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Duplicate content is horrible situation when it comes to Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO). Even though, there are no straight penalties from Google and search engines for having duplicate content but in some other ways you are likely to face the penalization by not getting your content indexed properly in search engines and having a tough time ranking your entire website better in SERP.

When Googlebots and search engine robots find a duplicate content (the same content appearing in two different places.) it tries to find the original one so that the true content gets enough credibility but there is no such guarantee that the determination made by the search engine robots are accurate.

Furthermore, Search engines being very strict about its search results and users-satisfaction that it always tries its best to avoid same content to appear in its SERP because the repetition of same result with no varieties will simply discourages its users and the goal of search engine will be unsuccessful.

Types of Duplicate Content:

Generally, duplicate content are of two types: one that occurs within your own website and two that arises outside your domain.

Duplicate Content within Your Website:

An error of duplicate content can occur within a website if the internal linking procedure of a website is faulty. This is often when a website owner and a webmaster have little or no idea about Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and ways to deal with links. Many webmasters are unaware of this fact and often their quality content remains unfiled in search engines. This becomes one strong reason for their website to rank low and their SEO efforts to go vain.

Duplicate content issue within a website can b cause from various reasons like unhealthy SEO optimization of your websites internal links, poor heading tags optimization, poor sitemap, poor keywords tags etc.

Duplicate Content in Diverse Domains:

Duplicate content in diverse domains are common yet very offensive for better website ranking. There are various reasons for duplicate content issues to arise in other domains. Some are due to your own mistakes and some transpires due to theft of your quality content some other reasons are multiple URL’s with same content, wrong way of practicing content syndication, problems in localization, using unfriendly content management system etc.

How to find Duplicate Contents?

There are various SEO tools to find out the duplicate content issue with your website and blog. One very effective SEO tool is, which offers a paid service at very minimum cost. Similarly, Xenu helps to scan all your links of your website and returns with a link health table where you can find the broken links and fix them to avoid creating crawl errors and duplicate content issue.

Google Webmaster and Yahoo Explorer; the great two search engines are also a best to find out the duplicate contents.

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