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Content Management System (CMS) is widely used by various websites and blogs. Even the free blogging platform for bloggers like WordPress are build with CMS because of its high flexibility over content management from multiple authors around the world. But, beside all that there are some serious disadvantages of CMS that many people are not aware of and if anyone is planning to launch his/her website than it is better to find out some demerits of CMS so that you can decide whether it worthy of your effort, finance and time or not?

Disadvantages of Using Content Management System (CMS)

Limited Flexibility:

In CMS the designing flexibility is limited and you have to choose between the templates because CMS is completely based on templates design and it simply cuts the creativity of using your own designs and its uniqueness. While designing with CMS you have to choose between these templates so for those who want to use their own creativity for designing their website CMS cannot make them enough credibility.

CMS Files:

CMS contains numerous files and working with so many files can simply lead to errors and frustration. It has been often seen that working with CMS needs a good experience even for web owners who if wants to edit his/her website because even slotting images of large size can alter the design and to find a simple error can consume hours. The case can be more difficult if there lacks backups.

SEO Difficulty:

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) is crucial and with CMS there are many difficulties for SEO promotion. CMS being dynamically generated it results to a dynamic URL which is SEO unfriendly and should be restructured if not search engines will find difficulty crawling your website. Similarly, important factors of SEO like Meta tags are also left out in CMS websites and frequent errors of duplicate content can simply hamper your SEO efforts.

Slow Loading Website:

The CMS websites being a database driven and containing numerous pages it can take longer time to load and processed by the server which can ultimately increase the bouncing rate of your website and cut down your conversions. If your server is slow than the loading issue can be terrible and frustrating for your online business. Slow loading websites being exceedingly ignored by the web visitors using CMS you also have the risk of low traffic visit to your website and lest conversions. All these issues can simply kill your SEO efforts because websites with high bouncing rates have least chance to rank better in search engines.

Expensive Hosting and Design:cms-icon

CMS hosting is quite expensive for reliable hosting because with CMS you should have proper technical support, proper management of shared hosting resources and server maintenance. And if you are very serious about your website then it is suggested to hire a qualified technician to maintain and upgrade the software and hardware. Similarly, CMS websites are expensive in designs when compared to static websites. CMS websites requires extensive testing to figure out the errors, your browser compatibility and screen resolution. Hence, CMS websites are expensive to launch and even to maintain for a long run of your online business.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                   Image Source: I & II


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  1. I always was interested in this subject and still am, appreciate it for posting .

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