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Being an SEO and dealing with various websites that serves various products and services online can really help you know how majority of websites has been created, what their motives are, how they are presenting themselves and why they are struggling with low conversion rate or to rank better in SERP.

Thus, after going through so many websites I can say that there are thousands of webmasters who are in the stone age of online marketing knows nothing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google ranking rather they are happy to see their websites in Google not with their keyword but performing a domain search. Hundreds more who knows yet their implementation of SEO is poor and often contains flashy websites or piles of broken links. Only few websites are well organized and are really fighting for the first place.

So, if you are among that little who knows about SEO and its need in an online business but not all SEO bolts are in your hands then in this post I will give one rare but very effective technique that can really boost your search engine placement.

Ø SEO Siloing:

SEO Siloing is considered to be a vital and a very powerful SEO technique to boost your visibility and ranking in Google or any other search engines. Siloing generally means giving a solid structure to your website by managing all its contents, categories and links so that search engines can easily understand the core motive and the theme of your website. Siloing may first appeal as a simple SEO workout and a trouble-free categorization but in reality it is an advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique yet a very cautious job.

When you launch your website no wonder you have got something in your mind and that you want to bring that product or services online for the world. But, your product or services can have numbers of verities and need categorization depending on its flavors, taste, colors or offers. For instance, if you are launching a website that simply sells guitars than even those guitars needs categorization depending whether it’s hollow guitar or acoustic guitar or the electric one.

So, Siloing means simply making partitions of your website that each partition strongly stands for what it offers and search engines can simply rank your website whenever searchers use any of the keywords that belong to your business and you can rank high in any of those key terms.

If you don’t have such strong partition of your website and have placed everything haphazardly then with your visitors even the search engines will get confused that what you really want to offer and what expertise your website has on what products and services.

Hence, Siloing simply helps your single website to pop out in better search engine placement in various keywords and key phrases because well partition of your website depending on your products and services has given the search engines the basic theme and expertise of your website.

Ø Benefits of SEO Siloing:

ü Search Engine Friendly Website:

Siloing simply makes your website search engine friendly and that is very crucial because it’s the search engines they determines your SERP placements. Silo’s simply helps search engines to understand the clear theme of your website and can easily read all the content to index you in your keywords and key phrases without any hindrances. It helps to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.


ü User Friendly Website:

Siloing makes your website user friendly and truly helps your users to know where to find particular products and your offered services. Siloing cuts the confusion and the tension of searching any particular item in your website. It simply encourages your visitors to come back again and reduces the bouncing rates of your website which is very crucial for better SEO results.

ü Illustrates Your Expertise:

Managing content in one particular directory and other in another directory will build the strong base of your website and gives robust and expert image of your website to the search engines. This simply provides your website to have a better placement because your expertise in the subject matter can provide better information to the search engine users.

ü Inbound Links:

When the directories and pages of the website focus on one specific topic then it makes you easy to focus on your inbound links and the particular content that it deserves. It will also reduce the worries of mistyping links and creating broken links to your website.

Therefore, Siloing is very crucial and advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique and should be implemented to your websites. I hope from this post you have a clear idea of Siloing and in the next post I will be mentioning about types of Siloing how it can done for better SEO optimization of your website.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: I & II


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