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A landing page is simply a page in your website where your visitors and customers land after clicking the advertisements which can be of any form like PPC Advertising or Google SERP. So, these landing pages plays a greater role in your website and should be maintained and sustained to meet the customers need. Landing page are also the page that generate huge traffic and higher conversion rate so it is always important to give more emphasis to this page as it is the welcome door for you clients.

Hence, in this post I will be revealing some points and tips on optimizing your landing page not from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view but from simple marketing tips that is crucial in an online business.

Ø Set Your Goal:

Creating and optimizing your landing page with a solid goal can increase your achievements in short time with greater return. So, find the exact reason what you want your visitors to do when they land on your page? You want them to subscribe your newsletters? You want them to buy your products? Or simply surf your website further and know what you services you offer?

The reasons can be many and with the wide verities of reasons your goal also differs from one another. Thus, first draw the outline and find the real purpose of your landing page and then you can act accordingly.

Ø Welcome with Compelling Content:

Your landing page is where the visitors get 85% of your business motives and the services or product you offer. So, 85% of your visitors are going to click away if you don’t have something compelling for them. Hence, write something very compelling and convincing for them and if you can’t write well then I don’t think it’s a bad idea to hire someone to write for you landing page because what you pay to the ghost writers and with a compelling content what you get is simply incomparable.

Write something very warm and welcoming but avoid all that what you are not because honesty is the thumb rule and has to be maintained if you are planning for long run business. Tell them about you and your products and services and it is always a good idea to highlight especial offers if you have one. And it is worthy to prompt them to surf more and deeper to know about your services.

Ø Avoid Distractions:

This is the very important part and should not be ignored at all. Avoiding the distraction from your landing page is the necessary because distractions can simply pull away your visitors from you website. So, avoid any links that simply doesn’t surf them within your website and don’t decorate you landing page too much with animations and flash because landing page is not the place to amuse your visitors but to give them honest and compelling information about you to make them buy from you.

Furthermore, if using animations can make your landing page load slow and this only reason will sweep away your visitors.


Ø Make a User-Customer Friendly Landing Page:

Create your landing page which is extremely user friendly and serves your visitors from every necessary angle. If you visitors are not getting what they are looking in your page then it is a waste of their time and is also the waste of your advertising campaign money. So, provide all the necessary links with necessary anchor texts in them and let your visitors know what you have in it for them.

Make your landing page quick enough to load so that you completely minimize the risk of losing your visitors and it is also highly suggested to use data protection seal like VeriSign on your form to promise the data security because the study shows that most of the customers quit the landing page simply because they don’t want to give away their personal data.

Ø Detail Your Contact Information:

This is another crucial part that I would like to suggest you to include at any cost. You information and you contact details are very necessary in your landing page it simply gives the feeling of security to your customers and visitors and it also ease them to contact you without the hassle of surfing here and there in the page. Provide them with your email address and phone number which is better if has 24hrs service. Plus, studies shows that having a toll free number simply increases the conversion rate so add one. But, if you have a huge budget and you can provide them with live chat functionality then it is something that you customers simply loves and feel ease about which also increase your conversion rate by 10-15%

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                        Image Source: I & II


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