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Email marketing is one of the best way of marketing your products and services among your consumers. It is the cheapest yet found very effective online marketing strategies so far. Especially, those online businesses that cannot afford huge marketing campaign for their services and products can really boost their conversions and brand name from email marketing.

But, being the cheapest and very effective there are also some do’s and don’ts of email marketing and should be very careful before launching your campaign so that you won’t lose your time, effort and conversions. Hence, in this post I will be mentioning you about some best practices of Email Marketing which is very essential and yet effective from both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

5 Best Email Marketing Tips for Increasing your ROI

Ø Personalized Subject and Greetings:

The subject of your email should be personalized and if possible do mention their names and websites. I know this might be very tough because you cannot do this with thousands of emails but this is one effective way to make your consumers at least open your email. Many email marketing subject line talks about their products and services and there are many who are already sick of getting those marketing emails so such consumers are more likely to dump your email without bothering to open it. And if they do so than all your time and efforts are in vain.

Hence, I suggest you to personalize your subject line. Personalizing your email subject lines will give your consumers the human touch plus your email stands unique between your competitors and other marketing emails.

Greetings are essential no doubt but rather than saying “Hello Consumer” you can personalize it by mentioning the name or anything you know which pin points the individual. I consider it essential because just by mentioning your consumers name you are giving the priority feeling to them and it is one amazing way to compel your consumers to go further with your email.

Ø Body of the Email:

Your body of the email is another essential part of your email marketing and the structure of the body and the language determines the conversions. If you are using long paragraphs with small fonts then you are more likely to bore your readers and even your consumers will have a hard time reading your email. So, always use short paragraphs and bold them enough so it is easy to read yet not ugly to look. Furthermore, if you have points to mention like the benefits of your products and services always use bullets and short details. Making your email neat and clean makes it attractive enough to read and it is the key.

Important Points to Mention in the body:

ü Add feedbacks from other consumers and add how your products stand better from others.

ü Always define your products and services absolutely targeted to the consumer’s benefit. If you have nothing that entices your consumer then there is no reason for your customers to buy from you. So, always focus on the consumers benefits.

ü Add offers if you have one like: “Free Shipments” “Money back guarantee” “Buy one and Get one Free” etc because free is what everyone wants and guarantee about money back and your products is the assurance to your consumer that your products are strong and reliable.

Ø Length of the Email:

There is no gauge to measure the actual length of the email that suits your consumers. And this is also one important topic that marketers often debates supporting their own theory. But, what is better is to mention all those things in your email that helps your consumers to turn into conversions. So, I suggest you to choose some important benefits of your products, your facilities for them and little feedbacks. It will create a healthy email for your consumer and those who are interested are sure to hit the call to action button. Email marketing is used to inform, update and make your buyers buy the products and services so don’t practice anything that your consumer’s feels like you are compelling them.

Hence, try to keep your email average with relevant information’s and do not exceed the size of your email to be more than 45kb if you don’t want your email to go to junk.

Ø Templates and Call to Action Button:

It is a good idea to use templates where you highlight your brand names for your consumers. Brand names help to create trust among your consumers so I suggest you to use them. Moreover, it will also add beauty in your email. Use bigger call to action buttons so that your consumers don’t have to look for one in the email. It is also better to highlighted bright fonts for action words like: “Buy Now” “click to Visit” etc. Place your call to action button in the right hand side and above so that your consumers don’t have to scroll down the page because study shows that only 2-3% of the consumers bothers to scroll down so doing this you will be cutting the risk of losing conversions.


Ø Some Points to Remember:

ü Use different background color but let the font color be dark enough so that readers will not face any problem read your email.

ü Highlight important words and those words that are more likely to attract your consumers.

ü Use bullets to wherever necessary and use short paragraphs.

ü Keep your email short yet descriptive.

ü Avoid using words like: “Buy now” “free” “50% Discount”” Earn $” in your subject line because you increase the risk of sending your emails to Junk by ISP filters.

ü Design your landing page according to your product and should be very appealing to your consumers.

ü It is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that is very crucial that the landing page at least should have more than 5 pages that is related to your landing page products.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                                     Image Source: I & II


4 responses to “5 Best Email Marketing Tips for Increasing your ROI

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