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SEO Benefits of Participating in Blog Competition   Leave a comment

In our last post, I discussed about some important tips for effective participation in blog competition and as promised, in this post, I will be mentioning the huge benefits that you get from participating yourself in such blog competition. Participating in blog competition is one strong way to create a bridge from your website to your niche and let traffic flow in.

However, it does not necessarily mean that you should win the competition; winning is better if not even your active contribution can help you lot with traffic building and ranking in SERP. As mentioned in our earlier post, there are blogs that often organizes blog competition for blogger’s exposure and traffic building. So, just by participating in such competition frequently can be very SEO effective and increase your conversion i.e. sales, subscription etc.


SEO Benefits of Participating in Blog Competition:

  • Exposure:

Exposure is one critical thing for every websites and blogs. So, for earning better exposure in their niche bloggers often work hard in social media websites which brings quality traffic and conversions. Thus, an active participation in blog competition means you are simply standing on the hub of your niche and there are many readers from different blogs and bloggers itself to notice you and your presentation. Your participation can easily earn huge traffic and it is not necessary that you have to win to ripe the fruit of your hard efforts.

  • Networking:

Networking is getting more and more crucial everyday and that is the reason why thousands of online businesses are tweeting and digging everywhere. Networking is equally essential for you and if it is about networking with the bloggers in your niche than it becomes must because there are various benefits from effective networking workouts. Your participation in blog competition can help you get noticed in your niche and as a result other bloggers are more likely to welcome you in their network which can remarkably help you to promote your content, drive more traffic more their blog, exchange links and earn better SERP placement.

  • Branding:

Branding is essential and one of the hardest promotions in online marketing. However, participating in blog competition can help you lift your brand name among your consumers in your niche. Your active participation can help you be noticed and winning the competition can be the best way to boost your brand name. Therefore, optimize your blog with all your efforts so that winning a position in blog completion can easily boost your brand name and depending on the organizers rule your blogs will be provided with many facilities that are highly SEO effective.

  • Blog Image and Trust:

Earning trust from your readers is only possible if your blog’s image is powerful and to make that you need support. So, one best way to earn trust among your readers and visitors is the certification that you earn from participating in blog competitions. Participating in yearly blog competition and winning positions will earn you winner certifications like “Blog of the Year 2011” which gives your visitors your strong image and your dominance in your niche. It also helps to add something valuable in lifting your brand name and drive other bloggers eagerness to guest post in your blog, which is very effective SEO strategy for earning better reputation and traffic.

  • Wide Possibilities:

Active participation in blog competition and winning positions can bring you wide possibilities for your blog. Blog competition organizers often include various facilities for winners beside prizes like guest posting opportunities in various blogs in their network, publishing your blog and contents in social media websites etc, which is highly beneficial for earning huge traffic attention and search engine rankings. Hence, I strongly suggest every bloggers to participate in such competition that can lead them to best SEO results.

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5 Tips for Effective Participation in Blog Competition   Leave a comment

Something more important than your page rank is traffic because quality traffic has its direct impact over conversion and conversion is the only reason why the term “SEO” plays an important role in online business promotion. So, it is crucial to build bridges around your page so that the flow of traffic increases to your websites and blog. However, we have discussed so many times about building such bridges via social networking, guest blogging, article syndicating, but it you were not satisfied. Hence, in this post, I will mention one amazing way to generate quality traffic in your blog and build strong network to take over other SEO benefits.


Participating in Blog Competition

Blog is essential for every website to rank well in search engines like Google, and I highly suggest you to have one for better SEO implementation. If you own a blog for your website than you are aware that many blogs in your niche often organizes free blog competition with their sponsors. Such completion is one best way to drive huge traffic to your website and give your website a maximum exposure in your niche. Besides being one competition, you can easily find many and some blogs have weekly competition, so there is huge possibility for your website.

5 Tips for Effective Participation in Blog Competition:

Well, participating in blog competition widely varies from organizers to organizers and their terms and conditions is the best solution for you. Although, some blog completion determines its winner from the votes of your readers and their active participation, whereas, some other wants you to submit an article and promote them. However, I have some effective tips for you to present as a strong candidate for such competition.

