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Reasons for Duplicate Content and SEO ways to Deal with them II   Leave a comment

I have been talking about duplicate content since Thursday, and that makes two posts on duplicate content but I have not finished yet. However, this will be the last post on duplicate content issues and I do have some more SEO best practiced techniques that can help you to avoid the duplicate issues from your websites and blogs.

Although, I have already mentioned about some SEO effective ways to deal with duplicate content but that doesn’t makes it complete because what I will be mentioning in this post are equally essential and SEO friendly.

Reasons for Duplicate Content and SEO ways to Deal with them II


  • Printer-Friendly Pages:

One of the main reasons for websites to have a duplicate content is because of the printer-friendly pages, since webmasters wants to create a user-friendly website they often offer two different versions of such page where one deals with HTML version and the other is text based. Creating two different pages is a good effort for your users but is not the same with search engines because the two different page carries the same content and as search engines doesn’t understand your motive like human, your website is likely to have a duplicate content.

Hence, the effective SEO tool for this problem can be CSS because it simply allows a print style sheet to reformat your HTML pages in an instant. Furthermore, CSS also allows the option of customization by letting you control the page width, margins or font substitutions etc.

  • Websites Session IDs:

Tracking web visitors by using session IDs to find out the appropriate time of their activeness in the website and the travel over the pages is crucial, but many webmasters performs SEO injurious task to gather this information and they harm their website and SEO efforts in a great deal. Webmasters often use session IDs codes in their URL string so that they can track their user’s journey in their website.

However, when search engines crawls your page and the URL, often they read the URL different due to the extra codes or parameters that shows up at the end of the URL. Thus, it becomes one strong reason for search engines to determine that you have a duplicate content.

  • Using Mirrors:

Mirrors are the replica or the duplicate page that webmasters creates for their content. Although, it is not SEO healthy but there are some good reasons why using mirrors in a website in beneficial. There are some websites that are very popular among the users and when the website upload its new content and review than thousands of viewers jumps in the page and this often creates a server crash. Similarly, websites like use mirrors for the download so that they can simply divide the users without creating any damage. However, using mirrors results to duplicate content in your website so I suggest you to avoid practicing mirror for your content.

  • Content Management System:

Content Management System (CMS) is a widely used software design for websites. However, the possibility of creating duplicate content with CMS is also high so it is always better to select SEO friendly CMS for your websites. A SEO friendly CMS includes extreme customizable options so that you can customize your websites Title tags, Keyword tags, content and everything. If your website doesn’t allow you to do such customization than it is highly suggested to choose something that helps you to optimize every corner of your website and if you are planning to launch a website than it is very essential to find out the right CMS so that you don’t have to go through frustration later.

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Reasons for Duplicate Content and SEO Ways to Deal with them I   Leave a comment


In our last post, I mentioned about the types of duplicate content and some free Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) tools to deal with them. However, the best thing to do is to avoid all the possibilities of duplicate content and to do this you should know the reasons behind them. Duplicate content can occur due to various reasons but there are also various ways to deal with them but solving every duplicate content issue by webmaster and content writer himself is not possible hence legal actions becomes necessary.

Duplicate content has no serious penalties from Google and search engines but it can simply reduce your SEO efforts that are not good for your website placement and ranking.

Reasons for Duplicate Content to Appear within Your Domain:

Many webmasters are unaware about the duplicate content that appears within their own website and blog. Some basic reasons for such issues are as follows:

ü Faulty internal linking procedure within websites and blogs.

ü Similar content or page in the same website.

ü Poor on-page optimization.

ü By not practicing one domain structure for your website and blog.

ü Content Syndication.

How to Avoid Internal Duplicate Content Issues?

ü Always check for inbound links to verify if there exists any broken links within your website. You can use various free SEO tools to find out the broken links. SEO tools like: Axandra and Xenu can be a great help for finding out the broken links. You can also verify crawl errors from Google Webmaster and Yahoo Explorer. Furthermore, it is also a best practice to update your sitemap whenever you remove any page and content from your website. You can also use 301 redirection can be used to avoid crawl errors if you have permanently shifted your content to any other location.

ü New bloggers who are not so aware about Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) often re-produce their old blog content and post them again as a new content in their blog because they find it an easy way to cut down the effort to daily writing. Some do this because they believe their particular post did not have enough views and credit. However, such practice simply boosts duplicate content errors.

