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Vertical Search Engines and its Optimization Importance for Better Ranking and Branding   2 comments

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) for Vertical Search Engine is essential but at the same time it is something that has often been overlooked. Many webmaster and even Search-Engine-Optimizers are truly working hard for the main Google SERP but optimization there is real tough. In the market of hundred-thousand it’s real hard to list yourself up and maintain the top 10 ranks. And the Google’s main SERP is not only the one where Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) is crucial.

In simple, Google is the sum of those small search engines that list various websites content like images & videos, news, blog etc. and these small search engines are called the Vertical search engine. So, if you are optimizing for the Google’s main SERP than its better to start optimizing from the vertical search engines.

For instance, optimizing your websites images for Google images and optimizing your videos for the Google videos makes your website more reliable and the effort of your Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) divides more scientifically that makes your first page target in the Google’s SERP easy.

When I say optimizing your images and videos I don’t mean giving user friendly names for your images and just using alt tags, what I mean is optimizing them to list them everywhere and at every first page. It also helps for branding purposes. Ranking in Vertical search engine is not that tough like optimizing your entire websites for Google SERP and even your little SEO effort can help you and your content to list everywhere.

Vertical Search Engines:

Vertical search engines are the one that lists on the left hand side of your SERP. It includes images, videos, news, blogs and many more. You really don’t have to optimize yourself to list in all the vertical search engines but few are really very important for the promotion of your brands and better placement of your website.


Searchers today just don’t search by the name rather they describe their search and use exact place so cut the hassle. If your searchers are looking for images and videos then they are not going to search in the Google search engine but directly in the Google images and videos. So, it is worth optimizing for vertical search engines.

  • Google Image Vertical:

Google Images is one effective image search engine to promote your brand name. Image search engines serves with the images and nothing else so, may be your visitors and clients won’t search you there for your products and services if they want one but there are various reasons for users to make image search and if clicking some good images leads them to your website than searchers are sure to believe that you are one authentic company in your niche.

What is so compelling in the images for searchers to click your image leaving the rest? Images those are unique, stunning and of better quality. If you are optimizing for a website that offers handmade wedding cards than it is crucial to use such images in your website, blog and gallery that are very unique yet beautiful that describes you and your business. Use Photoshop to make them look better. Your SEO goal here is not optimization but to make them click your images not for sales but for branding purpose. You can also use you brand name in your image so that even if they just copy the image for their own purpose they will know your brand and the company.

Use everything that SEO has suggested you to optimize your images like using Alt tags and surrounding your images with the keywords and key phrases from the content which gives a plus point optimization for you images. Depending upon the size of your image use your keywords to make them authentic and always avoid keywords stuffing for your images. Image SEO optimization can be one effective way for brand promotion.

  • Google News Vertical:

News vertical search engine I believe one frequently used search engine by Google users because it updates those searchers who are more likely to turn into conversions. News simply tells them what is hot in the market and what new things that have replaced the old ones are. If a searcher is looking for a new mobile phone set from Nokia than they are likely to seek them in this news vertical search engine because they can easily get the fresh updates about their search.

Although, news vertical is crucial but ranking in it is a little complicated task because Google considers a website as a news site only if it is updated multiple times a week by multiple authors. So, in such case the only way to list your products and services in news vertical is simply by sending out your press releases. Websites like PRNewswire, PRwebdirect and Marketwire etc are some paid news wire services that can help you for your listing. Press release is a great way to update and attract your clients and conversions. An SEO optimized Press Release can amazingly help you boost your conversions and drive huge quality traffic to your websites.

  • Google Videos Vertical:

Optimizing your videos for vertical search engines is important because today videos are one of the most loved search solutions for surfers because with a better internet service they are quick to load, users can exactly see how things are done, easy to understand and extremely user friendly. If you are optimizing your text content on “How to create a fan page in your Facebook?” than I say it is not worth the effort. Why? Because there are so many tutorial videos in YouTube that no one is going to read your text content.