  • Regularity:

Regularity is the key and it is important that your blog is updated daily with effective content. Participating in competition with a blog that has not been update since last week and contains infrequent posts simply ruins your image. Moreover, the possibility is high that your blog will not even make through the selection. Hence, it is very important that your blog is well updated and promoted.

  • Blogging History:

Your blogging history plays a key role for your blog to stand strong in the competition. Participating in such competition with a blogging history of a month or two can be your major drawback. Therefore, it is better to let your blog get mature with quality content. Furthermore, some organizers do mention in their rule that their blog should have at least three or six month’s maturity. Hence, it is always wise go through the rules before jumping in. Some benefits of waiting for appropriate time is— In this period you can collect more quality readers and commenter’s in your blog and promote them in your social media websites and forums because your readers votes counts huge in winning the competition.

  • Design:

Design is another essential part for your competition and gives you an additional point. Creating unique design for your blog and in the same time making it highly user-friendly is the key to your success. Nonetheless, it is also one highly underestimated thing to find in such completion. Thus, give your blog a unique design that simply outstand you from other competitors. Using beautiful themes and SEO friendly designs not only helps you competition, but it also creates excitements among your readers and traffic. However, your blog theme and design should be appropriate to your blog’s subject.


  • Readers Support:

Your readers support plays vital role for winning the blog competing because some organizers simply includes voting system and in such critical phase its only your readers and commentators who can help you out. So, it is better to get interconnected with your readers and create more informative and friendly environment in your blog which also encourages other new visitors to add themselves in your blog. Furthermore, in such case simply make your post and tell your readers about the participation, and ask them to support you.

  • Blog Activities:

Your blog activities help you through the competition and it is important that your activities are highly readers orientated. Earning quality readers and traffic to your blog is the only way you can make your blog activities more healthy and impressive. One-way for a new visitor to judge a blog and is aliveness is from the recent activities in your blog and often it is the comments and author interaction with his/her readers. Hence, to give a fresh blog activities it becomes crucial for you to encourage more visitors to subscribe to your blog and more important here is your content quality. Thus, provide helpful and quality content to your readers, in addition, making conversations with your readers and sharing ideas can equally help you.

I hope the post was good enough for all my readers. In my next post, I will be mentioning about the benefits of participating in such competition and many more.

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5 Twists to Your Title to Hook and Gain Quality Readers to Your Blog   4 comments


Many new bloggers face one problem after a month of their successful blogging with great contents Where is the people to Read? And this is too frustrating for any blogger in any niche. But, beside SEO optimizing your blogs there are many things to consider getting the real visibility among the quality readers. But, the most painful thing is when a blogger with real quality writing skills lack the visibility and quits the job after a month of hard work.

Hence, to completely remove this frustration there are many things that a blogger should do like: Optimizing Your Social Media Account, Better Search Engine Optimization Practice, Creating Effective Content Writing, Guest Blogging, SEO Press Release and so many other things.

But, sometimes a little twist can clear the dark clouds from your blog and one that I have now in my head for you is the Title part of your content that if twisted a little then you are more likely to have a huge daily traffic, enthusiastic readers with frequent returns and less wanders to cut the bouncing issue of your blog.

But, Quality Content Writing and Search Engine Optimization is the king! So, even after implementing such twist in your title you should promise a great content and can satisfy the readers hunger.

5 Twists to Your Title to Hook and Gain Quality Readers to Your Blog:

  • Make Your Title: News with Solution

Use titles that simply give the solution to those issues that has been bothering people in your niche. If you are blogging on health issue then you can simply write “Battling Obesity with Herbal Plants in America is Easy Now” such titles will attract more number of readers because the title itself is passing the news and has the solution to obesity too. People can hardly ignore such posts especially when they are playing with the obesity keywords because it shows that they are looking for solution on obesity.

And even if the reader has nothing to do with obesity then the title is so promising that he will be getting some latest news about obesity and US Herbal projects that your readers definitely knows that reading your post won’t be the waste of time.

