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Email marketing is one of the best way of marketing your products and services among your consumers. It is the cheapest yet found very effective online marketing strategies so far. Especially, those online businesses that cannot afford huge marketing campaign for their services and products can really boost their conversions and brand name from email marketing.

But, being the cheapest and very effective there are also some do’s and don’ts of email marketing and should be very careful before launching your campaign so that you won’t lose your time, effort and conversions. Hence, in this post I will be mentioning you about some best practices of Email Marketing which is very essential and yet effective from both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

5 Best Email Marketing Tips for Increasing your ROI

Ø Personalized Subject and Greetings:

The subject of your email should be personalized and if possible do mention their names and websites. I know this might be very tough because you cannot do this with thousands of emails but this is one effective way to make your consumers at least open your email. Many email marketing subject line talks about their products and services and there are many who are already sick of getting those marketing emails so such consumers are more likely to dump your email without bothering to open it. And if they do so than all your time and efforts are in vain.

Hence, I suggest you to personalize your subject line. Personalizing your email subject lines will give your consumers the human touch plus your email stands unique between your competitors and other marketing emails.

Greetings are essential no doubt but rather than saying “Hello Consumer” you can personalize it by mentioning the name or anything you know which pin points the individual. I consider it essential because just by mentioning your consumers name you are giving the priority feeling to them and it is one amazing way to compel your consumers to go further with your email.

Ø Body of the Email:

Your body of the email is another essential part of your email marketing and the structure of the body and the language determines the conversions. If you are using long paragraphs with small fonts then you are more likely to bore your readers and even your consumers will have a hard time reading your email. So, always use short paragraphs and bold them enough so it is easy to read yet not ugly to look. Furthermore, if you have points to mention like the benefits of your products and services always use bullets and short details. Making your email neat and clean makes it attractive enough to read and it is the key.

Important Points to Mention in the body:

ü Add feedbacks from other consumers and add how your products stand better from others.

ü Always define your products and services absolutely targeted to the consumer’s benefit. If you have nothing that entices your consumer then there is no reason for your customers to buy from you. So, always focus on the consumers benefits.

ü Add offers if you have one like: “Free Shipments” “Money back guarantee” “Buy one and Get one Free” etc because free is what everyone wants and guarantee about money back and your products is the assurance to your consumer that your products are strong and reliable.

Ø Length of the Email:

There is no gauge to measure the actual length of the email that suits your consumers. And this is also one important topic that marketers often debates supporting their own theory. But, what is better is to mention all those things in your email that helps your consumers to turn into conversions. So, I suggest you to choose some important benefits of your products, your facilities for them and little feedbacks. It will create a healthy email for your consumer and those who are interested are sure to hit the call to action button. Email marketing is used to inform, update and make your buyers buy the products and services so don’t practice anything that your consumer’s feels like you are compelling them.

Hence, try to keep your email average with relevant information’s and do not exceed the size of your email to be more than 45kb if you don’t want your email to go to junk.

Ø Templates and Call to Action Button:

It is a good idea to use templates where you highlight your brand names for your consumers. Brand names help to create trust among your consumers so I suggest you to use them. Moreover, it will also add beauty in your email. Use bigger call to action buttons so that your consumers don’t have to look for one in the email. It is also better to highlighted bright fonts for action words like: “Buy Now” “click to Visit” etc. Place your call to action button in the right hand side and above so that your consumers don’t have to scroll down the page because study shows that only 2-3% of the consumers bothers to scroll down so doing this you will be cutting the risk of losing conversions.


Ø Some Points to Remember:

ü Use different background color but let the font color be dark enough so that readers will not face any problem read your email.

ü Highlight important words and those words that are more likely to attract your consumers.

ü Use bullets to wherever necessary and use short paragraphs.

ü Keep your email short yet descriptive.

ü Avoid using words like: “Buy now” “free” “50% Discount”” Earn $” in your subject line because you increase the risk of sending your emails to Junk by ISP filters.

ü Design your landing page according to your product and should be very appealing to your consumers.

ü It is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that is very crucial that the landing page at least should have more than 5 pages that is related to your landing page products.

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Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business   3 comments

Email marketing one effective online marketing tool for both small and big business organizations. It is also very economical and less time consuming but unfortunately often ignored and often wrongly practiced which gives this amazing marketing tool a name “Spam”. Many internet marketing companies accomplish their expensive marketing task simply by switching to email marketing yet much other practice but fails.

