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Promoting your brand name and selling your products and services online needs better placement of your website in SERP. And to fight for placements you need to have some quality backups and that are not just quality content and enticing web designs. Links are essential but here we are talking not just about links but “SEO Links” because links generated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dominance gives your better ranking and visibility and not just links.

SEO links are those links which are built with organic SEO ways. For instance, collection of links in a page that is above hundred or linking back to websites that doesn’t have a clue about your products and services they are just links built to hammer your own SEO performance and nothing else. Even today, it’s not hard to find quality websites with quality content listed at the end of the SERP because what they have created is links that comes from another world.

In general, links are the votes for your websites voted by other websites that signifies search engines and Google that your website has quality to meet the web surfers search query with the content in any particular keyword or key phrases that your website serves. Thus, search engines provides you with an authority to serve the search engines users’ for your definite purpose that can be selling products and services or simply providing research documents and other educational files or anything that your websites works on. The authority is the visibility and the placement of your website.

So, these votes or links matters to search engine robots but what are more crucial for them are the voters ID. Just like a vote from below 18 or an immigrant is not qualified similarly a vote or link from a website that has nothing to do with your website theme are considered unqualified.

Avoiding Links from Bad Neighborhood:

* Link Farms:

One of the links that you should always avoid is links that comes from link farms. Link farms are the link pages of those websites that practices unhealthy links album and never monitoring them. For instance, a web page that contains more than 100 links in a single link page and many of them are broken links. Link farm can be those websites too who are busy managing too many links from unrelated websites and the purpose of doing so is to gain the index ranking of their website. Link farming or being affiliated with link farms is considered to be unlawful from Google and search engine’s guidelines and highly increases the risk of getting penalize for spam generation.

Furthermore, if you are including more than 25 links in a page than I suggest you to make it below 25 because it is the best SEO technique for maintaining your quality links in your website plus Google and search engines do not weight such pages with great value but if you are practicing some kind of link farm or affiliated than its better to avoid such workouts and maintain your proper link campaign so that your website wont be stamped as spam from search engines.

* Selling and Buying Links:

Selling or buying links are often heard and are common in practice. But, such practices are seriously considered as a violation of Google guidelines and can lead you to disaster. Selling and buying links purpose is to earn money for passing your page rank and buyers need them badly to rank better. A new website directly linking from a 6/10 with no better relevancy can be considered buying links and such workouts can hurt you. There are many stories and websites that have been delisted from Google’s and other major search engines index for performing such activities. Hence, it’s better to follow the healthy and SEO traditional way of link building.

But, in case of handing the advertising links there are SEO ways to keep you from committing such unlawful activities like you can use “rel=no follow” for preventing search engines to follow such links but allowing users to see the ads in your web pages.

* Incestuous Links:

Practice of incestuous linking is very common and many webmasters practice such link building but depending upon your website and its size and brand your link strategies are considered legal and illegal. Incestuous linking is a webmaster linking to various websites that either their own property or linking to your friends websites.

Some websites with a large network often link within themselves like: > > etc. they are simply interlinking with one another which should be wrong and get spam from Google but no for such huge networks it’s okay because the purpose of doing so is different than what a small websites does. Such websites with large network practice so not for page rank but for branding purposes and for credibility. But, in the other hand if Google finds a small website practicing such activities then they are likely to be penalized.


Participating in any of above mentioned link strategies can lead to serious consequences and I strongly suggest my readers and everyone to avoid such workouts. Such link practices can delist your website from Google and Yahoo or any other search engine’s result page and are very unhealthy practice of SEO.

I hope this post was clear enough to aware you to avoid some common link exchange practices that are unhealthy from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view and can hurt you and your web page in a long run. In our next post I will be mentioning about some good ways of link building and Google’s priorities on them.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                            Image Source: I


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