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I consider PPC ads to be the backbone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although, many SEO’s many not agree with me but PPC is a great place where you can lift your brand name which is not the same thing with organic SEO. Similarly, finding out the keywords-keyword that are highly used and loved by the users are hard to trace out even with the keyword tools but testing PPC can simply tell you; your magical keyword.


Hence, launching PPC is better if not the best idea which many SEO’s believe because there are many webmasters and SEO’s who have a horrible story to tell about their first PPC Ad campaign. Launching PPC is not simply advertising about your products and services but researching response to your ads, tracking knowledge about keywords and its implementation and if one of the most important thing is tracing everything that can be useful for your organic SEO.

5 Essential Tips for Launching Effective PPC Ads for Better Conversions

  • Keywords Selection:

Selecting keywords is nothing but research. Keyword research is as always said “crucial” for PPC and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your keyword research might suggest you 5 effective keywords for your PPC campaign but choosing the best among them with low CPC (Click per Click) yet high traffic generating power is what you need for your campaign.

For instance, if “Hillside Hotels Nepal” is the most suitable keywords for you yet it is also the keyword that has been bid by many other webmasters and SEO’s than its better to find some alternative because you fighting for those keywords that already have huge competition can simply low down your traffic.

Use keywords that are less competitive but has high traffic generating power and which fit in your budgets too. For lawyers the word “mesothelioma” is the best keyword that brings those low but very high conversions and the price of this keyword is around $60 per click. Now it’s you who have to decide whether fighting for such keywords can really bring some conversions that are profitable or its better to switch to another keywords? The keyword “mesothelioma” is expensive one but can bring thousands of dollars case for lawyers.

  • Keyword Variations:

Always use keywords variations for your campaign because it ensures you which are the most relevant keyword that worth’s your investment and time. For instance, if you are using two different keywords for your campaign “Hillside Hotels Nepal” and “Hotels at Hillsides Nepal” you can simply find which Ad is being clicked often and driving traffic to your landing page. Investment in your keywords are very essential should be done after making necessary research over the keywords.

PPC Ads also helps you to know the keywords that people are likely to click so if you find “Hotels at Hillside Nepal” keywords are generating quality traffic to your landing page than don’t forget to optimize your website using this keyword because now we know that this keywords is a better traffic driver.

  • User’s Geographical Locations:

Geographically locating your traffic is a great way to bring most out of your PPC. If your website stat shows that your 75% buyers and website visitors are from Colorado but only 2% are from Oregon than it’s not a good idea to target the traffic of Oregon especially in PPC ads because every click costs you. Target Colorado because you can have high conversions from 75% of your buyers and with your PPC ads popping out for Colorado users you can simply earn a better goodwill and a brand name with high conversions.


  • Use Concentrated Keywords:

PPC is all about advertising your core products and driving the potential traffic to your websites. So, it is always better to use keywords- keyword and nothing else. Using keywords that highly supports your landing page is very essential and using such keywords like your products and services name helps searchers to easily find your ad in Google plus will compel them to click your ads too. Slotting in unnecessary words simply dilutes your keyword power and the PPC campaign.

Always use keywords that are speaks what you want to sell and don’t use unnecessary words. Furthermore, it is highly suggested to optimize your landing page with the same keywords. If you are simply advertising your products but not optimizing your landing page with the key control of such keywords you will be driving you’re your traffic away after clicking the ads which costs you money but with high bounce rate and zero conversions.

  • Use Buyers Keywords:

Keyword research is very essential for PPC and advertising your products and services with buyer’s keywords is the most. If you are launching a PPC campaign and using keywords that you think is most reliable then there are high possibility to lose because what is the reliable and obvious keywords for you might not be from buyer’s point of view.

You can use various keywords tool or even the Google keyword tool to find out the real keywords that your buyers truly use while they search for your products. Researching in such keywords may take some time and your efforts but in long run these are the real keywords that give you the real conversions. Find buyers keywords using such tools and use them for your Ads. You might get low traffic but those are the real and the reliable one with conversions.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Image Source: I & II


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