  • Make Your Title: Facts Oriented

Facts oriented titles are very effective to attract your readers and are promising. Using facts on the title will help your readers to know what you are talking about and what subject your are focusing and this will simply drive quality readers to your blog and not just the wanderers which is very important because you are looking for the real enthusiastic readers for your blog.

Furthermore, if you are using facts oriented titles then you are simply letting your readers to know what the content is all about so such simplicity of the title will cuts the bouncing rates of your blog and hooks the real readers.

  • Make Your Title: Benefit Oriented:

Benefit oriented titles is the cleaver way to fish your readers and visitors to your blog and hook them. When your title itself speaks about the content that surely benefits the readers then there is no way anyone is going to ignore it. For instance if you are blogging for Christmas gifts then using “ 2010 Unique Christmas Gifts Collection List” as a title can really help you to drive more visitors because everyone wants to give a unique and valuable gifts to their loved ones and not just something that everyone has been gifting since 2005. Hence, such titles speak the benefits of your readers and you will see the increment in the traffic and regular readers.


  • Make Your Title: Question?

This is another simple way to make your title a question and earn better traffic to your blog. For instance if you are blogging for Music History and Rock Star Life then using “Did Kurt Cobain Really Committed a Suicide?” as a title will make your enthusiastic music fan doubt the truth or what they believe in and they will simply be clicking to find out if they were wrong.

Questioning your audience will make themselves judge on what they believe in and they will look out to make sure if they are not living by a false story. It is tremendously effective way to generate more and more traffic to your blog and post.

  • Make Your Title: Use of WH Question?

Using WH question for your title is another effective way to get more reliable readers to your blog that in future will be frequent. One of the best reasons to use this type of question is because when someone types WH question in the Google and Search engines then no doubt they badly need an answer. For instance: How to book an airline ticket online? Why to use seat belts? Where is the Mount Everest located? Of course my country Nepal.

So, these are all the questions that need answer and if you make your own title with WH questions then Google will more likely to show up your result first because the keywords are highly matching and even the users are more likely to click. If this format fails then trust me would have not been that famous and rich.

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5 Amazing Tips for Guest Blogging in a Professional Manner   5 comments


In our last post, we mentioned about the Guest blogging and some professional ways to apply for a guest blogging job. And in today’s post I will be mentioning about some professional ways to carry out your guest blogging job.

5 Amazing Tips for Guest Blogging in a Professional Manner

Ø Make Your Research:

Research is essential in every field because it helps you to add something more valuable and less something irrelevant which gives your work the shape and the quality. So, do some research in the blog and find out what interests the readers more and what they want to read. Perform some mentioned research and you will be good to go:

ü Read Some Posts:

Read some published post in the blog and find out what are the subjects that really interest the readers. Read the flow that previous blogger uses and notice the format he uses to his articles.

ü Check out the Comments:

Check out some comments and find how readers are reacting with the subject and do notice those posts that has more numbers of comments because this shows the topic is something that everyone has an idea about and they are enthusiastic. Read more of those posts that lacks comments from readers or has less and try to find out the faults.

ü Rules:

Always keep in mind that every blog has its rules whether they are mentioned or not. So, find out what are the do’s and the don’ts so that you won’t be hurting your readers and the blogger himself for hiring you.

ü Check out the Post Complexity:

Find out the posts that has are technical and are complex for normal readers to understand. Blogs varies from its readers and depending upon the readers knowledge bloggers post the information. So, it is key to know the level of your readers and write accordingly.

Ø Use Your Voice but Follow the Custom:

Even if you are blogging for some other blog it is much recommended using your own voice and the flow of your own writing skill. Read the flow of previous blogger but don’t exactly try to copy him by simply killing your own voice. But, it is very important that your writing and the information should not be disturbing blogs environment. Stay in the topic and mention the necessary things but don’t drive your readers to a completely unknown territory. Although, some readers welcome changes but not everyone so always touch the boundaries like the older post has done but don’t cross the limit.

