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Some Must Do SEO Optimization for Your Press Release   3 comments


In our last post I mentioned about some important factors in Press Release that should be implemented to gain the attention in the niche. But, bedside gaining the attention there are some other factors which are very essential from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its implementation give you the proper ranking and placement in the Google and other search engines results. Similarly, beside the attention optimizing your own press release is extremely crucial which gives the meaning and grabs the motive of your press release campaign.

Hence, in this post I have some important factors that should be implemented in your press release so that your press release gets optimized from SEO part and in return gives you the better rankings and the traffic with high sales and strong image in the niche.

Some Must Do SEO Optimization for Your Press Release:

Ø Key phrases in the Body:

Involving with your keywords and key phrases in the body is equally important but still I suggest you to give little emphasis to key phrases in the body part because for instance if you are writing a four hundred words article then you will get many opportunities to use your key phrases in your article without making them sound odd plus key phrases values more than the keywords because it simply minimizes the completion. But, this doesn’t mean to avoid the keywords completely.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to maintain your keyword density and avoid the frequent repetition of the same because it not only breaks the flow of the reader and makes the content meaningless but even you raise the risk from search engines to consider your press release; a keyword stuffed content with more density which is unhealthy from SEO point of view.

Ø Keyword Placement:

Keyword and key phrases placement in the heading and sub-heading of your press release and other content simply adds more SEO value but it is also something often found overlooked by content writers and search engine optimizers. Like mentioned earlier, your keywords not only goes to the title and the body paragraphs but even in the headings and sub-headings so always optimize your headings with possible keywords yet maintaining the flow and quality of your content.

Moreover, I suggest you to use some relevant keywords in the first paragraph of your press release because first paragraph is something that counts more to Google and search engines than any other part of the body of the content.

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Ø Keyword Rich Title:

Using major keywords and key phrases in the title is crucial and whether it is the articles for directories, posts of your blog or the press release it is strongly recommended to use your keywords and make a habit of doing so. Using keywords in the title alone makes your content 65% stronger and the body key phrases only add rest 35%. So, it is the key of your content optimization.

Always place keywords that make proper sense to readers and avoid using it haphazardly which eventually avoids the meaningless and ugliness of the title part.

Ø Links to Your Blog:

I consider this point very effective yet very important among others and if ignored then no matter how optimized and demanding your press release is, it simply doesn’t give you the credit. Linking to your blog is very essential because it is the important message to Google and search engines that the particular post belong to your blog and in this way your blogs and website gets the credit and all other fruits that you deserve from your press release and its optimization. But, even in your links the anchor text you use values greater to search engines so it is better to use those anchor text that defines your landing page and using proper key anchor text will gain better value from search engines.

Furthermore, it is only the source to gain traffic from the niche to your own blog and website. Links are simply the roads back to your page so it is very essential from driving quality traffic and visitors.


Ø Some More SEO Stuffs:

ü Social Networking Websites: Using social networking websites like: Facebook and Twitter are very essential from your promotion and doing it with the right circle and with better keywords will help you to optimize your entire SEO campaign. It is highly suggested to build a strong relationship with other bloggers in such social networking websites which will eventually helps you to create a strong distribution channel which is very important for the success of your press releases.

ü Go for Multi Media: Using multi media for your press releases are simply awesome ways to optimize your press release and are highly appreciated by the traffic. Use videos to promote your product and consider embedding your videos or audios. Video has high possibilities because users today are more inclined towards videos and similar tutorials or advertisements in the web. So, I strongly suggest you to go beyond text.

ü Essential Inclusion: Some essential inclusion in your press release is the logo which is very important and must be included similarly the URL of your web and the address of the company is necessary. Moreover, I also suggest you to use bold fonts in your heading and sub headings or bullets to increase the readability in your press release, for your readers and great value from Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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5 Must Do Press Release Tips to Grab the Attention:   Leave a comment

Press Release isOmen_Press_release2 one of the sharpest marketing tools and is equally important from SEO point of view. The motives of press release are many and even the benefits are countless. Press release can be simply defined as the updates to your readers and clients or to inform the latest news of the market to the world but the benefits you receive are thousands time more than your effort.

5 Must Do Press Release Tips to Grab the Attention:

Compelling Story:

A press release is not like blogging that you will be publishing everyday so when you do it once after a long pause no doubt you should have a strong reason and a story. Depending on the strength of your story the success of your press release depends. So, find a strong reason for your release so that it makes a reason for your readers and clients to read. Find something that is new in your market and no other has mention about it or talk that has something good for your readers. Make a list of appropriate reasons for your press release and find the best one and if you don’t have one then you are not ready yet. Press releases are also your image builder in the market and depending on the heat of your stories you are more likely to earn or lose the traffic. So, if you are going for a press release then find the strong reason. Some reasons are: Press Releasing.

Convincing Headlines:

Your headline is what that sales your content in the market and not the content itself and no matter how informative it is you will always have a low traffic because reading an online article is same as reading a newspaper; people simply jump from headlines to headlines until they find something very compelling and interesting.

So, create a compelling headline that can sale your content but do not use headlines to mislead the readers. It is better to twist your headlines to create mania if that works well to sell your content but your headline should always be a sentence that speaks about the contents. Similarly, using keywords is very crucial in the headlines because keywords in the headline help Google and search engines to give your story more weight and value. But, it is highly suggested to use keywords where it makes sense and not simply placing where you like.

The First Paragraph:

The first paragraph should always be promising from every perspective so that your readers won’t lose their hope and interest from you. Generally, it is seen that many press releases with a compelling headlines instantly slows down its pace from the first paragraph and the content completely loses its uniqueness and taste and that ultimately hampers your traffic.

So, I suggest you to give the best shot to amaze your readers. Mention about “Who?” of course your company, “What?” mention the latest updates and exciting news and performance about your company; simply telling your readers what are you up to? “Where?” give them venue where you perform or operate, “When?” tell them about the time and date, “Why?” mention your reasons and purpose.

Readers Benefits:

Reader benefits are the key part and this second paragraph has something to compel your readers but if you lack then you are sure to fail. State why your readers and clients should go for it and what is there to benefit them? Illustrate their benefits and also the losses if they miss.

Use the second paragraph for your readers and client benefits and mention why they should follow you and your products. It is the key because if you fail here then there is no reason to read further and there is nothing much to interest them. Hence, be honest and talk that excites your readers and clients. You can mention about the discounts if you are selling the products or you can mention about the gift items etc. But, the second paragraph should be very strong and is only the place where you can hold your readers, if you grab them in this paragraph then your press release is successful.

SEO Operations:news-icon

SEO is always important no matter what you do online but this is also one important thing that is found ignored often. Press release is no doubt a great reason to drive traffic plus it is also one of the good SEO strategies for your e-business promotion. So, I strongly suggest you to perform all the necessary SEO operations before you release your story in the market.

Use your keywords and key phrases to optimize your press release and avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing. It is always better to major your keyword density and use your keywords only when they can give the fluency in the content so that your readers will find your story compelling yet with the flow and the Google will find your major keywords.

Use anchor text on your keywords and link them back to your blog or website but make sure that the content you have linked contains same keywords and key phrases. Doing this can be beneficial because when people will read your content they would like to visit your place and the links will create an easy path for them. Furthermore, links will help Google and other search engines to crawl your page frequently and you have a better chance of SEO lifts.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                         Image Source: I & II