ü One common reason for duplicate content to appear in a website and blogs is poor on-page optimization. Every page of a website should have its unique HTML title, description, keywords tags and headings. Repetition of same keywords and heading in two different pages can also lead to duplicate content. Furthermore, in blogs of duplicate content is frequently but to resolve the case you can contact the wordpress support.

ü Google and other major search engines tend to read your domain ( & http:// as a two different domains so it is also one major reason for duplicate content. Hence, I suggest you to use one and you can simply redirect other. It is always better to practice one domain structure as it helps to cut the confusion with the search engines and traffic too.

ü Content syndication is one strong content marketing practice used widely by Search-Engine-Optimizers (SEO’s) in past years because one huge benefit that was expected was the huge traffic flow to their own website. It is still a best SEO practice to do for gaining quality traffic to your website but you should know the correct way. Posting same content in your website and blog and syndicating them to different article directories is one main reason for creating duplicate content. Hence, I highly suggest you to avoid such practice because search engine loves contents but the original ones. Thus, it is better to write some original and new content for content syndication and avoid using what has already been crawled in your website and blog.

I hope the post was good enough. In the next post, I will mention some other reasons for duplicate content and SEO ways to resolve them.

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SEO tools to Find and Solve Duplicate Content Issues   Leave a comment


Duplicate content is horrible situation when it comes to Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO). Even though, there are no straight penalties from Google and search engines for having duplicate content but in some other ways you are likely to face the penalization by not getting your content indexed properly in search engines and having a tough time ranking your entire website better in SERP.

When Googlebots and search engine robots find a duplicate content (the same content appearing in two different places.) it tries to find the original one so that the true content gets enough credibility but there is no such guarantee that the determination made by the search engine robots are accurate.

Furthermore, Search engines being very strict about its search results and users-satisfaction that it always tries its best to avoid same content to appear in its SERP because the repetition of same result with no varieties will simply discourages its users and the goal of search engine will be unsuccessful.

Types of Duplicate Content:

Generally, duplicate content are of two types: one that occurs within your own website and two that arises outside your domain.

Duplicate Content within Your Website:

An error of duplicate content can occur within a website if the internal linking procedure of a website is faulty. This is often when a website owner and a webmaster have little or no idea about Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) and ways to deal with links. Many webmasters are unaware of this fact and often their quality content remains unfiled in search engines. This becomes one strong reason for their website to rank low and their SEO efforts to go vain.

Duplicate content issue within a website can b cause from various reasons like unhealthy SEO optimization of your websites internal links, poor heading tags optimization, poor sitemap, poor keywords tags etc.

Duplicate Content in Diverse Domains:

Duplicate content in diverse domains are common yet very offensive for better website ranking. There are various reasons for duplicate content issues to arise in other domains. Some are due to your own mistakes and some transpires due to theft of your quality content some other reasons are multiple URL’s with same content, wrong way of practicing content syndication, problems in localization, using unfriendly content management system etc.

How to find Duplicate Contents?

There are various SEO tools to find out the duplicate content issue with your website and blog. One very effective SEO tool is, which offers a paid service at very minimum cost. Similarly, Xenu helps to scan all your links of your website and returns with a link health table where you can find the broken links and fix them to avoid creating crawl errors and duplicate content issue.

Google Webmaster and Yahoo Explorer; the great two search engines are also a best to find out the duplicate contents.

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Optimizing PDF Files for Search Engines and Better Rankings   4 comments

We have talked about SEO optimizing your website and contents no matter if they are videos, images or any article. But, something you will come across sooner or later is the PDF file because the PDF’s are one effective way to write and publish your e-book and the best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) method. No matter what type products and services you use, making people aware about your online business and promoting them is crucial. So, one of the best practices of doing so is simply writing e-books and uploading them. Similarly, if you are a blogger then creating a PDF e-book should not be that annoying because you can use your old blog posts for this.

Hence, in this post I will be mentioning about some simple but effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and a user friendly way to optimize your PDF just like you have been optimizing your website or the web content.

Optimizing PDF Files for Search Engines and Better Rankings

Avoid Images and Add Texts:

Using images for PDF files are something that is often seen and practiced. Generally, people are found to be easy with Photoshop and other image based PDF creators but they are simply ignoring the truth that search engines like Google and Yahoo are human made robots and cannot understand images until you write something about it. So, any of you have been working on PDF files with images than you are simply wasting all your time and efforts. You can find free tools for creating your PDF in text and such text based PDF’s are readable by search engines and also holds the high possibility of better ranking.