Ø Add New Styles:

One thing that usually people hate about blog with one blogger is the repetition of same format and the style which really bores readers in long run. So, guest blogging is only one solution to add something new to refresh the readers. So, if you are in the guest blogging job then one thing you should always do to excite your readers and the actual blogger is by adding something new that are welcomed by the readers.

Adding new format to your post and articles and little humor here and there can really make your readers love you in the short time period. You can also use graphs and stats to describe your topic and use bullets and numberings to highlight your titles.


Ø Add Something Valuable:

Many guest blogger simply writes when they are offered for guest blogging but this is a very wrong way of practice. As mentioned in earlier guest blogging post, your guest blogging job is the big opportunity to earn better traffic to your blog so the only way you can magnet readers from other blogs to yours is by adding some very valuable information which gives the impact that you are experienced blogger and have quality links. Furthermore, by doing this you won’t be losing anything but you will welcome for guest blogging in future and this is the better offer for gaining quality links and building strong image of your in the niche. Therefore, I strong suggest you to give quality information and fill the space with worthy information.

Ø Sell Your Blog:

Guest blogging is also the place where you will get enough opportunities to sell your blog but selling doesn’t mean that you mention about your blog all the way down the post. Simply, focus to those topics that are mutually beneficial for your blog and the blog where you are hired as the guest blogger. Link back your blog and use RSS Feeds but don’t use it too much.

It is also a good idea to mention little about yourself and your blog but the bottom line is to do things very neat and clean so that you don’t make the blog look self advertisement. And it is crucial that if you have mentioned about something here in the blog then if you are linking back to your own blog; you should be ready with the necessary post and information to complete the task and just don’t forget to optimize your own blog.

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5 Professional Ways to Apply for Guest Blogging Job   2 comments


Guest blogging is a great way to earn easy and quality links. It also enormously helpful for gaining quality traffic and build your image in your niche. But, in the other hand it is also one of the hard thing to find especially when you lack the ways of professional approach. Although, many bloggers aren’t aware of guest blogging benefits and simply assumes guest blogging as a supporting their fellow blogger to lift their weights and nothing else whereas some bloggers knows the importance and its advantages and even being good with their writing skills yet they lack opportunities.

Hence, in today’s post I will be mentioning about some professional ways to apply for guest blogging so that in return you can benefit your blog with better traffic, good ranking and strong image among your readers which may take years for any blog if ignored guest blogging and other SEO techniques to lift your online business.

5 Professional Ways to Apply for Guest Blogging Job

  • Trace Probable Blogs:

If you are looking for a guest blogging job then the first thing you need to do is to find some real good blogs in the niche that you write about and keep your eyes on opportunities. Bloggers often mention when they are planning for holidays or festivals and they simply need someone else to fill up when they are away. So, this is the right time for you to present yourself as a guest blogger.

  • Email Your Expertise:

Emailing your expertise is an essential part of Guest blogging and it is suggested to mention your experience in the niches. Provide a link of your own blog and some articles that suit the blog’s subject so that they can easily go through some of your best works and have a clear idea of you. Tell them that you are excited to write for them and mention your past experience. On the other side, blog manager will visit your blog and some of your post. But, it is always a bad idea to mention something which you are not. Write and attach some fresh articles that you want to post in their blogs this is also a great way to show your enthusiasm.

  • Be Relational:

Being relational is the “must do” thing and if you are not practicing then you are losing thousand of opportunities. Thus, it is always better to merge yourself in the social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and find webmasters and bloggers who fall under your niches. Building relationships is one easy way to get such offers first at your table because tracing out the blogs are looking for opportunity is not easy and is time consuming so if you have maintain a good relationship then you are likely to get such offers even when you are not looking for one. And in the other side even the bloggers want their trusted ones to write for them so the first emphasis is always taken by those who are in touch.

  • Write Different:

While applying for guest blogging job I suggest you to make necessary search and analysis because it is not only you but many who will be emailing the blog to offer them the opportunity to write for them so it is always better to write something off the topic. Visit the blog and go through their recent post and some old one too and you will know what are the major subjects they are focusing and what other major subject they are simply ignoring and in many case the ignored topics are the one which they lack their expertise and this is the point where you can score high. Just write on those topics that they has less posts but write with all the necessary topics and points so that they can read your skills and experience. In this way you have higher possibility to receive the offer.


