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I have been talking about duplicate content since Thursday, and that makes two posts on duplicate content but I have not finished yet. However, this will be the last post on duplicate content issues and I do have some more SEO best practiced techniques that can help you to avoid the duplicate issues from your websites and blogs.

Although, I have already mentioned about some SEO effective ways to deal with duplicate content but that doesn’t makes it complete because what I will be mentioning in this post are equally essential and SEO friendly.

Reasons for Duplicate Content and SEO ways to Deal with them II


  • Printer-Friendly Pages:

One of the main reasons for websites to have a duplicate content is because of the printer-friendly pages, since webmasters wants to create a user-friendly website they often offer two different versions of such page where one deals with HTML version and the other is text based. Creating two different pages is a good effort for your users but is not the same with search engines because the two different page carries the same content and as search engines doesn’t understand your motive like human, your website is likely to have a duplicate content.

Hence, the effective SEO tool for this problem can be CSS because it simply allows a print style sheet to reformat your HTML pages in an instant. Furthermore, CSS also allows the option of customization by letting you control the page width, margins or font substitutions etc.

  • Websites Session IDs:

Tracking web visitors by using session IDs to find out the appropriate time of their activeness in the website and the travel over the pages is crucial, but many webmasters performs SEO injurious task to gather this information and they harm their website and SEO efforts in a great deal. Webmasters often use session IDs codes in their URL string so that they can track their user’s journey in their website.

However, when search engines crawls your page and the URL, often they read the URL different due to the extra codes or parameters that shows up at the end of the URL. Thus, it becomes one strong reason for search engines to determine that you have a duplicate content.

  • Using Mirrors:

Mirrors are the replica or the duplicate page that webmasters creates for their content. Although, it is not SEO healthy but there are some good reasons why using mirrors in a website in beneficial. There are some websites that are very popular among the users and when the website upload its new content and review than thousands of viewers jumps in the page and this often creates a server crash. Similarly, websites like use mirrors for the download so that they can simply divide the users without creating any damage. However, using mirrors results to duplicate content in your website so I suggest you to avoid practicing mirror for your content.

  • Content Management System:

Content Management System (CMS) is a widely used software design for websites. However, the possibility of creating duplicate content with CMS is also high so it is always better to select SEO friendly CMS for your websites. A SEO friendly CMS includes extreme customizable options so that you can customize your websites Title tags, Keyword tags, content and everything. If your website doesn’t allow you to do such customization than it is highly suggested to choose something that helps you to optimize every corner of your website and if you are planning to launch a website than it is very essential to find out the right CMS so that you don’t have to go through frustration later.

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