Optimize with SEO:

As your PDF is now a text based it is similar to a content of your website. So, optimize your PDF with all the necessary content optimization tips of SEO. It is just like optimizing your own website. Prefer using rich keywords and key phrases and optimize your title. You can use bullets and numberings in your content to make it more readable from reader’s point of view. Highlighting important topics and even words or simply bolding or using italic to some important keywords can make search engines and readers observe those keywords and use it as a major concern.

Linking your PDF:

Linking your PDF back to your own webpage is crucial and is also one effective way to tell search engines that the PDF belongs to you and it eventually helps your website to rank better depending on your files optimization and readers benefits. Links are the path that you create for search engines so they can crawl back to your website from your uploaded content and index. Furthermore, if you content is adored by the readers than they can simply click the link and visit your website for further details about your products and services. Missing links compels your reader to search your website and you simply increase the risk of losing quality traffic and conversions.

Optimize the Title:

Optimizing the title of your webpage with your major keywords is essential because it simply helps search engines to index you in an appropriate place in SERP. Furthermore, you title also speaks about your contain for the searchers. Similarly, SEO optimizing your PDF are also equally crucial and works the same way as the webpage do. Furthermore, include the main keywords and key phrases in the title of your PDF or use your keywords as the title of your PDF content which will boost your ranking in search engines.

Document Properties:

One of the most neglected but a very crucial part of PDF SEO optimization is the document properties. Your PDF contains various document properties. Some of the important parts are the author info, copyright info, description etc. and has to be completed and optimized at any cost for better ranking. Furthermore, simply avoid keyword stuffing because search engines hate that and might punch you as a spam creator.

Author: Kiran Bista.

Focus Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more in the Images and Videos   2 comments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dynamically evolving and with time it has become something more complex yet very scientific where logical reasoning and rational guesses supported by the compound experiments are the key of optimizing the search machine but unfortunately it veils its algorithm of optimization. But, this is where the search engine optimization becomes an art and the quest of SEO begins.

Today SEO is not just about the HTML codes and the keywords or key phrases neither it’s about the page ranks that we SEO’s did and wondered in the stone age of SEO but something more that satisfies website visitors and of course the users of search engines like: Google and Yahoo with every possible ways so the SERP must quench their thirst of online search.

Hence, I don’t think it will be wrong to say that every SEO out there is not just optimizing websites for their clients but optimizing the results of search engines and is addictively affiliated with the betterment of internet search facility and search engine marketing history.

In 2005, Enquiro Research conducted a research on internet surfer’s eye movement while they read the SERP and found the users behavior and its variation with the variation observed in the search result. This research simply showed how searchers simply react to video marketing and image marketing even ignoring the well ranked websites.

According to Enquiro Research the eye movement of the searchers pauses for a moment when the search result includes something peculiar and other than texts like: images and videos because of its color and being widely different then the regular text/links result which is obviously a human nature. But, when such distractions are omitted the eye pattern completely changes. Let us see how?


The above image is a simple SERP that includes nothing but texts. And according to Enquiro Research of 2005; in such results the human eyes simply reads the result from upper left hand corner that includes the first page first result and then moves down reading the first four or five positions and then they tend to avoid the organic results by simply moving to the right hand corner where the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are. So, this shows that when users read the page their high emphasis is for the four or five naturally or organically listed results and ignoring the scrolling task they simply move to PPC portion.

Now, let us see what the users do when a the SERP includes images and videos beside texts and links.


The above image is the SERP that includes the Blended Search (SERP that includes Images and Videos) and according to Enquiro Research made two years later in 2007; the users and the internet surfers tend to view such results differently then the one which omits such images and contains plain texts.

Here, the surfer’s eye simply moves down from the upper left corner and they simply get paused at the images or the videos and then they again look and read the text beside the image. After deciding whether the image is appropriate to their search or not the readers tend to give a glance to the PPC (Pay Per Click) ads in the right hand corner. Even this time the users are simply ignoring the other results that are listed below and are also avoiding the task of scrolling.

Therefore, by these two amazing research result we can simply say that the biggest priority is for those websites that are listed in the first and around fifth no matter the SERP contains images or not. We also can see that PPC ads gets the searchers priority.