  • Maintain Your Patience:

Maintain your patience and do not email them again and again because it highly gives a negative impact and destroys your image. Bloggers are busy person and they might not reply you promptly but once they go through your email then the probability remains and even if they ignore you the first time no doubt they will definitely visit your blog. Hence, the important point is they will notice you and your blog so next may be next time they will offer you with the guest blogging job or if your blog is well ranked you they can even offer a link exchange request which is a great thing no matter what. Thus, I highly recommend you to have patience and keep your expectation on average.

Some More Suggestions:

ü Guest blogging job can be easily obtained if your own blog has a good image and ranking in Google and in other search engines.

ü Some of the important things noticed are your grammatical errors, writing fluency, simplicity, your own experience in the subject etc.

ü Maintain your social networking relationships with the bloggers.

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5 Effective Ways to Blog for B2B and B2C Companies   Leave a comment


Blogging is very essential and is the great way to please the search engine monoester with your dynamic contents. But, when it comes to your B2B market, blogging becomes more important because the B2B market is small compared to B2C and getting quality links with healthy quantity is hard. But, links and traffic are the crucial factor of Google and search engines so blogging seems to be one of the effective ways to overcome your hindrances in your B2B market.

In this post I am mentioning about some blogging tips that are extremely fruitful for both B2B and B2C websites and are worth applying to promote your own web business and earn better search engine ranking and quality traffic.

5 Effective Ways to Blog for B2B and B2C Companies

  • Use Bullets and Short Paragraphs:

Being clean and clear with the articles is very important no matter whether you are blogging for B2B or B2C Company. The main propose of blogging is the marketing of your business and in the same time sharing your knowledge among readers and your clients. So, it is strongly suggested to create a clean article that consists of proper headings and bullets wherever necessary.

Furthermore, it is also suggested to use small paragraphs so that your post won’t look lengthy and all mixed up. The first impression of your article is the looks and the way it is managed and the information that it holds is always the secondary. Hence, if your articles don’t have the appealing looks then hardly anyone is going to read the information it shares.

  • Be Simple but Very Clear:

I don’t know what you believe in but I think blogging for your web business is not about using rich vocabularies or tough words that baffles your readers. Blogging is not for those writers who demonstrates their writing ability using rich vocabularies but it is the place where your articles and posts helps a layman understand the subject you talking about. Hence, always use simple English and try to be clearer because your readers can be from any part of the world with the English being their second language.

One of the great ways to attract readers to your blog is by providing them with all the necessary information in the simple form. Many clients of mine wonder if blogging really works because there are already too many blogs and the completion is high. Well, this is the fact but not every blog writers provides the information in the simple and clear manner. So, one important thing about blogging is just not posting articles but posting something that makes the subject more clear to the readers.

  • Blog on Public Figures:

Blogging and including the public figures in your B2B blogs has found to be very effective and is also an easy way to collect more readers. Update yourself with the latest news in the market especially when any respected figures of your market speak on the market subject. You can write about what he/she talks about and simply discuss the consequences or the probability of the market turn. If you are in the SEO field then talking about Matt Cutts interview about the website promotion can easily grab more traffic and readers to your blog. Share news that is more likely to interest your readers.


  • Use Stats and Polls:

Using stats and polls in your blog post gives your post the authentic image. Using polls and stats helps your readers to understand the subject in depth plus there is also high possibility that other B2B blogs will simply post your articles in their website providing link which is no doubt a great way to earn better links and ranking in the Google search engine. Furthermore, polls help to know what people believe in and how they judge which is very important to forecast the future of the market i.e market like Stock Exchange.

  • Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is another effective way to generate quality content to your blog. There are bloggers or other content writers who want to write for blogs so that they can earn some reputation for their own blogs. So, by letting such good content writers to write for your blog you can easily get huge quality articles which reduces your effort for daily post and it also helps your blog to gain better reputation and trust among your readers because your blog has quality content from the experienced content writers. And if you need some good links then offering yourself to write as a guest blogger in some other B2B blogs can really help you to get quality links and better ranking with trust from readers which are also an easy way to drive readers to your own blog. Hence, guest blogging is the win win situation and is very effective SEO tool for blogging especially for B2B bloggers because the market size is small compared to B2C.

