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Website Usability is a crucial factor of web design and Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) because it tremendously helps you to gaining quality traffic and better conversion to your online business. In simple words, Website Usability is a building of a website that is highly user-friendly, easy navigator for users and search engines so it is also a key part of SEO tool for your online business promotion. Thus, for online businesses and websites it is critical for earning better traffic, building up their brand loyalty, gain conversions and attract wide possibilities of online marketing.

Hence, in this post I will be revealing some easy yet very effective SEO tips to maintain your website and shape your websites usability for attracting customers and designing your website highly search engine friendly.

  • Placement of Websites Element:

Your websites elements and their placement plays key role in your website usability because how those elements are placed defines your approach towards user-friendly website. Your main goal is to provide all the necessary information to the visitors so that they can understand your website theme at the first glance. Placing your websites elements neatly and at their respective places reduces highly the bouncing rate of your website because it simply won’t confuse your website visitors and make them click away from your website. Your visitors are looking for the information they need so wise thing is to give them right away and keep them engage. Place obvious items at their respective places especially where your visitors expect them to be and from every point make your products and services the core.

  • Easy Navigation:

Navigation is essential and it is worthy only if it provides an easy navigation to your visitors cutting all the hassle. It is always a wrong idea to go for a unique navigation process because it highly confuses your visitors. Unique design is better but not unique navigation. Find out what your competitors are doing and if they have something SEO healthy which is also effective for your traffic than its better to implement in your website. A better place to find out better navigation is to visit top shopping websites and if you are one of the shopping website than navigation is a very crucial part that should be made highly user friendly in order to gain conversions. Design an effective step-by-step process or it is better if you can make a one page checkout for your buyers. Avoid placing unnecessary forums and formalities for your clients.

  • Use Silo:

Siloing is very important to any website that wants to list better in search engines and is highly recommended by Search-Engine-Optimizers (SEO). Siloing helps your visitors and traffic to click one particular link that defines their need and then keep on going in until they find the exact product under the main product page. This amazingly helps your users because they won’t be distracted with other contents and the navigation is friendly for them. Similarly, Siloing also helps search engines to navigate your website and understand your theme and rank you better.


  • Website Loading Issue:

Your website loading issue is crucial and one factor that simply frustrates your visitors and traffic to click away without seeing the actual content of your website because your website loads slow. There can be various reasons for a slow loading website like: using heavy graphics, unfriendly use of flash, heavy and unmanaged contents, your user’s internet access etc. Hence, to avoid such problems it’s always better to use everything that is Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) recommended.

It is essential for your website to load within seconds and avoid unnecessary contents like: auto-playing audios. There are various ways to optimize your website to load better and faster so apply one and reduce your bouncing rate and increase the conversions.

  • Scrolling and Catching:

Scrolling is one factor that we often do in a blog or a website and it widely varies depending upon the page content of your website. Users don’t like to scroll too much rather they prefer to click and view another page. So, it is better to keep the length of your content appropriate that cuts the hassle of scrolling again and again.

Similarly, use images that are informative and of best quality to catch the eyes of your visitors. You website content is what holds your users to your website. Keep your videos short and always prefer to use YouTube because it extremely helps for vertical Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) because YouTube is highly search engine friendly and helps to crawl your content quickly plus your website won’t be slow to load because of heavy content.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                    Images: I & II


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