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In our last post we mentioned about the disadvantages of using Content Management System (CMS) and its direct impact over Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO). But, there are many conditions where CMS is very effective and some websites can’t do without them. Websites like: Social media, forums, WordPress that deals with large number of pages and content which are dynamic in such case CMS is the need with no other flexible option. So, embedding CMS is your only option but in the same time you can’t even compromise with your SEO efforts.

Hence, the only thing you can do here is to find such CMS where you don’t have to compromise with your SEO works. Depending upon your need selecting the perfect CMS varies but in this post I will provide you with some SEO tip that can help you a lot while choosing a perfect CMS for your website.

5 things to Remember while Choosing CMS

  •  Customizable CMS:

Customizing flexibility is very essential while selecting a CMS for your website. Your selected CMS should be flexible with HTML templates modification and CSS styles alternation which will later help you to change the page layout and format fonts using CSS respectively. It might not be crucial from SEO point of view but it can help you a lot to determine you products and services among your web visitors. A unique template and a website outlook are essential because it appeals your visitors and make you and your services unique among your competitors.

Furthermore, every design doesn’t goes right with the theme of the website so with time and occasions you may need to modify them in future. For instance, if your website wants to celebrate its silver jubilee than website modification according to your celebration is easy with CMS and it one way to appeal and update your visitors and clients. Thus, customizable CMS are very important for any website.

  •  CSS and Java Script Externalization:

CMS with the externalization ability is another essential thing to look while choosing your CMS because one benefit of CSS and script externalization is that it simply eases you with page modification because with CSS externalization facility you don’t have to edit all the pages of your website if you wise to tug the look of your website and you can simply do it only by modifying one single page.

Similarly, you should also find whether your CMS has the ability to setup external JS and CSS files or not. This option helps you a lot for implementing clean codes and quick load which is very essential for search engines as it simply allows Googlebots and other search engines to crawl your page without any hindrances.

  •  Customizable Directory System:

Customizable directory system is very crucial from SEO point of view and should not be compromised at any cost because if your CMS doesn’t have the option to customize your directories system than you won’t be able to implement SEO-effective Siloing for your website which can severely hamper your SEO efforts and make your website complex for search engines to understand and ill user-friendly.

Furthermore, ignoring SEO effective Siloing can reduce your traffic, increase the bouncing rate of your website and decrease your conversions. Hence, it is highly suggested to make sure that the CMS you have chosen is highly directory customizable.

  •  Customizable Page Elements & HTML:

Another important factor is customizable page elements in your CMS. Page elements like Meta tag, Meta description tag, keyword tag etc. are key of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and if your CMS does not permit such modification than you are sure enough regret later because you won’t be able to optimize the basic and key part of your website for SEO.

Similarly, your control over HTML of your web page is essential because the HTML codes are what search engine spiders crawls and index your website on its particular keywords and key phrases. If you don’t have your control over the HTML output of pages of your website than you are likely to lose many SEO-friendly exercise for your website.


  •  Slotting Google Analytics:

Google analytics is one free SEO-tool that amazingly helps webmaster and Search-Engine-Optimizers (SEO) to track the activities of their website. It is very important yet very effective tool of SEO which tells you about the bounce rate, traffic, search keywords etc. of your website. So, it is also very important to find out whether your CMS allows you to slot Google analytics or similar SEO-tools to your website or not.

Furthermore, one another important factor to be considered is whether your CMS allows you to specify directions that can be applied with all your pages at once or not? Because there may be various conditions where you want to modify and tweak things in your website and if you website consists of thousands of pages than it is impossible to edit each and every page. Thus, in such case specifying directions ability becomes crucial.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                                  Image Source: I & II


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