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Some Basic SEO Tips for New Bloggers in   6 comments


Among many free blog hosting websites is one that provides you with better platform for your blog and online business. Although, comes with many restrictions but there are many reasons to select this blog hosting website for your blog especially if your blog needs some SEO assistance because most of the features of WordPress are SEO equipped and even if you have minimum idea on search engine optimization (SEO) WordPress gives you the best.

In this post I will be discussing about some important features for new bloggers so that what you can have a trouble free experience in WordPress. Although, I am not an experienced member of WordPress but I am sure some of my tips will help you avoid many unnecessary hindrances.

SEO Task for Blogs:

WordPress is a highly SEO equipped blogging platform but still there are some extras that you can do for betterment of your website’s performance and to make your blog more SEO friendly.

Website Submission to Google:

After creating a blog you can simply submit to Google and Yahoo website submission so that they can index your blog. Google Submission is the place where you tell Google about the existence of your website and Blog so it is the first step and is no doubt an important one. Submit your blog address in the URL box and in the box of comments you will be placing your major keywords.

Ø Google Webmaster Central:

Google webmaster central is a very important place that allows you to view all the necessary activities and the results that Google has generated from crawling your website. All you have to do is simply create a Gmail account and log in where you will see “My Account” on the top right of the page click the tab and you will be provided with the page that shows Google Accounts and its features. Among many “Webmaster Tools” is where you need to click and you will be placed with the option “Add a Site” simply click and add your website address.

Ø Website Verification:

After adding your website to Google webmaster tool now you need to go through the verification process. As you are in a I think verification “Add a meta tag to your site’s home page” option will do better. All you have to do now is to click the option and you will be provided with a Meta tag for you website. So, copy the Meta tag and come back to your WordPress blog and log in. In you dashboard you will see the “tools” option in the left column and that will lead you to page where you can see “Webmaster tools Verification” and in the Google Webmaster tool simply paste the Meta code that was generated by Google and save the changes. Now, come back to your Google page and click the “verify” tab and you are done.


Ø Submit Your XML sitemap to Google:

Sitemaps are very effective for any website and blogs from Search Engine Optimization point of view and in you also have an automatically generated .xml sitemap and all you have to do is to submit to search engines. How you do? Simply, add /sitemap.xml at the end of your domain name like: and press enter key. Now the new page is the sitemap of your blog that has automatically created for you and if you have already posted some articles to your blog then you can even see them here. Now, all you have to do is to go to Google webmaster central, create an account i.e Gmail account and submit.

Some Restrictions on

Ø Themes:

If you are hoping to include some wonderful themes to you WordPress blog and you are optimistic because you have seen hundreds of results in Google search engine that offers you free WordPress themes then the truth is bitter. allows no themes from your side so you cannot upload any themes or any other things to your blog and the only option you have is choose one from the samples that they provide.

Themes that you see in the Google search engine results are for and there is a huge difference between and the But, you can modify the themes and edit the CSS.

Ø Advertisements:

If you are planning to earn some ransom from your blog from advertisements then is not where you can have your dream come true. allows no advertisements in your blog and in case found then your blog will be simply terminated. Avoiding advertisements in your blog is the key part in the terms and conditions of and there is no way out.

google search comments

Ø Like Box:

This is the one part that even I hate the most. restricts adding like box to your WordPress blog. Although, there are some other ways that blogger are doing but not effective enough to satisfy. So, if you want to create a fan page in Facebook that directly links to your blog then gives you no solution.

Ø Permalink:

Permalink in the or also known as the Slug can be changed as per you desire but there are also some restriction that you will face. When you write a new post in the i.e “Posts> Add New” and in the new page just below the title there appears the permalink option when you type the title for your post. You can edit the section that comes after the date but not the date itself. The main motive of changing your permalink is for SEO reasons and depending on your need you can change but the date will remain as it is.

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