Videos are simply making everything easy because you don’t have to read how to do things that you don’t know but all you have to do is to see and seeing makes things more clear and cuts the confusion which is not same with the text content.

So, always treat your videos like your products because users fulfill their needs with your optimized videos. Do every possible thing to make your video users friendly and highly informative. Use sub-titles, make it up to point, use keywords in your meta-data, place keywords in your filename, link from your video to your website, and use You-tube because they are highly search engine friendly. As lots and lots of people are attracted towards video by just providing them with a better video with their need and at last mentioning about your company, its services and products can hugely benefit for brand promotion.

  • Google Blog Vertical:

I don’t think people use Google blog search for finding out a wedding card company because Google SERP is better with that but optimizing for Google blog is another important place where you can catch the eyes of bloggers and other enthusiastic searchers who are more often with Google search engines and your theme. Blogs are considered one of the most effective-SEO-tool to boost your website and this is because blogs simply allows you to add more and more content that strengths your theme in your website, it also allows visitors to interact with you and easily update your readers and visitors about your new products and promotions etc. Therefore, if you are lacking a blog in your website than I strongly suggest you to have one.

From vertical search engine point of view Blogs are crucial because even if they don’t directly attract your clients and buyers it will help you to update yourself about the new changes and updates in your niche and the tastes of your traffic. It also helps you to create bloggers networks that are very crucial for making link exchange, making yourself available in other bloggers community, driving quality traffic to you place etc.

Blogs being like your website or even more effective, it not only helps you to promote your brands but update yourself about the latest tastes of your consumers and an easy yet very quick mode to promote your newly launched products in the market.

Hence, optimize blog with all the necessary keywords and key phrases, build a strong blog community in your niche, interact with feedback you receive from readers and make your website a content rich place so that search engines can list you in the top position but remember that to rank a blog in blog search engine your blog needs to have your own RSS feed. Furthermore, one key reason to rank better is frequent updates and quality content.

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Is Your Online Business Local Yet?   1 comment

Last night my friend Sam introduced me with an old man from my home town who was looking for a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) for his newly launched website of Solar water heating business. While we talked; the man mentioned that as everyone has a website for his business and even he wanted to have one.

Although it wasn’t an appropriate reason to own a website and launch Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign without even knowing who are his online competitors and how they are doing? But, I didn’t oppose his statement because his website was all done and he had already printed his visiting cards and news paper ads with his new domain name.


While the conversation was going on I told him about SEO and how it works and I added a little by mentioning about popular keywords generating hundred and thousands of websites competing for the first page; the old man was really shocked and told me if there were some other options.

As his company was small and was a diminutive service provider in our home town all I could suggest him to bear his loss of launching an expensive website and to keep up his excitement of going online was going local which is of course his only need.

Going local is a great platform for every online business as it simply enables us competes in the home ground with local teams. And the small business people like the old man whose goals attract locals such platforms are highly effective yet easy and free.

Signing Up Your in Google Local:

Google Local is a famous local vertical that provides your business with great platform and all for free. Optimizing your online business and competing for the first page or the first rank is not like chewing the iron balls like ranking for the main SERP. So, if you are not there yet than I suggest you to grab this huge opportunity for free.

Ø Visit check to find out if you are already there or not. You can simply search your business by the name or you can do it effectively by adding your zip code with it. You are not yet there yet?

Ø Visit to grab the local online platform for your business.

Ø If you are an existing email account holder of Google i.e. Gmail account then you can login with that email and if you don’t have one yet you can simply create one Gmail email account for free by clicking “Create a New Account”.

Ø Now, simply follow the user-friendly instruction provided there and submit your business for free. Still something that you should not ignore is specifying the payment options and hours of operation. But, you something you must do is clicking add another category and simply select up to five various categories that speaks your business because it amazingly helps searchers to find you from those five categories that you have selected and you are hardly missed.

Ø You can simply verify your submission by phone which is convenient.

