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5 Quick SEO Tips for Competitor Analysis and Better Placement.   Leave a comment


When there is competition making a study over you competitors and analyzing his strength and tactics is very crucial. It is also a one huge source of information which is valuable from every point of view but in e-business reading your competitors strategies is very simply yet very important. Visiting others website and simply analyzing the source code of their webpage can tell you more than 60% of their SEO strategies. Knowing and updating yourself about the market trend and applying some techniques to your own website can really help you boost your ranking.

Hence, I strongly suggest you to optimize your website only after making necessary analysis on your competitors’ websites and knowing what they are doing and what your SEO campaign is missing. So, in today’s post we will be discussing about some important parts of webpage that should be peeped and make deep analysis in order to gain better page rank and placement in the Google and other major search engines.

5 Quick SEO Tips to Peep and Gain Better Ranking in Google:

  • Title Tag:

Title tag is one of the important part of SEO peeping and it’s better to peep in your competitors’ title tag who ranks in the first page of Google and other search engines so that you can get the idea of the major keywords they are using and successfully raking. But, never copy what they have been using rather you can something more valuable by yourself. Place your major keywords after analyzing your competitors’ title tag and it is always suggested to use less than 64 characters in your title. Title tag varies from page to page even in a single webpage so it is better to make a deep study on your competitors’ title tag.

  • Meta tag:

Meta tag has a poor value in Google but this doesn’t mean that you don’t optimize your meta keyword tag because beside Google there are many other search engines that use meta tag and gives a good value to this tag while ranking. Hence, it is suggested to take a look in your competitors’ Meta tag too and find what keywords they are using and how they have defined themselves to the search engines. But, I strongly recommend you to avoid doing keyword stuffing which can lead to bad consequences. Use important keywords in your Meta tag and make a good analysis from your competitors’ website.

  • Content Analysis:

I consider content analysis as an important and most effective analysis that any webmaster or SEO should do to find the potential of their competitors’. Read the webpage content they have and major the keyword density they are using plus compare them with all other websites that ranks on the first page. You can also find the major keywords that they are using in the content and the repetition that they have made. Similarly, another important thing to notice is the frequent content updates and the keywords.


  • Analyzing Links:

Always make the link analysis in your competitors’ website and find what the best websites that they are linking to because linking back to those websites that your competitors’ are linking to can easily lift your ranking. Furthermore, go through the link pages and find how many links are there in one single page. It is always better to keep 25 or less links in one link page and if you are not doing so then I suggest you to do. You can also have a clear idea when you go through you competitors link pages.

  • Find Blogs:

Blogging is no doubt a great way to push your website to better rankings. I suggest you to see if your competitors’ are also blogging in the same time because this alone can be a good reason for them to gain the first page position. Although, not every website in the first page go for blogging but some do and blogging gives you lot more space in Google and search engines territory which I suggest you to do if possible.

In the search term “SEO” holds the third place and when you visit the website you can see that they are blogging in the topic SEO. So, this is one good reason why they hold the third place in the first page.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                           Image Source: I & II