Hence, in this post first I will be mentioning about the benefits of email marketing for all kind of business whether they are big or small, product and service oriented or runs their business online or offline because email marketing is equally beneficial for every business organizations.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business


  • Increase in Sales Conversions:

Increasing your sales conversions is essential for your business to survive online and to make your web visitors turn into conversions is very tough task. Designing a user-friendly landing page and offering exciting discounts can support for better conversion because it compels your visitors to subscribe even if they are not quite interested in your products but it doesn’t assure sales. Hence, in such case email marketing plays an important role because email marketing helps you to advertise your product and services on a regular basis to your consumers and subscribers. A research shows that a visitor at least needs to see, hear or read about products for 8 times before they go for real purchase.

Therefore, it is very crucial to launch an email marketing campaign often to educate and update your subscribers and consumers about your products and services. Email marketing being economical and less time consuming it is amazingly helpful for small businesses and even huge brands to increase their sales conversions around the globe.

  • Increase in Buy Repetition:

No matter what you offer to your consumer through your website you don’t want you consumer to buy once and for all. With better products and services you offer you also want your consumers to come back again with better feedbacks and do some purchase. Hence, email marketing is effective for generating buy repetition because advertising your products and services over and over again through email marketing you are updating your consumers about your new offers and better products services that can benefit them more.

This helps your consumers to note your website with your products rather than searching for your competitors in your niche. Email marketing in this way grabs your consumers mind and compels them to buy from you. Furthermore, an old customer is more likely to come with better feedbacks for your products which are very essential for your online business to stand as a trustworthy in your niche.

  • Educate and Update Consumers:

Updating your consumers is key for any business because if you don’t educate your consumers and update them about your products, services and some other services you offer than you will be simply losing your customers and the conversions. Email marketing not only facilitates you by updating your customers about your core products that you offer but it also helps you to promote your side services by simply including them in your emails.

For instance, if you sell a USB Drives and HD Drives and you also run a data recovery business than you can advertise your products and services together which will simply cut the advertisement expenses of other services and you don’t even have to go out looking for some other clients.

  • Increase Offline Sales:

Email marketing is also effectively helpful for those businesses that are not yet online. Businesses that don’t have a website and are working offline can also successfully launch email marketing campaign to drive traffic to their business store. If you don’t own a website for your online business than you still can send emails to your probable traffic and quality customers by updating them about your products and services just by adding your address and toll free numbers. Research shows that people often buy products offline after making necessary study of the products online. Hence, this true result that even we perform can really boost your ROI.


  • Usability and Feedbacks:

Feedbacks are really necessary to run a well organized business and to sustain for a long run. It is almost impossible to know each and every flaw of your products and services by yourself but when you hit thousands of customers they are likely to find many faults and compliments about what you offer. Hence, feedbacks are great for knowing your own products and services plus your performance. Hence, email marketing helps you to gather the feedbacks of your customers and improve your business plans and products.

Furthermore, usability testing is something that is found crucial and many times online businesses perform such campaign to get healthy feedbacks from their consumers about their website and its user-friendliness etc. thus, email marketing can also help you to cut those campaign launching hassle because with better email marketing you are likely to hear that complains and compliments from your consumers.

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5 Essential Tips for Launching Effective PPC Ads for Better Conversions   Leave a comment

I consider PPC ads to be the backbone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although, many SEO’s many not agree with me but PPC is a great place where you can lift your brand name which is not the same thing with organic SEO. Similarly, finding out the keywords-keyword that are highly used and loved by the users are hard to trace out even with the keyword tools but testing PPC can simply tell you; your magical keyword.


Hence, launching PPC is better if not the best idea which many SEO’s believe because there are many webmasters and SEO’s who have a horrible story to tell about their first PPC Ad campaign. Launching PPC is not simply advertising about your products and services but researching response to your ads, tracking knowledge about keywords and its implementation and if one of the most important thing is tracing everything that can be useful for your organic SEO.

5 Essential Tips for Launching Effective PPC Ads for Better Conversions

  • Keywords Selection:

Selecting keywords is nothing but research. Keyword research is as always said “crucial” for PPC and even Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your keyword research might suggest you 5 effective keywords for your PPC campaign but choosing the best among them with low CPC (Click per Click) yet high traffic generating power is what you need for your campaign.

For instance, if “Hillside Hotels Nepal” is the most suitable keywords for you yet it is also the keyword that has been bid by many other webmasters and SEO’s than its better to find some alternative because you fighting for those keywords that already have huge competition can simply low down your traffic.

