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In our last post, I mentioned about some frequently observed link exchange practice that ultimately hurts your search engine ranking and your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. And as promised this post will giving you some healthy SEO tips about link exchange and their grades from Google and other search engines.

Although, many SEO’s disagree when I say page rank is the entertainment value given by Google and nothing else but many well known SEO’s believes this because we have by experience found that page rank is only the part of algorithm for entertainment. Many websites that ranks below 4 are often seen to appear in the first place of the SERP but websites with page rank 6 simply seen struggling in the 5th page.

So, what really matters and worth fighting for is the placement and not the page rank. If your content are well managed and siloed that can quench the search engine’s users need than your website has high possibility of ranking on the first page then those who stand with better page rank but poor content quality.

link_exchangeTherefore, I would always suggest everyone to launch a link exchange campaign base on your best judgment but not just refereeing the Google’s entertainment value. If you are skilled with SEO techniques than there are many ways to determine the quality and if you are not than simply going through the content of the website, some meta tags and title parts, link partners and looking at the silo they practice for their content can truly help you understand the websites quality and judge whether it’s worth linking to or not.

Google Priorities over Links in Websites:

  • Link Exchange with Similar Theme:

Links are valuable asset of your website and one strong factor for Google and search engines to judge you. So, it is always better to link with those websites that has at least something in common with your website. Linking to similar theme website can only help you gain quality link support but it will also make your visitors and clients to worth clicking those links. For instance, your website is about Fender guitar but you are linking to a casino website than there is no relevancy and clicking and crawling those links makes no sense for your users and Google but if you link to a website that sells amplifiers then it is lot more relevant then a casino site.

  • Testimonial Links:

One of the best quality links that Google adores is the testimonial link. Testimonial links that appears in the text content inside the paragraph that speaks about keywords and relevant information’s with a suitable anchor text on it. For instance, you own a website that sells Fender Guitars and some other website that links to your website from its informative content within the paragraph with a better anchor text that suits your website theme than such links are of high value. Testimonial links are considered to be the whole lot of link equity and the best one you can get.


So, what really matters and worth fighting for is the placement and not the page rank. If your content are well managed and siloed that can quench the search engine’s users need than your website has high possibility of ranking on the first page then those who stand with better page rank but poor content In the picture above, the link Data Recovery is a testimonial link from the content paragraph.

  • ccTLD Link Exchange:

ccTld links means country code top level domain links and such links are extremely valued if your website is hosted from some other place but you run your website from some other part of the globe. For instance, you run your Guitar website from US but your Guitar site is at Australia and your website is hosted from Australian server.

In such case, it is very necessary to have links from your own place with the country code. If not all then make at least try to make some. It really helps your website to achieve better ranking and placement in search engines and using such links can make your website trustworthy for your visitors. Example: Your website from Australian server than you need some good links from URL like:

  • Linking with .edu and .gov websites:

I still remember back in year 98-99 my SEO master told me that linking to websites with .edu and .gov makes no sense and its better not to link request with them. But, time has changed and so the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ways. Today, linking to these websites are highly honored by Google and search engines because it is one of those links that are very hard to obtain and are purely kind of educational and research oriented which is one of the major factor why Google loves such websites rather than sells promoting one. Such top-level domains are considered highly authoritative and passes message to Search Engines that your affiliation has something better in it. So, if you can then it’s better to grab some links from such websites.

I strongly suggest you to make your best judgment for link exchange and avoid all the flaws like buying and selling links or linking to unrelated websites. A healthy link exchange program with a well managed content and SEO optimized website can truly help your placement and ranking in long run.

Author: Kiran Bista. Image Source: I & II


3 responses to “Link Exchange: Google Priorities over Links in Websites

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