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Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) for Vertical Search Engine is essential but at the same time it is something that has often been overlooked. Many webmaster and even Search-Engine-Optimizers are truly working hard for the main Google SERP but optimization there is real tough. In the market of hundred-thousand it’s real hard to list yourself up and maintain the top 10 ranks. And the Google’s main SERP is not only the one where Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) is crucial.

In simple, Google is the sum of those small search engines that list various websites content like images & videos, news, blog etc. and these small search engines are called the Vertical search engine. So, if you are optimizing for the Google’s main SERP than its better to start optimizing from the vertical search engines.

For instance, optimizing your websites images for Google images and optimizing your videos for the Google videos makes your website more reliable and the effort of your Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) divides more scientifically that makes your first page target in the Google’s SERP easy.

When I say optimizing your images and videos I don’t mean giving user friendly names for your images and just using alt tags, what I mean is optimizing them to list them everywhere and at every first page. It also helps for branding purposes. Ranking in Vertical search engine is not that tough like optimizing your entire websites for Google SERP and even your little SEO effort can help you and your content to list everywhere.

Vertical Search Engines:

Vertical search engines are the one that lists on the left hand side of your SERP. It includes images, videos, news, blogs and many more. You really don’t have to optimize yourself to list in all the vertical search engines but few are really very important for the promotion of your brands and better placement of your website.


Searchers today just don’t search by the name rather they describe their search and use exact place so cut the hassle. If your searchers are looking for images and videos then they are not going to search in the Google search engine but directly in the Google images and videos. So, it is worth optimizing for vertical search engines.

  • Google Image Vertical:

Google Images is one effective image search engine to promote your brand name. Image search engines serves with the images and nothing else so, may be your visitors and clients won’t search you there for your products and services if they want one but there are various reasons for users to make image search and if clicking some good images leads them to your website than searchers are sure to believe that you are one authentic company in your niche.

What is so compelling in the images for searchers to click your image leaving the rest? Images those are unique, stunning and of better quality. If you are optimizing for a website that offers handmade wedding cards than it is crucial to use such images in your website, blog and gallery that are very unique yet beautiful that describes you and your business. Use Photoshop to make them look better. Your SEO goal here is not optimization but to make them click your images not for sales but for branding purpose. You can also use you brand name in your image so that even if they just copy the image for their own purpose they will know your brand and the company.

Use everything that SEO has suggested you to optimize your images like using Alt tags and surrounding your images with the keywords and key phrases from the content which gives a plus point optimization for you images. Depending upon the size of your image use your keywords to make them authentic and always avoid keywords stuffing for your images. Image SEO optimization can be one effective way for brand promotion.

  • Google News Vertical:

News vertical search engine I believe one frequently used search engine by Google users because it updates those searchers who are more likely to turn into conversions. News simply tells them what is hot in the market and what new things that have replaced the old ones are. If a searcher is looking for a new mobile phone set from Nokia than they are likely to seek them in this news vertical search engine because they can easily get the fresh updates about their search.

Although, news vertical is crucial but ranking in it is a little complicated task because Google considers a website as a news site only if it is updated multiple times a week by multiple authors. So, in such case the only way to list your products and services in news vertical is simply by sending out your press releases. Websites like PRNewswire, PRwebdirect and Marketwire etc are some paid news wire services that can help you for your listing. Press release is a great way to update and attract your clients and conversions. An SEO optimized Press Release can amazingly help you boost your conversions and drive huge quality traffic to your websites.

  • Google Videos Vertical:

Optimizing your videos for vertical search engines is important because today videos are one of the most loved search solutions for surfers because with a better internet service they are quick to load, users can exactly see how things are done, easy to understand and extremely user friendly. If you are optimizing your text content on “How to create a fan page in your Facebook?” than I say it is not worth the effort. Why? Because there are so many tutorial videos in YouTube that no one is going to read your text content.

Videos are simply making everything easy because you don’t have to read how to do things that you don’t know but all you have to do is to see and seeing makes things more clear and cuts the confusion which is not same with the text content.

So, always treat your videos like your products because users fulfill their needs with your optimized videos. Do every possible thing to make your video users friendly and highly informative. Use sub-titles, make it up to point, use keywords in your meta-data, place keywords in your filename, link from your video to your website, and use You-tube because they are highly search engine friendly. As lots and lots of people are attracted towards video by just providing them with a better video with their need and at last mentioning about your company, its services and products can hugely benefit for brand promotion.

  • Google Blog Vertical:

I don’t think people use Google blog search for finding out a wedding card company because Google SERP is better with that but optimizing for Google blog is another important place where you can catch the eyes of bloggers and other enthusiastic searchers who are more often with Google search engines and your theme. Blogs are considered one of the most effective-SEO-tool to boost your website and this is because blogs simply allows you to add more and more content that strengths your theme in your website, it also allows visitors to interact with you and easily update your readers and visitors about your new products and promotions etc. Therefore, if you are lacking a blog in your website than I strongly suggest you to have one.

From vertical search engine point of view Blogs are crucial because even if they don’t directly attract your clients and buyers it will help you to update yourself about the new changes and updates in your niche and the tastes of your traffic. It also helps you to create bloggers networks that are very crucial for making link exchange, making yourself available in other bloggers community, driving quality traffic to you place etc.

Blogs being like your website or even more effective, it not only helps you to promote your brands but update yourself about the latest tastes of your consumers and an easy yet very quick mode to promote your newly launched products in the market.

Hence, optimize blog with all the necessary keywords and key phrases, build a strong blog community in your niche, interact with feedback you receive from readers and make your website a content rich place so that search engines can list you in the top position but remember that to rank a blog in blog search engine your blog needs to have your own RSS feed. Furthermore, one key reason to rank better is frequent updates and quality content.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                                 Image Source:  I


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