Use keywords that are less competitive but has high traffic generating power and which fit in your budgets too. For lawyers the word “mesothelioma” is the best keyword that brings those low but very high conversions and the price of this keyword is around $60 per click. Now it’s you who have to decide whether fighting for such keywords can really bring some conversions that are profitable or its better to switch to another keywords? The keyword “mesothelioma” is expensive one but can bring thousands of dollars case for lawyers.

  • Keyword Variations:

Always use keywords variations for your campaign because it ensures you which are the most relevant keyword that worth’s your investment and time. For instance, if you are using two different keywords for your campaign “Hillside Hotels Nepal” and “Hotels at Hillsides Nepal” you can simply find which Ad is being clicked often and driving traffic to your landing page. Investment in your keywords are very essential should be done after making necessary research over the keywords.

PPC Ads also helps you to know the keywords that people are likely to click so if you find “Hotels at Hillside Nepal” keywords are generating quality traffic to your landing page than don’t forget to optimize your website using this keyword because now we know that this keywords is a better traffic driver.

  • User’s Geographical Locations:

Geographically locating your traffic is a great way to bring most out of your PPC. If your website stat shows that your 75% buyers and website visitors are from Colorado but only 2% are from Oregon than it’s not a good idea to target the traffic of Oregon especially in PPC ads because every click costs you. Target Colorado because you can have high conversions from 75% of your buyers and with your PPC ads popping out for Colorado users you can simply earn a better goodwill and a brand name with high conversions.


  • Use Concentrated Keywords:

PPC is all about advertising your core products and driving the potential traffic to your websites. So, it is always better to use keywords- keyword and nothing else. Using keywords that highly supports your landing page is very essential and using such keywords like your products and services name helps searchers to easily find your ad in Google plus will compel them to click your ads too. Slotting in unnecessary words simply dilutes your keyword power and the PPC campaign.

Always use keywords that are speaks what you want to sell and don’t use unnecessary words. Furthermore, it is highly suggested to optimize your landing page with the same keywords. If you are simply advertising your products but not optimizing your landing page with the key control of such keywords you will be driving you’re your traffic away after clicking the ads which costs you money but with high bounce rate and zero conversions.

  • Use Buyers Keywords:

Keyword research is very essential for PPC and advertising your products and services with buyer’s keywords is the most. If you are launching a PPC campaign and using keywords that you think is most reliable then there are high possibility to lose because what is the reliable and obvious keywords for you might not be from buyer’s point of view.

You can use various keywords tool or even the Google keyword tool to find out the real keywords that your buyers truly use while they search for your products. Researching in such keywords may take some time and your efforts but in long run these are the real keywords that give you the real conversions. Find buyers keywords using such tools and use them for your Ads. You might get low traffic but those are the real and the reliable one with conversions.

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How to Launch PPC Campaign with Google, Yahoo and MSN?   1 comment

No doubt Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial factor for your online business promotion and better conversion from the amount of traffic you receive. But, there are other options available too and that can easily help you boost your business and reach your goal. But, this absolutely doesn’t mean that you entirely don’t need any SEO exercises. Online advertisements like launching PPC campaign is one of the best methods of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for getting high conversions and lift your brand name.


According to Microsoft; launching your ads in PPC and with your organic SEO in the SERP can amazingly lift your brand name in your niche and among your traffic. This true and it also helps you to earn more goodwill among your visitors and clients because listing your website on the top of organic search results and PPC as well compels people to believe that you stand better in your business and your company is the expert at what you sell and serve.

But, unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will come up with the first position in the search result of organic SEO but you can simply maintain your brand name and your traffic with better conversions by PPC. Hence, in this post I will be focusing the how any new advertiser can display their ads in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn.

Launching PPC for your online business is a great way to advertise and promote your business with better ROI and no doubt it’s a great tool of SEO and SEM online that provides you with better sales and strong brand name.

How to Launch PPC Campaign with Google, Yahoo and MSN?

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is a paid search program from Google at that helps to promote your business online. Google Adwords lets you create your own ads with the keywords and key phrases that you have chosen for the ad campaign and simply by setting up your maximum bid price and specifying your budget for the PPC campaign you can earn traffic, sell your brand name and gain better ROI. Google Adwords also helps new comers by creating Ads for them, displaying them among your targeted audience. The best thing about PPC advertisements is that you simply pay for the click made by your visitors. If you there is no click you really don’t have to pay for launching PPC; although it’s not what we want.