Singing Up for Yahoo Local:

Yahoo is another great search engine that is widely used around the world and I call it the queen of search engines because it comes after the king that is Google and its users are more female than male. So, to sign up for this beautiful lady search engine all you have to do is;

Ø Check the yahoo local first to make sure if you are already there or not. Simply, visit the page and search your business by the name or using the zip code. You are not even here?

Ø Visit the page

Ø Using your existing yahoo email address simply login and if you don’t have any yahoo id’s like email address or My Yahoo! Then you can create one for free.

Ø After logging in you can create your listing using the online form but don’t forget to specify things like your working hours and payments methods. But, unfortunately yahoo only gives you with two categories option so select what is the best for you.

Ø Now verify your listings and submit it.

(Note: Yahoo is free for local listings but to add some features like adding photos and logos you have to pay in monthly basis.)


Signing Up for MSN:

Msn is another highly used search engine in the world worth’s your submission. As it also offers the free local listing for your online business I suggest you to include this too.

Ø Just visit the page and click add listings that appear in the page.

Ø Now Check out if you are already there or not. What? You are not even here? Damn Man!

Add your business using existing hotmail account and if you don’t have one than you can create one. Complete all the forms as directed and submit them in an appropriate category.

Competing in search engine locals is not that hard and can give you very successful results in short time. I suggest everyone to go for it no matter you are a small business or a branded one. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is needed everywhere for optimizing your web business and even this free online business platform there is proper optimization rules should always be followed to hit the desired search engine placement.

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How to Gain Better Visibility in Search Engines from Optimized Url?   1 comment


Search Engine Optimization to your web business starts from selecting a healthy SEO domain name and the proper Url structure to website. So, this is the first step towards the SEO for any small or huge business that has just stepped in online business yet is the key. Google and other major search engines not only crawls your content or your inbound links but it also crawls the http:// of your Url so it is always wise to construct a clear path for search engine robots so that you can gain better visibility in the search engine result page (SERP).

Thus, in this post I will be mentioning about some wise ways to maintain your Url for search engines and even for your visitors and clients.

  • Use Static URL instead of Dynamic:

Always go for static Url structures because the structure is loved by Google and search engines as it facilitates search engines with smooth and easy crawl. In the other hand, dynamic Url are hard to index and many search engines has unreadable errors with the dynamic structured Urls which eventually leads to frequent crawl failure and lower click through rates.

For instance a dynamic Url can be!/pages/Optimizing-Engine/108161289251990 where the unnecessary “#” and “!” signs in the Url creates problem to the search engines. Instead you can simply re-structure the Url in a static format like

  • Use of Multiple Keywords:

If you are using multiple keywords in your Url which of course a good thing to do from Search Engine Optimization point to view but there are something you can do to make your Url more simplified to search engines and to your visitors. Using hyphens (-) between your keywords is a good way to deal with this.

Such hyphens will help search engines to understand your Url and this also helps a lot for your visitors to understand your Url at glance. You may also find various websites that uses underscores (_) which I suggest not so well from SEO point of view.

  • Avoid Long Urls:

It is always healthy to avoid using long Urls because Google and other search engines tend to avoid the crawl if the Url are too long. Although many SEO’s suggest keywords not beyond 10 is suitable but I insist you to go for short ones and using two or three keywords are more than enough to create SEO Optimized Url.

If you are using long keywords like many other predicts to be okay but the demerit is that hardly any of your clients or visitors will remember your address and the chances of typos is present which makes your Url unfriendly and hassling which is a serious issue and you can lose good number of your visitors. Search engine optimization can be done with many part of your website so just don’t focus too hard in the Url.


  • Avoid Unnecessary Words:

Google and other major search engines to avoid words like: is, for, and, but etc so if you are thinking of using such words in your Url then that will be a big mistake. You can simply replace those words with your keywords which is better way of optimizing your Url and it also makes your Url crawl friendly to search engines and user-friendly to your visitors.

