Why Your Website Structure Matters to Search Engines,Search Engine Optimizers and Your Visitors?   2 comments


Well, frankly speaking many people don’t even know that their website structure can really hurt your placements and rankings. And many are still there who are just wondering; why a good ranking website is not interested with their SEO link exchange campaign? After all they have optimized Meta tag, keywords and well built SEO contents. Reasons can be many but one with greater weight I see is your website structure lacking Search Engine Optimization techniques.

For you, your website is a store with fresh products of demands but search engines like Google and Yahoo it’s a theme. So, what matters them is the consumer satisfaction and not your fresh and rare products that has high demands in your niche. So, are you seeing what other SEO’s are seeing deep in your website structure? Confuse? Okay! I will make it simple for you.

Search Engine Optimization is not only about the complex codes of HTML or your inbound links. SEO also embraces web structures and has some hard & fast rules but with bit flexible boundaries.

As I have told you, that for Google any website is a theme and all it expects from you is better presentation of your theme that can satisfy the visitors need when they click to your website. Your products and services may satisfy the need but its secondary because primary is the flexibility and usability of your website from traffic and search engines point of view because when your website can provide your visitors and search engines with exact then they will find your products and services.

Thus, it’s your website architecture that makes your visitors find your services and if you lack one with zero SEO implements than no matter how demanding products you offer there will be zero sale.

Ø What Google and Yahoo want from your Website?

Google wants easy access to your website and to every corner so that when Googlebot and other search engine robots crawl in they can easily find your offerings in less time so in this way they can come to an exact conclusion what theme is your website based on and what you really offer.

Confusing and slow loading pages with messed up categories and missing sitemaps are the hindrances for robots and unfriendly search engine optimization so it will hurt your rankings. So, all you need to focus on your website architecture so that you can provide easy access to search engines.

Furthermore, if you have better website structure than you have better possibilities to rank high beside other SEO optimization. So, it simply makes other better ranking websites to link to you. Link Exchange Campaign is always successful if you have better possibilities in next Google dance.

Ø Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Website Architecture:

Use Categories:

Use defining categories to your products and services so that you don’t really confuse the Googlebot. You can simply use one board topic and place all other subjects that resemble the heading. Its makes your website SEO and user-friendly.

ü Visitor Benefits?

They can more easily and wisely browse your categories. Your visitors will directly head what they are looking for and just avoids unnecessary distractions and hindrances for looking one particular post and details about your products. It simply makes your website user-friendly and cuts your bouncing rate which is a great part of search engine optimization.


Use sitemaps:

Use sitemap to your webpage and even if your website consists less than ten pages even then sitemap plays an important role. You can also submit your .xmlsitemap to Google at Google Webmaster which is great way to update your website changes and modifications to crawlers without any difficulty. Its SEO “must do” thing.

ü Visitor Benefits?

Using sitemap your visitors can simply find particular page in your entire website and this makes your website highly user-friendly and managed. Visitors will have great experience in your website as you simply cut the unnecessary search process. Your HTML sitemap on your website is a great source of ease to your visitors.

Interlink Pages:

Interlink your pages with one another but in a SEO way. Interlinking makes the Googlebot crawl every corner of your website and often so this can help them to index every page of your website and pop them up when searchers wants them.

ü Visitor Benefits?

Interlinking your pages and post will help your visitors or blog readers to find more about that particular subject within your website which if not interlinked then more visitors will have to Google it again. So, just by interlinking you are simply providing with wide subject descriptions and cutting your bouncing rate and high bouncing rate is no way a SEO friendly website so expect no better results.

For instance, if you interlink your hollow guitar page with nylon strings and steel strings then they will simply visit that page if they want more information on that and its obvious that a visitors who wants to know about your hollow guitar will also be interested about the verities of string that you offer.

Use Keyword Anchor text:

This is very important because anchor text has good reputation in SEO because it treats well to search engines. While you interlink your pages you should always use anchor text so that Googlebot can know where you are driving them. Make your anchor text your keywords so that you earn weight and not just “click here” and “view this”.

ü Visitor Benefits?

Using keyword anchor text will benefit your visitors because if your are providing the anchor text then not only search engines but your visitors will also know what is the other page which a click away. They will simply know what subject you have in another page and they can decide whether to click or not. If you are simply providing them with Anchor texts like “Click Here” then they are completely blind about their surf in your page. Hence, using SEO directed anchor text will not encourage your visitors to click, surf and spend more time in your website.

Avoid Fats from Website:

Always avoid unnecessary fats from your website. Those fats are everything that makes your website overweight and makes it slow loading page and kills your all SEO efforts. Using heavy graphic and flash or unoptimized frames are some lethal fats that kill your web rankings.

ü Visitor Benefits?

If your website is simply taking too long to load then all most all of your visitors will be avoiding your website and Google your competitor’s website and they will do this without knowing about your products and services. This will simply lead you to zero sells and zero traffic and no matter amazing services you offer you will always be lacking customers at your door.


Avoid One Page Priority:

Avoid giving priority to one page of your blog because we often find three links to one post i.e Title, read more and comments. Such links to one post can simply distract search engines so try to avoid them using no follow. Using no follow from robotx.txt files is a great SEO tool and simple way to stop crawlers to visit those corners of your website that you don’t want to index.

ü Visitor Benefits?

If you are simply linking only one particular page then its completely useless for visitors to click your links because all your links will be driving them to one single page which they don’t want to visit again and again. If you are doing so then you are simply irritating your visitors and traffic.


Google, Yahoo and all other search engines has one goal and that is the user satisfaction. If search engines cannot satisfy their user with better results then there will be no one to use their search engines. Thus, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be simply be said the practices of giving visitors satisfaction from your website from every possible way so that Google and Yahoo will reward you for helping them to satisfy their customers by providing with better user-friendly and informational theme and not just a shopping house.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                                Image Source: IIIIII


2 responses to “Why Your Website Structure Matters to Search Engines,Search Engine Optimizers and Your Visitors?

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