Depending upon the keywords and key phrases you choose for your campaign the actual advertisement cost is based on. Some keywords on PPC advertising are very expensive like: mesothelioma which cost around $ 56 per click. It is expensive keywords and mostly used by lawyers because any one clicking such Ads is highly reliable buyers who often end up throwing thousands of dollars for the case.

Hitting for Google Adwords and Selecting Ads Displays:

You can simply launch your Adwords campaign by activating your account in $5 which is the activation charge but how much you will be paying for the visitor’s clicks on your Ads simply starts from 1 cent and goes infinite. But, to manage your ads with your budget Google Adwords also provides you with the necessary tools.

Furthermore, Google Adwords also provides you with Ad display option. There are basically three Ad display options i.e. displaying your ad on Google’s search result page, placing your ads on search result of Google’s channels like: and the third option is displaying your Ads on websites that falls under Google’s content network. Placing you Ads in Google’s network websites are the economical class of Ads and are very suitable if your budget is too low to afford such Ads campaign. Such ads cost starts from $0.25 per 1000 impressions. Besides being economical, there are also places where you have to compromise like: low visibility and low traffic when compared to ads displayed in Google SERP.

Among these three displays; highly demanded ad display is the SERP of Google because it simply allows you to go global and gain more visibility and huge traffic with high conversion rate. Payment options are from Credit cards, debit cards or bank transfer.

Google Adwords is a huge place for your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign and for receiving successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits.

Yahoo Search Marketing:

Yahoo search marketing i.e. is another effective place to launch your ads for your online business. It is a human editorial process and unlike Google takes longer time to display your Ads. Yahoo only started this service after acquiring Overture Services and is the second option of many online businesses because when it is compared to Google PPC many prefers to jump in Google as it has larger publishers network than Yahoo. Yahoo has two primary models for determining their cost per click i.e. flat rate and bid based.

Hitting for Yahoo Search Marketing and Selecting Ads Displays:

For launching you ads in Yahoo there are basically two ways to do it.


ü Assisted Setup:

Assisted setup is for those who are new to PPC and has no idea about particular keywords and key phrases for launching their Ads. For assisted setup you need to have at least $1000 budget and the Yahoo ads specialist will select relevant keywords and key phrases for your PPC, will write effective ads and setup your campaign depending upon the budget you have.

It takes from two to five business days for the hired specialist to display your ads and discuss you about the campaign. The assisted service requires $ 199 which is the one time service fee. If you are unaware about PPC ads and have no confidence than I highly suggest you to go for this account because you will cut the risk of spoiling the entire budget without knowing the real working methods of PPC and your keywords for your campaign.

ü Self Service Setup:

Self service setup is for those who have ideas about launching such online ads and have deep research in the keywords and the key phrases for their PPC. In this account you need to set up your own advertisement strategies and selecting the keywords that suits best for your Ads. You also need to write your ads like writing the titles and descriptions. But, you will still have the option for hiring the Yahoo specialist for your campaign. Yahoo requires advance deposits and has their monthly minimum. So, if you somehow go nil with your fund Yahoo will simply stops your Ads and you are required to make the minimum deposit in three days.

Like Google even Yahoo has Ad display options in Yahoo search results, on its partner pages like: AltaVista, Go2Net etc and in their content network. Your ad costs less than Google in Yahoo which might give you little financial spaces. Furthermore, Yahoo is highly business oriented than Google and is geo targeting which helps you to accumulate visitors and clients from your own geographical regions.

AdCenter or Microsoft Live Search:

Microsoft also has search marketing option for your online business and is called adCenter i.e. which is considered to be the new yet very advanced PPC. The adCenter offers its advertisers with a great keyword research and its optimization tool that is based in Excel. This option is not found in Google and Yahoo which is highly effective for you to manage your entire keywords list and keep them up to date. Just like Google Adwords even adCenter uses both the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to PPC on their ad and the advertisement’s click-through rate (CTR) to determine how frequently an advertisement is shown.

Furthermore, adCenter also allows its advertisers to chose and target their ads based on demographic list of their users and the advertisers also have the option for choosing the particular day in a week and time in a day to advertise their ads which is indeed very effective for your online marketing strategies.