Furthermore, we can frequently find many websites that are related to the name of the webmasters which I don’t suggest to my clients because they are not your SEO Keywords for your company and your product so your are simply losing your Url optimization which is necessary and if contains keywords then makes it easier for you to get index and pop out when the searchers Google.

  • Use One track Url:

This is one of the important points that many people are unaware of and even many SEO’s are found to ignore. If you are simply using as your Url and too then this can simply hurt you because Google considers it to be a mirror website. Your website has two different Url but the contents are the same so they are more likely to penalize you with duplicate contain issue. Hence, it’s better if you use Google Webmaster Tool to set the preferences for www or non-www URL version.

Search engines are not human so they cannot read your Url as the same like human do and understand so I suggest you to fix this if you have ignored or was unaware about it because it can hurt your ranking and Google page rank anytime.

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Optimize Your Website for Yahoo and Bing will be Self Optimized   9 comments

Optimizing Google is necessary and is the search engine that strikes first in our mind. But, Google is not only the search engine that has the huge quality traffic because there are some other major search engines that you just cant afford to lose them. Yahoo is the second top search engine and is Bing is crucial as well. Huge traffic and huge profits can be expected from these three search engines but optimization is for these three search engines are similar but not the same.


But, the good news is Yahoo is now powered by Bing and optimizing for Yahoo is enough to optimize your website for Bing. Therefore, now optimizing Google and Yahoo will simply optimize our website for Bing. So, what are the ways to optimize for Yahoo? and what things Yahoo considers more important that Google doesn’t or give less emphasis. Let’s see in this post.

Optimize Your Website for Yahoo and Bing will be Self Optimized

Important Tips for Optimizing Your Yahoo Search Engine:

Ø Practice on Page Optimization: On page optimization is important no matter what search engine you give the more priority. Some of the main fractions of On page optimization that you should be more concerned to optimize your website for Yahoo are following:

  • Title Tag: Keep your title tag short and with medium fonts. Yahoo favors those websites that use key phrase in their title so don’t forget to include one.
  • Meta Description: Meta description tags are another useful part of search engine optimization and are also the description part of your website that search engines use them in search result. Thus, it is strongly suggested to be careful while you work with this tag. Use 16-18 medium sized fonts and using the keywords and key phrases describe your web business making it human readable. Your used keywords are for the search engines and the describing is for visitors.
  • Meta Keywords: Meta Keyword Tag is something that Google seems to ignore due to massive use as spam of this but it is very valuable for Yahoo and other search engines so I strongly suggest you to work on it. Use up to 250 major keywords that your services and products deals with and is what you want search engine to list your website. But, be cautious because over using keywords and keywords stuffing will simply tag you as a spam and search engines will provide you with zero value.
  • Proper Keyword Use: Use your keywords in your file names and image names. Yahoo is found to reward for this kind of optimization.
  • Headings: Heading is another important part for optimization. Use both the headings H1 and H2 in every page which is relevant with the page.
  • Interlinking: Use interlinking process for your page from another page. Provide links from content to that page which describes more. Always use better anchor text while you link.
  • Alt Text: Use Alt text for your images and be very careful because your alt text should define the picture because search engines can’t see and understand the picture. Do not try to use your keywords instead of the image name.



Ø Structure of Your Website: Your website structure is very important for search engine crawlers and to your visitors as well. Always try to be more transparent and provide smooth links from one content or page to another. Links that are made sophisticated are often ignored by search engine crawlers and by your visitors too.

  • · Sitemap: Always provide a site map in your website that helps your visitors to find any particular page in your website. Even if your website contains not more than 10 pages then even using sitemap is very wise idea. Sitemap not only helps your visitors but it also provides easy crawl access to search engines and helps better indexing.
  • · Linear Structure: Using liner website structure is very often rarely seen but is a powerful way to boost your placement and rankings in the search engines. Linear website structures are very well defined one and are loved by both search engines and visitors. In a simple way linear website structure can be defined as a process where you simply interconnect bunch of pages that speaks about the same item and the absence of all other links that can distract your visitors and search engines.

