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Link building is a crucial part of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and often regarded as a sturdy job. Usually, what is seen more often in practice is, a webmaster approaches for link exchange campaign only if he loses his rankings, if everything is going well, he hardly think for launching any link campaign. However, this is not a good approach for link exchange and often it leads to failure. Link exchange campaign for generating quality links to your website should be an on going practice. Moreover, the best thing I can tell you is, “Make a habit”, and quit assuming link exchange as a year festival.

In this post, I will be mentioning about some great benefits for making link exchange; a habit. Although, the tips you will find in this post are hardly SEO related, but it is a building brick for an effective SEO campaign.


  • Write Informative Content:

Content writing is one of the boring jobs and if you have a blogger than you are more likely to suffer. However, there are several benefits of content writing, but the benefit of quality content writing is simply huge and long lasting. Thus, we do not focus on content writing rather quality content writing. You are well aware of benefits of content writing, therefore, you are aware also well aware that not writing means you will not be ranking because search engine monster favorite dish is the quality content with originality.

So, do not write because you know you have to, rather write occasionally but the masterpiece. Quality content helps to avoid many other SEO tasks like link building because when you have masterpiece you do not have to launch a link campaign but other will link to you. Therefore, make a habit of writing and it is highly suggested to write when you have read enough.

  • Learn to Socialize Online:

Socializing is essential to run a business because it helps you to be in contact with people that can help you promote your business and update you regularly about the niche. There are various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc, which can be a golden platform for you to build your own network and socialize.

Furthermore, it is also very essential to join other forms, interact in the blogs because this all brings you quality links, and make other bloggers and webmaster share your content and promote your business and brand. Thus, it is highly suggested to build a habit of socializing.

  • Joining Online Organizations:

A good place to find out necessary information and updates is simply by joining top online organizations of your niche. Although, some websites costs you little for joining the organization but it can be huge benefit in a long run. Such organizations help you to find out the latest news of your niche, contact other successful people of your niche, promote your brand, noticed by thousands and even some allows links to your website.

Therefore, find such online reputed organizations on your niche and join them, if you need to pay some for the entrance and you find it worth paying than there is no harm doing so. Making your habit of joining and interacting with the people in such, online organizations can give you huge benefits and boost your online business and its brand name.

  • Interacting with Commentators:

If you own a blog for your website than there must be people who comment on your posts and interacts with you. Although, it is not easy to answer all the commentators in your blog but selecting appropriate commentators and interacting with them can pay you good. Find those who are looking for solutions and remark them who are regular. It is always the best idea to solve the problems of your commentators so there remains the possibility that he/she will later talk about your blog in his/her community and other blogs that helps you to get notice in mass.

Similarly, find who is regular in your blog; there is always a high chance that the regular commentators are the one who own a blog that shares a common theme with you. Such, bloggers are the one who are more likely to publish your article in their blog and help you gain traffic and pass quality links without any effort. Hence, make your habit of interacting with your commentators, if you are busy than do it the other day but never ignore them because it simply gives them a bad impression and soon you will lose quality readers in your blog.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                         Image Source: I


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