Hitting for adCenter and Selecting Ads Displays:

Similar to Google Adwords even adCenter costs you $5 for sign up and the ad campaign starts from $0.5 per click. Just like Google and Yahoo even adCenter displays your ads on its search results and Microsoft adCenter publisher. It also provides you with the opportunity to display your ads in its network with the option of RSS feed in their banners, shopping sites and emails.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential but with ads like PPC in various search engines and with better strategies you can simply boost your efforts that you have been doing for your SEO and it also hugely helps to promote you business and its brand name. Hence, launching PPC you can have effective boost in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) outcomes for your business.

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5 Easiest and Effective Ways to Attract Quality Audience for Social Media Websites   1 comment

Some Must Do SEO Optimization for Your Press Release   3 comments


In our last post I mentioned about some important factors in Press Release that should be implemented to gain the attention in the niche. But, bedside gaining the attention there are some other factors which are very essential from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its implementation give you the proper ranking and placement in the Google and other search engines results. Similarly, beside the attention optimizing your own press release is extremely crucial which gives the meaning and grabs the motive of your press release campaign.

Hence, in this post I have some important factors that should be implemented in your press release so that your press release gets optimized from SEO part and in return gives you the better rankings and the traffic with high sales and strong image in the niche.

Some Must Do SEO Optimization for Your Press Release:

Ø Key phrases in the Body:

Involving with your keywords and key phrases in the body is equally important but still I suggest you to give little emphasis to key phrases in the body part because for instance if you are writing a four hundred words article then you will get many opportunities to use your key phrases in your article without making them sound odd plus key phrases values more than the keywords because it simply minimizes the completion. But, this doesn’t mean to avoid the keywords completely.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to maintain your keyword density and avoid the frequent repetition of the same because it not only breaks the flow of the reader and makes the content meaningless but even you raise the risk from search engines to consider your press release; a keyword stuffed content with more density which is unhealthy from SEO point of view.

Ø Keyword Placement:

Keyword and key phrases placement in the heading and sub-heading of your press release and other content simply adds more SEO value but it is also something often found overlooked by content writers and search engine optimizers. Like mentioned earlier, your keywords not only goes to the title and the body paragraphs but even in the headings and sub-headings so always optimize your headings with possible keywords yet maintaining the flow and quality of your content.

Moreover, I suggest you to use some relevant keywords in the first paragraph of your press release because first paragraph is something that counts more to Google and search engines than any other part of the body of the content.

List of Free Press Release Submission Web Sites:

Free Press Release Submission Sites Google Page Rank Free Press Release Submission Sites Google Page Rank 6 6 5 6 5 6 5 5 5 4 4 4

Ø Keyword Rich Title:

Using major keywords and key phrases in the title is crucial and whether it is the articles for directories, posts of your blog or the press release it is strongly recommended to use your keywords and make a habit of doing so. Using keywords in the title alone makes your content 65% stronger and the body key phrases only add rest 35%. So, it is the key of your content optimization.

Always place keywords that make proper sense to readers and avoid using it haphazardly which eventually avoids the meaningless and ugliness of the title part.

Ø Links to Your Blog:

I consider this point very effective yet very important among others and if ignored then no matter how optimized and demanding your press release is, it simply doesn’t give you the credit. Linking to your blog is very essential because it is the important message to Google and search engines that the particular post belong to your blog and in this way your blogs and website gets the credit and all other fruits that you deserve from your press release and its optimization. But, even in your links the anchor text you use values greater to search engines so it is better to use those anchor text that defines your landing page and using proper key anchor text will gain better value from search engines.

Furthermore, it is only the source to gain traffic from the niche to your own blog and website. Links are simply the roads back to your page so it is very essential from driving quality traffic and visitors.


Ø Some More SEO Stuffs:

ü Social Networking Websites: Using social networking websites like: Facebook and Twitter are very essential from your promotion and doing it with the right circle and with better keywords will help you to optimize your entire SEO campaign. It is highly suggested to build a strong relationship with other bloggers in such social networking websites which will eventually helps you to create a strong distribution channel which is very important for the success of your press releases.

ü Go for Multi Media: Using multi media for your press releases are simply awesome ways to optimize your press release and are highly appreciated by the traffic. Use videos to promote your product and consider embedding your videos or audios. Video has high possibilities because users today are more inclined towards videos and similar tutorials or advertisements in the web. So, I strongly suggest you to go beyond text.

ü Essential Inclusion: Some essential inclusion in your press release is the logo which is very important and must be included similarly the URL of your web and the address of the company is necessary. Moreover, I also suggest you to use bold fonts in your heading and sub headings or bullets to increase the readability in your press release, for your readers and great value from Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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