For Example:

Your site is a car sales site focused on Audi. In order to create a linear site structure you would focus each section of the site on an individual relevancy. Say you pick "Audi A5" as the relevant topic (see Figure 1.0). As you move deeper into the Audi A5 section you only see A5 relevant content. The search engine spider and your users will not be distracted by links to other vehicles – only information on the A5. This progresses as you proceed deeper into this arm of the website and because this section of the site is utterly focused on the subject "Audi A5" the odds of achieving a ranking for that term increase considerably.


Ø Make a Healthy Optimization:

  • Make sure you don’t use dynamic URL’s in your website. Search engines of Yahoo, Google and other search engines avoid such URL’s so it is better if you rewrite your URL if you are working with some dynamic characters like: “?” “#” “&” etc.
  • Use Robots.txt files with caution and use them where ever necessary.
  • Focus building one way links by submitting articles to various article directories. Yahoo gives more priority for one way links then two ways.
  • Practice Press Releases for your website’s services and products.
  • Similar to Google even Yahoo has its own webmaster central and I strongly suggest you to sign up to see the performance of your website and get necessary idea and crawl errors reading etc.
  • You can also submit your XML sitemap to Yahoo like we do in Google. This is another fantastic way of getting easy, smooth crawl and frequent indexing.

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How to make Google Crawl more often in Your Website?   2 comments

Crawling is significant and it is the crawling that makes your website index in the Google. The definition of crawling may vary from a newly launched website to an established website because for a new website first emphasis is for indexing which is also the first hope of gaining better visibility whereas for an established web business it can be the source of updates to its customers, huge sells and first page placement with all the years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. But, the need is always crucial and the goal remains the same.

A frequent or a regular crawl of Google is essential because it indicates many good things about your website. A frequent visit of Google may indicate that you have a better optimized website and the content is fresh and well optimized. Though it may not be the first crawl but it is the first sign of better ranking and placement in the search result in near future. So, what makes Google to crawl more often then it usually does?

Well, we all know that, no such SEO tools has ever been invented that can really force Google to crawl in any particular website but there are ways to welcome this amazing machine to your site.

5 Tips for Welcoming Google for Better and Regular Crawl in your Website:

Ø Updated and Optimized Content:

An updated and optimized content is very crucial for search engines and I think it is the most neglected SEO tools that Google list as vital for rankings and placements. Content writing is not an easy job and maintaining the keyword density and keeping it optimized for Google and search engines plus making it more than just readable for your readers is truly tough. Hence, if you are not that good with writing then there are ways like: you can hire a ghost writer for this or someone whom you know who writes well.

Furthermore, updating your content is what really pleases Google so I suggest you to update your content more often and if possible three or four times a week can be spider_robots_mp3dvery beneficial. Adding a unique content that encounters no duplicate errors and a fresh copy that really updates the readers about you and your business is highly recommended. (For more on Content View)

Ø Backup Back Links:

Back links are crucial in SEO as it highly helps your to rank in SERP and are very helpful to give you frequent crawl from the Google because to crawl in your website obviously Google needs reason and back links are the wonderful reason to give. Backup yourself with quality back links from good ranking website has similar theme as you do and this will help you when the Google crawls in other websites and find they linking to you it will again have to crawl and visit you website.

Furthermore, if better ranking websites is supporting you then Google will definitely award you with better ranks and placements because Google can never ignore a vote from a quality site.


Ø Sitemap:

I hope this not a new story for you because I think that everyone knows how important a sitemap is for both your visitors and from the SEO perspectives. Creating a site map can help your visitors locate particular page and the information or the content in the webpage which makes your website user friendly and saves your visitors time which is a positive point. And it also manages the crawl of Google to go smoothly and without missing any page and the content or the image in your website because when you place a site map you will be linking each and every page with one another and this will make your website search engine friendly in some extent. (For more on Sitemaps View.)

