyphens (-) between your keywords is a good way to deal with this.

Such hyphens will help search engines to understand your Url and this also helps a lot for your visitors to understand your Url at glance. You may also find various websites that uses underscores (_) which I suggest not so well from SEO point of view.

  • Avoid Long Urls:

It is always healthy to avoid using long Urls because Google and other search engines tend to avoid the crawl if the Url are too long. Although many SEO’s suggest keywords not beyond 10 is suitable but I insist you to go for short ones and using two or three keywords are more than enough to create SEO Optimized Url.

If you are using long keywords like many other predicts to be okay but the demerit is that hardly any of your clients or visitors will remember your address and the chances of typos is present which makes your Url unfriendly and hassling which is a serious issue and you can lose good number of your visitors. Search engine optimization can be done with many part of your website so just don’t focus too hard in the Url.


  • Avoid Unnecessary Words:

Google and other major search engines to avoid words like: is, for, and, but etc so if you are thinking of using such words in your Url then that will be a big mistake. You can simply replace those words with your keywords which is better way of optimizing your Url and it also makes your Url crawl friendly to search engines and user-friendly to your visitors.

Furthermore, we can frequently find many websites that are related to the name of the webmasters which I don’t suggest to my clients because they are not your SEO Keywords for your company and your product so your are simply losing your Url optimization which is necessary and if contains keywords then makes it easier for you to get index and pop out when the searchers Google.

  • Use One track Url:

This is one of the important points that many people are unaware of and even many SEO’s are found to ignore. If you are simply using as your Url and too then this can simply hurt you because Google considers it to be a mirror website. Your website has two different Url but the contents are the same so they are more likely to penalize you with duplicate contain issue. Hence, it’s better if you use Google Webmaster Tool to set the preferences for www or non-www URL version.

Search engines are not human so they cannot read your Url as the same like human do and understand so I suggest you to fix this if you have ignored or was unaware about it because it can hurt your ranking and Google page rank anytime.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                              Image Source: I & II


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