But, when it comes to blended search result the surfers simply goes through those websites that are listed above but with short notice and then when they gaze in the image and the anchor text more. If only the images or the video results are inappropriate they tend to look for more but in the right hand corner in the PPC ads.

Moral of the Story:

The moral of the story is; Are you ready for Blended search results? Are you SEO optimizing your images and videos? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you with your website optimization and they can also help you lift your business in the first page or the top 5 but still there is no guarantee that you will achieve the first position or the page itself. So, in such case one of the easiest way to earn the first place or the place where you can catch your visitors and clients eyes is by optimizing your videos and images.

Optimize your images and videos more frequently because optimizing them them is not so hard plus making your website clean so that the search engine robots can crawl easily and index everything you have in your website simply helps your videos and images pop out when the users search for your kind of products and services which eventually helps your business catch your visitors and clients eyes. If you have well optimized for the Blended search then you have high chance to get noticed then your competitors who is listed in the first page in the first rank. SEO optimizing your images can simply be your next effective launch of SEO campaign with better SEO results.

Search engines are working hard to provide their users with all the necessary data that can simply satisfy their users search need and avoid the hassle of repeating search for not finding the desired results. They are including everything that can satisfy the users and the surfers. And being a good search engine optimizer (SEO) optimizing every thing to overcome the obstacles and converting visitors into conversions I think doing SEO over images and your marketing videos is a better solution.

Hence, beside SEO optimizing your website now you also have to focus your optimization towards the videos and the images to compete with your competitors and win the search engine battle. If you are simply working for you website and not with video marketing then you badly need to get start now. 

(Note: The research might be old but the possibility is high will be more in up coming years so don’t just avoid it.)

Author: Kiran Bista.

How to Optimizing Your Landing Page for Higher Conversion Rate?   1 comment


A landing page is simply a page in your website where your visitors and customers land after clicking the advertisements which can be of any form like PPC Advertising or Google SERP. So, these landing pages plays a greater role in your website and should be maintained and sustained to meet the customers need. Landing page are also the page that generate huge traffic and higher conversion rate so it is always important to give more emphasis to this page as it is the welcome door for you clients.

Hence, in this post I will be revealing some points and tips on optimizing your landing page not from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view but from simple marketing tips that is crucial in an online business.

Ø Set Your Goal:

Creating and optimizing your landing page with a solid goal can increase your achievements in short time with greater return. So, find the exact reason what you want your visitors to do when they land on your page? You want them to subscribe your newsletters? You want them to buy your products? Or simply surf your website further and know what you services you offer?

The reasons can be many and with the wide verities of reasons your goal also differs from one another. Thus, first draw the outline and find the real purpose of your landing page and then you can act accordingly.

Ø Welcome with Compelling Content:

Your landing page is where the visitors get 85% of your business motives and the services or product you offer. So, 85% of your visitors are going to click away if you don’t have something compelling for them. Hence, write something very compelling and convincing for them and if you can’t write well then I don’t think it’s a bad idea to hire someone to write for you landing page because what you pay to the ghost writers and with a compelling content what you get is simply incomparable.

Write something very warm and welcoming but avoid all that what you are not because honesty is the thumb rule and has to be maintained if you are planning for long run business. Tell them about you and your products and services and it is always a good idea to highlight especial offers if you have one. And it is worthy to prompt them to surf more and deeper to know about your services.

Ø Avoid Distractions:

This is the very important part and should not be ignored at all. Avoiding the distraction from your landing page is the necessary because distractions can simply pull away your visitors from you website. So, avoid any links that simply doesn’t surf them within your website and don’t decorate you landing page too much with animations and flash because landing page is not the place to amuse your visitors but to give them honest and compelling information about you to make them buy from you.

Furthermore, if using animations can make your landing page load slow and this only reason will sweep away your visitors.


Ø Make a User-Customer Friendly Landing Page:

Create your landing page which is extremely user friendly and serves your visitors from every necessary angle. If you visitors are not getting what they are looking in your page then it is a waste of their time and is also the waste of your advertising campaign money. So, provide all the necessary links with necessary anchor texts in them and let your visitors know what you have in it for them.

Make your landing page quick enough to load so that you completely minimize the risk of losing your visitors and it is also highly suggested to use data protection seal like VeriSign on your form to promise the data security because the study shows that most of the customers quit the landing page simply because they don’t want to give away their personal data.