Ø Loading Time:

Loading of your webpage is very crucial from search engines,visitors and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view because if your website taking too long to load then there is no reason for your visitors to wait because what you offer is among one on the million websites and not the only one. So, they are more likely to click away without even looking what your website really looks like. Thus, we don’t recommend using flash and other huge graphics in your website because it is one of the reason that makes the site load slow and the only reason to lose traffic.


Similarly, in such case Google does the same because when your site is loading slow Google will only crawl some documents and some pages that has been fully loaded and leaves all the pages without crawling which means without indexing and without giving you traffic and any rankings which ultimately hampers your SEO exercises. Thus, it is always wise to be simple and avoid using flash and huge graphics in your website when you are optimizing for the Google and other search engines. (For more on Webpages View)

Ø Your Webmaster tool:

Google webmaster is a great tool that can really help you to optimize your website and gain all the necessary information that you need for better optimization. Webmaster tools helps you to know your website performance and gives you the statistics that you need to make better analysis over your SEO work. It enables you to find the errors that Google found while crawling your website so that you can fix those errors to prevent such fault to occur in future. Similarly, it also tells you how many people found your page in the search result and how many clicked in to your website. It also helps you to find how Google has been judging your website and it also offers PPC advertisements at your request.

Hence, Google webmaster tool can be a great solution to find out your SEO errors and website inflexibility so that you can make the necessary changes and get help from other webmasters on better optimization so that you can make Google crawl you page more often and more deeply.

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How to Navigate Search Engines in Your WebPages?   5 comments

How to Navigate Search Engines to Your WebPages?

In an online business, a search engine plays a vital role and so to promote your services Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes crucial. The only reason to practice all the do’s and don’ts of SEO is to make major search engines like Google and Yahoo visit your page and rank them accordingly but what if somehow they don’t find your pages? All your efforts are Vain!

Google and Yahoo are the search engine robots and they need human directions. Unlike human these robots cannot function or make their own further searches. Hence, when they first crawl to your page and if they don’t find any further directions there is no way your pages can get indexed and this results to zero traffic for your business.

Search Engine Robots Navigator:

Search engine navigators are SEO simple and complex sitemaps that helps search engine robots to crawl in your webpage. Depending on the search engines; the types of sitemap for navigation may vary but the basic theme are identical. Google the father of search engines prefers XML format sitemaps which has more complex format then regular HTML sitemaps and are highly focused for search engines but not visitors whereas the sitemap that of Yahoo and MSN is in HTML format and are based on visitors ease.

ü  XML Sitemaps:

XML sitemaps are Google’s SEO favorite. As it includes links to every pages of your website Google can easily go through each and every page and understand your products and services. XML are the file that you can submit to search engine and ask search engine to index them. This can be done by creating a simple Google Webmaster account.

ü  HTML Flavored Sitemaps:

HTML sitemaps are more focused for visitors rather than search engines but it doesn’t mean that it cant help search engines at all. Although, the uses are same, HTML sitemaps is not about submitting but creating a page in your own website that even the visitors can see and take the benefit.

When you create a HTML sitemap in your website that links to every page you have, it not only helps the search engine but even the visitors. HTML sitemaps can make a quick search for particular page especially to those websites that consists more than twenty pages. Its use can really make a user friendly website and highly SEO optimized websites.

Benefits of Using Search Engine Navigators or Sitemaps:

Ø  Gaining Visibility:

Sitemap is a wonderful tool for gaining your websites visibility in various search engines and earning better traffic. A website that is completely indexed has better chances of getting top search engine placement in page results. Many of the popular browsers used by searchers and that support java recognize generator sitemap programs. These include Firefox and Internet explorer.

If your website frequently goes through changes and updates or you have a dynamic site like Blogs then it is highly recommended to have a sitemap from both SEO and users ease.

