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Google Toolbar:

Google toolbar is an essential and a highly user friendly tool that accommodates various features to ease your surfing while providing some necessary updates that is equally valuable from a layman to a professional SEO. It is a small software application that can be easily downloaded and run in the union with your browser. You can simply download this amazing tool which is free and works with almost every web browser.

Google toolbar is something very crucial and if you are a SEO then it becomes your need. You can hardly image any Search Engine Optimizer who doesn’t know or use Google toolbar because it has accommodate so many incredible features that greatly helps SEO’s even being a normal tool that has not entire developed for SEO’s which are other tools of Google like: Google AdSense, Google AdWords etc.

Therefore, in this post I have decided to write on Google toolbar and some of its major features with its benefits that is equally helpful to SEO’s and a simple web surfer. But, if you are blogging and new to all the SEO stuffs then I think you deserve this article the most.

Some SEO Benefits of Google Toolbar:

ü Google Search Box:

It simply allows you to make your Google search and cuts harass of going back to It offers you with suggestions while you type your queries and helps you to avoid the spelling errors. It also helps you to know the previous. For those who are new in the field of SEO they can simply use the Google suggestion as the keyword research tool. It might not be effective enough to compete but gives you the options with keywords that have high possibilities in any niche.

ü Google Bookmarks:

It is a handy bookmark tool that simply allows you to bookmark your favorite website and other important websites or blogs that you often visit. Google bookmarks are adored around the globe because it has an amazing feature that it allows its users to bookmark websites and saves them in their Google account and the user can simply have the access to those websites from every computer anywhere. This feature simply makes your browsers handy can you can have it whenever you want.

ü Translation:

Google translation is famous around the world as it simply allows you to translate any language to English or you can even translate English or other language to your own. Google toolbar has similar feature. The “Translate” button simply allows you to translate any webpage which is basically not written in English. This feature helps you to grab the access over those websites that are uses other languages rather than English.

ü Google Sidewiki:

Google Sidewiki is another amazing feature that this toolbar consists of. Google Sidewiki simply allows you to read the notes of any particular website that you have browsed. Simply, by clicking Google Sidewiki you can have access to those notes and comments that other people have written about the website. This is a great tool for SEO’s because they can simply click this feature and know what other people has their thoughts and regards on the website. Knowing the views of other SEO’s and traffic about that website can simply help you know about the website more.


ü Page Rank:

Google toolbar has page rank indicator which is built for SEO’s to know the Google page rank of any website when they browse. It is tremendously important for SEO’s and for webmasters. As Google page rank is highly important to know your and the competitors ranking which is also the indication of your website performance in Google it is suggested to download.

ü Google Surf Access:

Google surf access or Google website access is another user friendly feature of Google toolbar which ease your job while surfing. When you surf the website it allows you to create a button for your favorite or your client’s website. Those buttons can be placed directly on the toolbar which simply cuts the hassle of typing the URL again and again. It saves your time and effort which is essential for SEO’s when they are working with various websites.

ü Highlight Search Terms:

The highlighting features extremely ease your task when you are in search of any particular words in the entire webpage. Although you can find such features in various software applications but Google provides with more ease. Simply, type the keyword on the search box and click the highlight button which then highlights your search term by lighting up those terms in the page and cuts the hassle of scrolling the page to look around. For, SEO’s it can simply help you to find the necessary keywords in the page or look for the particular keyword and its repetition in your competitor’s page.

ü Sharing Web Page:

With Google toolbar you can simply share the web page with your email or even from your blog. It helps you to share particular webpage and discuss about it with your friends and colleagues that entirely cuts annoying process of using print screen or any other software’s. You can simply do this by selecting the toolbar’s menu “Send to” you can simply select the portion of the page that you want to share and then click the option.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                                Image Source: I & II


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