Ø Detail Your Contact Information:

This is another crucial part that I would like to suggest you to include at any cost. You information and you contact details are very necessary in your landing page it simply gives the feeling of security to your customers and visitors and it also ease them to contact you without the hassle of surfing here and there in the page. Provide them with your email address and phone number which is better if has 24hrs service. Plus, studies shows that having a toll free number simply increases the conversion rate so add one. But, if you have a huge budget and you can provide them with live chat functionality then it is something that you customers simply loves and feel ease about which also increase your conversion rate by 10-15%

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Keys to Unlock the Secrets of SEO for Content Writing   6 comments

Content Writing:

Content is a major subject in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is very important that it is optimized after better keywords selection that reflects your products and services to your visitors. But, often many writers only focus on the keywords and not the quality of the content. The main focus is made on the keywords and later comes the quality because they give first emphasis to search engine for earning better placement and rankings.

But, this is not how it should really go. A better contain always drives more traffic and search engine favors those contents that has traffics hovering around them. While you write, write for your visitors and simply forget about the search engine and when you are done just make a revision replacing some words with your keywords like: replacing “we have” I will write “optimizingengine have” and so on. But, still the main focus should in the beauty and the simplicity of your content for visitors and not for search engines. Search engine awards will be brought by your visitors and traffic.

In this post we will share you some important keys of Content writing to boost your SEO efforts so that you can maintain the search engine standard and also meet the quality for your readers.

Keys to Unlock the Secrets of SEO for Content Writing:

  • Compelling Headings:

Headings are the most effective to drive visitors to your content and it is the first impression of your content too. If you don’t have compelling heading to create curiosity and excitement in the visitors then you are already losing 60% of your readers. So, heading plays the first and the most important part in the content writing and always should be compelling. Your heading is what sells the content and not the content itself.

A beautiful example of this can be placed from my own experience. Couple of years ago while I was caught in a traffic light while heading to university I saw a boy screaming that all seven movie theaters of Kathmandu (capital of Nepal) were on fire last night. When I look around he had bundles of newspapers in his hand. Many others including me and even the traffic police himself bought the newspaper to see what made seven movie malls go in fire in the same night.

The boy sold all his newspaper in that spot and completed his entire day work and disappeared. But, when I went through the pages there was no such news but in the corner, at the movie column it said the movie “Fire” was released and was up in seven different theaters of the capital. This simple topic was a big trigger for him and he made all his sells within 10 minutes. Your heading should be similar that creates interest in your readers. And do remember to use your keywords and key phrases in your headings for SEO benefits.

  • Hook Yourself in the Topic:

Hooking yourself in the topic is important because while you write for your business, your words and your description vary from what you write on your personal blog. You focus more in the business topic rather than your personal thoughts so even adding some personality to your writing helps readers get intrigued. Making your content short but descriptive yet up to focus makes your content more understanding and to the point which readers always love.

Your readers are web surfers and if they don’t find your content valuable in first minute they will click away so it is always better to summarize a little of what you want to point out in the entire post and later describe them. So, this makes your readers hook themselves in your article too.

Using Meta Description:

Meta Description is important for search engines as they contain all the necessary keywords about your products and services. It helps search engines to know your business better and rank accordingly but Meta description can also be used in various ways to gain better rewards from the search engine.

Meta descriptions are truly valuable for your content because they consist of those 160 characters which have your major keywords that reflect your business and services to Google and other search engine. So, including them in your contain can really help your contain listed in better search results and drive quality traffic.

  • Originality:

Originality is the most. If you don’t have your own original content than it’s always useless to decorate what others have written. No matter how hard you try, duplicate contains leads to vain. If you have little knowledge in the subject than reading similar post in the internet can be very helpful but even then you have to come up with your own originality. Better grammar and good flow should be preserved too.

Furthermore, search engine are always found to hurt those websites that encourage duplicate contains and this one reason can collapse all your seo efforts to optimize your website. Hence, we don’t suggest practicing such efforts.

  • Using tags for your content:

Google and other major search engines are tend to reward those websites that has a professional structure. So, it is always important to give a professional look and tag hierarchically. The easy way of doing this is by simply tagging your content with appropriate tags and even separating titles and subtitles by h1 tags and h2 tags should be practiced. Using tags are highly beneficial from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view.

I hope the post worth your time and above listed tips were useful for developing a quality content for you.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: I & II