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Launching a website for your business is easy and it merely costs you much, however if you are planning to hit the first page in Google and other major search engines; you might see your target blur and feel exhausted just sitting by your computer table. Well, implementing effective SEO strategies to boost your website is not an easy task, but there is nothing to fear as well. There are many jaw dropping success stories that even sometimes, a professional SEO, feels sorry when he memorizes his starting phases.

Hence, if you are newcomer in online marketing, own a new and shiny website than I will help you with your Google ranking because in this post, I will show you the SEO best practiced methods that will simply cut all the unnecessary hassle and gives you the best you deserve.


  • Domain Registration:

If you have already registered your domain than just be sure it advertises your business. SEO effective domain name is crucial for effective SEO implements because it matters search engines and the web traffic. Using long domains creates confusion in web visitors and chances are high they do not remember your name even if they want to locate you in Google. Hence, find something short and remarkable.

Furthermore, avoid using underscores and too many hyphens in the domain because it simply confuses your visitors and even search engines do not like it much. Use domain that is unique and defines your business or is synonyms. Search engines crawls your websites URL so it is always a good idea to avoid unnecessary words and implement SEO effective URL.

  • Set the Goal and Assets:

Setting the website goal is very crucial and something often misunderstood. Many webmasters often launch their website, but later they realize; what they are advertising is not what they really wanted. It can also happen to your website, so it is better to work out now rather than to regret later. Find the core goal and not just the surficial. If you have figured out your core motive, stick on it and do not try to be a website that is jack of all, but master of none.

Search engines tend to reward those websites and blogs that speak one language of content i.e. wedding cards, wedding cards, wedding cards, if you are on a wedding card business. Hence, whenever you add any new content in your website let it be about the wedding card.

Furthermore, adding assets is adding quality content that demonstrates your skills and talents are very essential, as it will serve your website as a highly worth content because readers and web surfers always wants the best out of the listed one in SERP. Thus, if your quality and creativity outstand you from the herd; you do not need any SEO efforts for running and performing your online business.

  • Keywords and Key-Phrases:

It is very essential to include your keywords in your content and maintain the density. Your used keywords and key-phrases is what that tells search engines the core theme of your website. Google and search engines assumes that, a highly repeated word in the content should be the keyword that the website should be indexed because when you mention about web designing in your content frequently than the topic you are discussing should be web designing and not about pizza recipes. Hence, implementing keywords and key-phrases in your website content is essential and webmasters should be very aware of the content-keyword and SEO effective keyword implementation.

Using appropriate keyword density and keyword frequency is essential but I highly suggest you to avoid using unnecessary implementation of  keywords because it leads to keyword stuffing and that is a crime in search engine marketing.

  • Blog:

Blogging is another essential thing that you cannot ignore if your target is the first page of Google. Blogging has enormous benefits for better ranking and driving quality visitors is key of blogging , so, I highly recommend you to blog as much as you can because spreading your quality content with this magical dynamic page can drive huge traffic to your website.

Furthermore, blogging is one way of showing your expertise in your business and collecting quality content under your domain. Hence, the more quality content you have Google and search engine believes you to be the most reliable. Similarly, blogging can also help you find dependable bloggers network in your niche that can help you to promote, build quality links and exchange ideas and experience. You can use WordPress as a blogging platform because WordPress is one of the best places for blogging and is highly SEO friendly, even Google’s Matt Cutts has recommended it.

  • Website Silo:

Siloing website is a most effective SEO technique to boost website ranking and have effective index, but it is also one extremely ignored SEO strategy. Siloing your website is simply managing and categorizing the content of your website so that when search engines crawls the website they can easily determine the theme of your website without having any diluting confusions.

Siloing are of two types: Virtual Siloing and Physical Siloing, implementing any one of the Siloing can help your website rank effectively and is very essential if your website includes more than one subject. For instance, if your website sells wedding cards and birthday cards than Siloing helps search engines to know that your expertise are in both the keywords and key-phrases, thus the search engine ranks you accordingly. However, in the absence of proper Siloing in a website, the content of the websites get mixed up and search engines and even your visitors will have a hard time to figure out your actual theme and goal of your website.


  • Building Links:

Links are the vote for your website and quality links helps search engines to assume that your website has valuable content, thus other website links to you. Although, at times, many SEO’s criticizes the links but link is an essential and should not be underestimated so always try to acquire links from those websites that shares a common theme and avoid unethical link building techniques any link buying or link farming strategies which can harm your website in a long run. Launching effective press releases, adding quality contents, building reciprocal links are very essential and should be perform time to time.

All the above-mentioned points are essential techniques of SEO and must not be omitted at any cost. Implementing these five SEO strategies to your website can boost your ranking and placement.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                                     Image Source: I & II


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  1. I was lucky to find your web site. I don’t have much to add to the conversation, but I’m right there with you. Your post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting again.

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