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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all base on links because the only means of crawling contents and websites for Googlebots and other search engines robots is the link. Therefore, how your website ranks in the SERP and your SEO health of your website highly depends on your generated links of your website. Although, links defines of various kind but in this post we will be discussing about the internal links of your website and its SEO optimization to boost your website ranking SERP.

SEO Tips for Optimizing Website’s Internal Links

  • Virtual Siloing:

Virtual Siloing is a very crucial yet an effective tool of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and promising SEO technique for optimizing your websites internal links for both search engines and traffic. Virtual Siloing is a process of interlinking with your websites content that speaks same subject. Virtual Siloing is one great way to optimize your contents and internal links for search engines and web traffic because it helps search engines to crawl through only those contents of your website that relates to one particular theme and helps your website to get easily index and appear in better placement of SERP.

  • Anchor Text:

Anchor text optimization is another crucial part of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) because your anchor text in the links holds a great weight for search engines. Although, many webmasters are usually encountered using unrelated anchor text to their links like “Click Here” and “More” etc which is not only irrelevant to the links and its subject but it also offers no definite idea to your users where the link will navigate them. Hence, it is highly recommended to use quality anchor text to your links that are relevant to the page. For instance, if you wanted to direct your users from a “Cheese” content to “Pizza Recipe” than it is better to use “Pizza Recipe Tips” etc. that is equally helpful to users as well as the search engines.

  • Repetition of Linking:

Google and search engines seeks for quality results to satisfy their users so they always refine their search result by omitting repetition of same content so that users can have multiple choices. Therefore, it is highly SEO unfriendly to link a particular content repeatedly from same page because Googlebots will crawl the same content with no fresh and new subject. Hence, they simply ignore your content if you have such linking repetition and place your content low on the SERP. Hence, for better effectiveness of your SEO exercise in your website and blog I suggested to avoid such interlinking practices.


  • Sitemap:

Sitemap is another highly recommended SEO tool for your website and is highly effective for making search engines crawl your website and blogs more precisely. Sitemaps provides link to each and every content of your website in a managed way that it makes crawling ease for search engines and index your website swiftly and more promptly. Furthermore, sitemap also helps your users to locate your content in your website that is without sitemap a frustrating task especially if your website contains thousands of pages.

  • Optimizing Broken Links:

One big reason why we often see websites lose their ranking and placement from SERP is because of broken links. Websites that contains more than thousand pages also has the risk of encountering broken links due to some errors and if ignored by webmaster and SEO’s search engines fails to crawl your contents because links are only the means for search engines to crawl from content to content and websites to websites. Hence, it is very essential to watch website interlinks and maintain them if you encounter them broken. Moreover, you can also use various software’s online available for finding out the broken links in your website which is relief giving especially if you run a website that contains thousands of pages.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                            Image Source: I & II


3 responses to “SEO Tips for Optimizing Website’s Internal Links

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