Ø  Keeps the Search Engine Updated:

Sitemaps significantly helps update search engine robots about the changes that you make in your website. The benefits is about quick update which enables your visitors and search engine traffic to find what has been recently updated in your website which minimizes the loss of your potential customers and simply makes your website SEO friendly which is crucial.

Ø  Optimizes Your Website:

Sitemap are very essential from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view. Sitemap has its link to every single page of your website and these links from sitemap allows the search engine robots to index your pages which not only rewards you with better indexing and qualified traffics but helps to gain better placement.

Ø  Organizes Your Page:

Using HTML sitemaps can really help your users to find the pages and the services in zero efforts. It not only makes your website user friendly but it also helps you to organize and manage things for you. Categorizing your inbound links and making corrections from time to time has no hassle when working under a sitemap page.

Navigating a search engine like Google to your website is very essential and a healthy navigation into your pages can only be possible with sitemap that are highly SEO friendly. Hence, I highly recommend you to have a sitemap no matter how many pages of website you run. Even a website with a static page and not more than five pages are recommended to have a sitemap from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view.

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Hire Google to Optimize Your Business for Free   2 comments

Google Analytics is an amazing Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)-tool for every online business and contains some magnificent features which are very essential for knowing your business performance online. Google Analytics is equally useful for both small and big online enterprises and is a free tool that has access to every necessary data that every webmaster and web owner should know to sustain in the competition. Google Analytics (SEO) constantly being updated and improved it has become a must-have resource for every search marketing campaign.

Some of the features of SEO Google Analytics can be summarized as following:

Ø  Search Engine Traffic Source:

Knowing your traffic and finding out from which search engine your visitors clicks to your services is very more important to plan your SEO-Strategies and better implement of Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) campaign. Google analytics offers this feature and allows you to know your more. You can now find the major search engine for your business and act according to the given data. Suppose, if the traffic and visitors are more from Yahoo and not from Google than you can target your advertisements and other marketing essentials towards Yahoo more so that you can drive much. Google being the major search engine it doesn’t have to be major for you and your business.

Ø  Content to Grab Traffic:

Google analytics adds more by showing you the data about traffic visits in a particular page of your website and their stays or click away. If any of your product page you can find the click rate higher but they also click away sooner than you can help your business by adding something attractive to that particular page or the landing page helps you grab your traffic plus it is also signifies that your traffic has nothing to interest them in that particular page so later with the help of this data you can add quality content to provide what your traffics are looking for and maintain your landing page for launching successful Search-Engine-Optimization campaign.

Ø  Visitors Contribution:

This feature helps you to judge between your old visitors and new one. The little pie chart helps you to know how long will the visitor stay on the page and how often they come back plus it also shows the bouncing rate of your website. These data are very important for prioritize improvements around your website and initiate effective SEO campaign for your e-business.

Ø  Your Local Conversion Data:

Local conversion data helps you to know your customers and visitors geographically. This is one of the important messages that help a lot for any online business to cut off expenses from fewer probabilities to better possibilities. Demands of the product also widely vary geographically and marketing strategies should also vary. It is obvious that demand of “Burkha” (Muslim women dress) is high in Middle East than in any other part of the globe. Goolge analytics does same by tracking your buyers and showing the quantity of your buyer’s in particular region of the globe which helps you to focus in that particular area for marketing so you don’t lose your treasure buyers and customers.

Ø  Keyword Source:

Keyword source is the most important from Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) point of view. Knowing what keywords are your traffic is using to get to you is the key to win in the online business. If any of your keyword is getting hot than you can use more of that keywords in your content and articles plus you would also like to consider catering keyword buys, content, and offers to them. This can help you optimize your website in particular hot keys so that you won’t miss your customers and buys.

Google Analytics has more features that promise much more than any other tool and the exciting thing is Google analytics is free for every users to know his/her performance and build up better Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) strategies and is very important no matter your business is of small or big scale.

Author: Kiran Bista.                                                                                                                                                Image Source: I & II