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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dynamically evolving and with time it has become something more complex yet very scientific where logical reasoning and rational guesses supported by the compound experiments are the key of optimizing the search machine but unfortunately it veils its algorithm of optimization. But, this is where the search engine optimization becomes an art and the quest of SEO begins.

Today SEO is not just about the HTML codes and the keywords or key phrases neither it’s about the page ranks that we SEO’s did and wondered in the stone age of SEO but something more that satisfies website visitors and of course the users of search engines like: Google and Yahoo with every possible ways so the SERP must quench their thirst of online search.

Hence, I don’t think it will be wrong to say that every SEO out there is not just optimizing websites for their clients but optimizing the results of search engines and is addictively affiliated with the betterment of internet search facility and search engine marketing history.

In 2005, Enquiro Research conducted a research on internet surfer’s eye movement while they read the SERP and found the users behavior and its variation with the variation observed in the search result. This research simply showed how searchers simply react to video marketing and image marketing even ignoring the well ranked websites.

According to Enquiro Research the eye movement of the searchers pauses for a moment when the search result includes something peculiar and other than texts like: images and videos because of its color and being widely different then the regular text/links result which is obviously a human nature. But, when such distractions are omitted the eye pattern completely changes. Let us see how?


The above image is a simple SERP that includes nothing but texts. And according to Enquiro Research of 2005; in such results the human eyes simply reads the result from upper left hand corner that includes the first page first result and then moves down reading the first four or five positions and then they tend to avoid the organic results by simply moving to the right hand corner where the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are. So, this shows that when users read the page their high emphasis is for the four or five naturally or organically listed results and ignoring the scrolling task they simply move to PPC portion.

Now, let us see what the users do when a the SERP includes images and videos beside texts and links.


The above image is the SERP that includes the Blended Search (SERP that includes Images and Videos) and according to Enquiro Research made two years later in 2007; the users and the internet surfers tend to view such results differently then the one which omits such images and contains plain texts.

Here, the surfer’s eye simply moves down from the upper left corner and they simply get paused at the images or the videos and then they again look and read the text beside the image. After deciding whether the image is appropriate to their search or not the readers tend to give a glance to the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads in the right hand corner. Even this time the users are simply ignoring the other results that are listed below and are also avoiding the task of scrolling.

Therefore, by these two amazing research result we can simply say that the biggest priority is for those websites that are listed in the first and around fifth no matter the SERP contains images or not. We also can see that PPC ads gets the searchers priority.

But, when it comes to blended search result the surfers simply goes through those websites that are listed above but with short notice and then when they gaze in the image and the anchor text more. If only the images or the video results are inappropriate they tend to look for more but in the right hand corner in the PPC ads.

Moral of the Story:

The moral of the story is; Are you ready for Blended search results? Are you SEO optimizing your images and videos? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you with your website optimization and they can also help you lift your business in the first page or the top 5 but still there is no guarantee that you will achieve the first position or the page itself. So, in such case one of the easiest way to earn the first place or the place where you can catch your visitors and clients eyes is by optimizing your videos and images.

Optimize your images and videos more frequently because optimizing them them is not so hard plus making your website clean so that the search engine robots can crawl easily and index everything you have in your website simply helps your videos and images pop out when the users search for your kind of products and services which eventually helps your business catch your visitors and clients eyes. If you have well optimized for the Blended search then you have high chance to get noticed then your competitors who is listed in the first page in the first rank. SEO optimizing your images can simply be your next effective launch of SEO campaign with better SEO results.

Search engines are working hard to provide their users with all the necessary data that can simply satisfy their users search need and avoid the hassle of repeating search for not finding the desired results. They are including everything that can satisfy the users and the surfers. And being a good search engine optimizer (SEO) optimizing every thing to overcome the obstacles and converting visitors into conversions I think doing SEO over images and your marketing videos is a better solution.

Hence, beside SEO optimizing your website now you also have to focus your optimization towards the videos and the images to compete with your competitors and win the search engine battle. If you are simply working for you website and not with video marketing then you badly need to get start now. 

(Note: The research might be old but the possibility is high will be more in up coming years so don’t just avoid it.)

Author: Kiran Bista.


2 responses to “Focus Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more in the Images and Videos

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  1. Yeah! Martin…..Blended search optimization is often avoided by SEO’s and they are simply missing a great part of optimizing their website.

  2. Yes, I absolutely agree. Surprizing that only a few seos think about optimizing for blended search.
    But – good for us 😉

    Best wishes, Martin

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